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  1. Breida

    Anyone heard anything about Breida’s injury status this week?
  2. Breida

    Because he got hurt and was out I was forced to pick up Derrick Henry this week because someone dropped him. Needless to say, I am happy Breida got hurt for this game at least!
  3. Kaepernick "not the right QB for us"?

    This entire thread sucks....the dude sucked and he was a POS! Move past it already!
  4. TNF - Jags vs Titans

    I started Henry as well...with Hunt gone now and Breida hurt, I had no other option. Wow, am I lucky?!? Lol I’ll take it!
  5. Greg Olsen probably done for the season

    Nah, Olsen is a very smart dude and very well spoken!
  6. Greg Olsen probably done for the season

    Time for him to go to the booth. He can’t get hurt there!
  7. McCarthy Out in Green Bay

    Ron Rivera could be next here in Carolina. New owner Dave Tepper is not happy down here!
  8. Breida

    Looks like Breida has lost his job to me.
  9. Chiefs-Rams Game Thread

    Wasn’t the Vegas over/under 63.5? I know it was the highest for an NFL game in 30 years.
  10. Chiefs-Rams Game Thread

    God, I hope he has pulled a muscle(something minor) or something. I don’t have him in any leagues, but my lineups are riddled with KC players....time to make my moves at overall point totals in a couple overall points leagues!
  11. Monday night Rams/Chiefs game, field issues

    They are all here in the United States!
  12. Panthers/Steelers TNF much for that...Ju
  13. Panthers/Steelers TNF

    Panthers starting out hot!!!! Look out!
  14. Panthers/Steelers TNF

    See, that has been a misconception of late. Our corners have been a strength here of late and they have Eric Reid to help over the top. This is as complete as our defense has maybe ever been in my opinion.
  15. Panthers/Steelers TNF

    Stoked about the game tonight. I’ll go on a limb and give a pregame prediction. My Panthers will beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh 31-17. This game will be ugly, the line is wrong!