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  1. Single Game Ticket Prices

    How bad did it hurt when you had to bend over!!
  2. CCS

  3. CCS

  4. CCS

    Julius Jones
  5. Sooo you draw a mid-round pick....

    Same here. If passing TD's are 6, no brainer Manning should be #1.
  6. CCS Playoff

    Julius J
  7. Mock #7 signups now

    Tell me about it. This scrambling 7 guy is a clown shoe.
  8. CCS

    Julius Jones
  9. CCS

  10. Mock #7 signups now

    What are the lineup requirements?
  11. Rod Gardner

    We must listen to the same sports talk shows!! It's a popular opinion in Charlotte that the Panthers would jump all over him if he was released. I think he would be a great addition to the Panthers WR corp. He would add much needed depth, but can't see him starting in favor of Colbert.
  12. CCS

    I'll waste a vote, I like Dom Davis here. He scored at least 1 TD in 11 of the 15 games he played in last year, including 11 in the last 9 games.
  13. How many huddlers from NC?

    I'm not originally from NC, but I moved here a year ago and live here now!!
  14. Why so high on McGahee?

    Like I said it's early, but here's a quick list: LT SA Priest Edge Deuce Portis AGreen Steven Jackson Jam KJones JJones Dillon Yeah, I guess he would be in the top 10, probably in with Ahman and Steven Jackson.