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  1. Tanking a game to change playoff seeding

    what is sooo shocking guys? It is called strategy.....you have to look at FF as a war.....ethics and intergrity get thrown out the window...LOL
  2. Nothing's official, but Johnson may start even if Blaylock is okay later in the week. Check this out.
  3. Vermeil seems more optimistic about Priest.

    The Dick Vermeil Show Dec 07, 2004, 7:04:55 AM KCFX-FM On Priest Holmes health: VERMEIL: “I’m not sure. For a while I was positive he’d be back. Right now, I’m not 100% sure. The most important thing for me is that Priest Holmes gets 100% healthy before he plays regardless of what game it is or if at all. I’m going to meet with him tomorrow. I know he was in for rehab work today. It’s coming along a little slower than we’d like and a little slower than he’d like. He’s frustrated. “The trouble is when someone gets hurt the season keeps right on going. We get on an airplane and travel and he feels left out. You were the pulse rate of that football team for three and a half years and you miss it. You feel left out but your knee isn’t ready. The best thing for Priest Holmes is to be patient and if in being patient he can play the last couple of games of the season without any concern then fine. If not, he can go sit out the rest of the season.”
  4. The Madden Cruiser is in the house

    Maybe you can get a ride in the horse trailer.
  5. So, What have we learned?

    What I did learn: I've always loved the surprise onside kick play. I don't know how often it works, but it seems to work a lot. Maybe the light finally went on in Larry Johnson's head, or maybe the Raider defense is that pathetic. You choose. Culpepper up to his old tricks again of turning it over. Am I the only one that realizes Randy Moss is not back to his normal self? Peyton Manning loves Stokley. McGahee didn't get into the endzone once and yet the Bills still racked up 42 points. How? If Michael Vick is Superman, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are kryptonite. New Orleans needs to just strip that team down and start over, they're awful. Breaking News - the Eagles just scored again!!
  6. Jake the....

    that play call was a joke. if i were the owner i'd can his ass. 1st and goal at the 6 with your running game starting to roll and you have your QB who has already thrown 3 picks put up a jump ball. what an idiot
  7. Brown's comeback short-lived

    Brown's comeback short-lived By DAVID CLIMER Senior Writer INDIANAPOLIS — On a team that seems to be held together with adhesive tape and hope, it was somehow fitting that Titans running back Chris Brown's return to action lasted only until midway through the third quarter. After rushing for 104 yards on 19 carries, the case of turf toe on Brown's left foot sent him to the bench after one offensive series in the second half. His big toe just couldn't go. ''It was bothering me at halftime, but I wanted to come out and see what I could do,'' he said. ''I wanted to play another series and see how it felt. I tried it and it just wouldn't calm back down.'' Asked how he knew his day was over, Brown shook his head. ''It just starts throbbing,'' he said. ''You can't put any weight on the ball of your foot. It hurts to take a step and to try to push off.'' Antowain Smith took his spot and finished with 12 yards on five carries as well as four catches for 31 yards. Brown walked slowly to the locker room and was still struggling to get around as he prepared to walk to the team bus. ''Chris was very, very sore,'' Coach Jeff Fisher said. Before the toe injury sent him to the bench, Brown supplied a spark. After a pair of 2-yard carries on the first series, he bolted for 18 yards on the next possession. Later he had a 13-yard run and two 10-yarders. ''I felt a little rusty out there at the start,'' said Brown, who was held out of the last two games and hasn't really practiced for almost a month. The threat he posed in the running game caused Indianapolis to play its safeties closer to the line of scrimmage in run support early in the game. That allowed wide receivers Drew Bennett and Derrick Mason to operate one-on-one against cornerbacks for some key completions. ''They were a little concerned with our run, as you would expect them to be,'' Fisher said. Some had wondered if Brown should expose the toe to the artificial turf of the RCA Dome. Fisher contended that the surface didn't really make a difference, and Brown agreed. ''It wasn't any different,'' Brown said. ''You've still got to plant in there and push off, no matter what you're playing on.'' Brown left the impression he wants to finish the season and said he plans to be available for next Monday night's game against the Chiefs. Apparently, the Monday Night Football cameras have a healing effect even on turf toe. ''I plan on going again,'' Brown said. ''It's Monday night — prime time.''
  8. Tom Brady is a classless, selfish basturd

    Not only that but it was also his first one.
  9. Anyone know the status of Droughns?

    Bronco RB Reuben Droughns cut his hand and needed five stitches Sunday night against the Raiders, but he says it’s no big deal and he’s fine.
  10. Chris Brown

    11:59: Titan RB Chris Brown is active and is expected to start. Keep in mind that his coach said earlier in the week that if Brown is able to give it a go, that he would likely use backup Antowain Smith, too.
  11. Priest news ....

    I have this funny strange feeling that were gonna see Priest playing and shredding Denver ( who we despises ) in 2 weeks.
  12. Highest Scoring Game Of The Week?

    Packers at Eagles
  13. Tampa Bay Website

    If anyone's interested, check out the Buccaneers.com Flash Movies. Very creative.... The Cheerleaders aren't too bad either ... LINK
  14. YPCP Week 13

    This system has went 21-15-1 since posting at the Huddle. This is my third year doing this. It does well after week 3. The idea is to look for the QB that has a better YPCP and whose team is the ROAD DOG in the game! Right around 8-9th week the system flips after 2 losing weeks. Same rules apply, look for the team that is the Road Dog that has the better YPCP and then take the Home team. Anyways to the point: Week 13 NYJ -7 BAL -6.5 TAM -1.5 NOS -1.5 SDC -3 WAS -2.5
  15. So, What have we learned?

    Hopefully everyone had a great Thanksgiving. It was too bad that the turkey games were not the best, but football on a Thursday afternoon? Who can complain about that? What have we learned? Just when I thought the Buccaneers were going to get back to their old ways of winning, they go and pull this. How does Brian Griese throw for 347 yards and 2 scores and the Bucs still lose? Julius Peppers, that's how. The Cleveland game was crazy, did anyone actually have a fantasty player in this one? The Chargers continue to roll on with their magic season. It just seems they always get the right bounce or the right play at the right time. The Vikings didn't look great but still have playoff ability. Not a great day for Culpepper when the leading receiver only has 55 yards. I really don't see how anyone is going to beat the Pats if they get home field advantage in the playoffs. I heard something the other day that said New England has scored first for 16 straight games. I know at my book, they have a prop in some games that ask which team will score first.