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    That is awesome plus I won some cash in Vegas on bet last January. They were 20:1 odds....
  2. Just a friendly warning....

    HoTD has opening... http://forums.thehuddle.com/index.php?/forum/97-huddle-on-the-diamond/
  3. Adrian Peterson indicted for child abuse

    If this falls under domestic violence, NFL's new rule is 6 game suspension for the 1st offense. I have a feeling that once he turns himself in puts up bail, he will be summoned to New York and Goddell is going to put the hammer down. I wouldn't be surprised if he was suspended for the rest of the year. Either way, he won't be playing for a while.
  4. Twin Cities Huddlers :brew: <=== ?

    I would really like to make this one. It's my weekend to work and it's the night shift, so I need to see how work goes this weekend. I might be able to make an appearance during the late games. Note: Have fishouse (portable), will travel. You don't have to go far to catch fish and I second the Buffalo Tap!!!
  5. A 3 hour game only has about 12-15 minutes of game action.
  6. Brian Urlacher officially is done in Chicago

    He would look good in a Vikings uniform...
  7. 16 Team League Schedule for a 12 week regular season

    I am in a 16 team league with a 13 week schedule. You could use 12 weeks if you wanted. We have 2 conferences of 8 teams and 4 divisions of 4 teams. You would play everyone in your division twice (6 games), every one in other division, same conference (4 games) and than two non-conference games. You might have to manually enter the schedule into your league. We have 8 teams in the playoffs as well. 4 division winners and than two wildcards from each conference.
  8. Brian Urlacher officially is done in Chicago

    As much as I like him, not sure if I want him to sign here. He had a great career and even as a Vikings fan, he was fun to watch. Does he still have some left in the tank?
  9. NFL Rule Changes

    On ESPN 'NFL Live', they said the NFL went through all the games in weeks 11 and 16 and saw 11 instances where there would have been penalties that they want enforced. So thats 32 games and 11 penalties...
  10. NFL Rule Changes

    Playing devils advocate here. I don't think its going to be as bad as everybody thinks. Linebackers and defenders lower their head to tackle all the time and they don't get called for a penalty unless it is blatant that they lead with the crown. I watched 3 or 4 Adrian Peterson videos on you tube and most of the time he puts his shoulders into it. I think they are trying to prevent something like this where the helmet is used and not the body: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yDH6x5JW7M
  11. It's Cowboys and Indians week

    How do you explain that Romo has lost 6 of 7 elimination games and he is one 1-3 in the playoffs. There has been diffrent players, coaches and opponents in those games. The ONLY common denominator is Romo.
  12. It's Cowboys and Indians week

  13. It's Cowboys and Indians week

    They just need a QB...Look at Indy 2-11 last year to 11-5. Romo will be good at times, mediocre most of the time and terrible the rest. Time to kick him to the curb.
  14. AP too good to be true?

    He is a rare speciman; half man, half beast. After Surgery, he set opening day as his goal to be ready (9 months). During OTA's, he was running wind sprints. Although, he was held out of preseason games, he still said he would be ready for opening day. He should be recognized as team MVP. Without him, the Vikings would be lucky to have won 3 games. I just wish I would have drafted him in some of my leagues. He will be at the top of the draft boards next year. MVPeterson!!
  15. Tunnel Vision

    Bob Costas and NBC owes an apology for putting his political agenda in front of a national audience instead recognizing the real problem at hand; domestic voilence! Well said DMD...