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  1. We don't invite those people back in my 2 locals....we have had the same 12 in each league now for 20 years in both leagues now...everyone keeps plugging in lineups till the very end....however we did away with the head to head crap years ago and only go by total points
  2. Josh Gordon

    MEH, people who play fantasy football scared rarely win....I have had my share of winning!
  3. Josh Gordon

    This is when you are down to your last $200 bucks after a week long bender in Vegas and while walking out of the Casino you lay that last bit of money on the roulette table and bet it all on black....maybe not the best of choices that one could make at said given time, however if it hits black you can give the tiniest of middle fingers back to the casino that broke you like a all week like they were a cowboy and you were a naive young stallion that needed direction. I for one am betting on black this week and the rest of the year in 2 leagues in hopes I can once again give that finger back to the fantasy football world!
  4. Time to give Mahomes a look?!?

    Very few mistakes.....have you watched him play the last 4 games??? Your "game manager" has had 4 tds and 4 ints in that stretch......I'm pretty certain that the rook could at the very least duplicate those pathetic stats, taking away the sarcasm I am really certain that he could champion those stats and stretch the field for this stalled offense. But you guys are right, Andy Reid will wait till they are bumped from playoff contention before he switches......he is waving his own white flag!
  5. Time to give Mahomes a look?!?

    But what if the Alex Smith that we saw in the first few weeks was a illusion...what i am saying is that there is nothing in his past that suggests he is really that guy. Maybe the Alex Smith we have seen the last few weeks is the REAL Alex Smith and the team will die with him. Wouldn't a quarterback that could stretch the field even be better for opening holes up for Hunt??? I don't know, rookie or not, it just makes sense to me!
  6. Bestest Fantasy Team of all time??

    I like homemade apple pies, but as a kid I liked candy cigarettes the best! And maybe big league chew....
  7. Jason Garrett Has Lost His Team

    I think if Jason Garrett walked in on his wife with another man that he would stand there and clap enthusiastically....think about it.
  8. Time to give Mahomes a look?!?

    I's not that far fetched....a lot of people were calling for it after the pre-season, then Smith rattled off a few really good games! Aside from that what has he shown in KC??? Previous seasons suggest that he is the same QB that I still think he is, a game manager and nothing more! Imagine Tyreek Hill with a QB that can really throw a deep ball!!!! Just saying, I really don't expect them to do anything either until they are out of contention(which is coming).
  9. Time to give Mahomes a look?!?

    I just see Alex Smith reverting back to his "game manager" ways after starting hot! It's a shame this team will have to be out of contention before they make a change.....They have too much talent on the team for that!
  10. With the Chiefs offense stalling here of late and losing 4 out of last 5 games, the question has to come up....When do you put Mahomes on the field? He was drafted to spark the offense and stretch the field. I know, Smith started the season out on fire....but does the team have to fall out of playoff contention(will happen) before they look at the rookie? Just my observation guys, maybe it sounds crazy...but I for one think this is the right time!
  11. Collusion in Yahoo league

    Good luck with that Bub!!!! Lol
  12. Agholor or Lee

    It's supposed to be pouring rain in Cleveland Sunday.......could be nasty passing the ball
  13. Agholor or Lee

    Thanks guys....I was beginning to lean Agholor today and it sounds like I wasn't the only one with that reasoning.
  14. Agholor or Lee

    Nelson Agholor at Dallas or Marquise Lee at Cleveland Which one would you guys go with and why? Thanks and ask your question in my responses and I will give my opinion.
  15. Using the eye test this kid looks pretty good. I want to use a roster spot for him but I am waivering on how he might be used with Gordon there. I guess I would like to hear some of your trusted thoughts on this guy moving forward. I know the late fumble hurts the kid a little, but he was putting in effort Sunday! Thanks Guys!!!