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  1. Forsett Cut

    ESPN seems to think West is the backup, although the huddle news seems to think it's Allen. Just took a flyer and picked up West off waivers.
  2. Rivers and Gates to the Championship

    Just picked up Rivers off waivers. Playing him over Tyrod and Cousins. Will be at the game and will have extra motivation to cheer and yell my head off at the last game at the Q.
  3. Chargers RB situation

    The Chargers will likely work Mathews back in slowly, giving Oliver the bulk of the work. I can't see them going away from the hot hand. They've proven already that they're willing to cut a draft pick (Grice) in favor of a free agent (Oliver) or cut dead weight (such as Derek Cox last year). Plus, Oliver has seemed pretty good with ball security thus far and he is conscientious, humble, and a good dude. There's alot to like about him. That being said, Mathews put up solid nos. last year and fueled the ground attack that led them into the playoffs. Despite his track record with injuries, he can be a force. The Chargers will find a way to get him in the mix when he gets healthy. As a Charger fan, it'll be a good problem to have when Mathews gets back since RBs take alot of hits and you wanna be at least 2 to 3 deep.
  4. AZ Cardinals

    I am impressed with the Cardinals 3-0 start. Bruce Arians has his team playing hard and aggressively. They do really well in close games. I like that Arians has his team "playing to WIN" as opposed to playing "not to LOSE". For example, when they beat the Chargers on Mon. night, the Chargers were rolling in the 3rd quarter, but then the Chargers went into turtle-mode trying to run out the clock in the 4th quarter. The Cards used this to their advantage and went ahead. The Chargers started throwing again and were moving down the field pretty well, but at that point, Arians and the Cards went all or nothing. They went man-to-man on all receivers, and blitzed everyone else. The Chargers went from 2nd-and-2 to 4th-and-2 and failed to gain another yard in 3 straight plays. Alot of teams would not risk the "all out" approach but the Cards did and got the win to show for it.
  5. Payout dilemma in Pick'em work pool

    No general announcement made. Not sure I would've known if I didn't ask. That's why I'm getting the feeling he's procrastinating to the point where he hopes it just goes away by itself.
  6. Payout dilemma in Pick'em work pool

    Unfortunately, no security cameras.
  7. Payout dilemma in Pick'em work pool

    Thanks for the advice all. It is an awkward situation. I'm gonna elect to keep quiet and see how it plays out. I do believe the guy is being truthful and the money really was stolen; just a poor decision by him to keep it in his office. I can only speculate a janitor or security guard got into his office since they are the only ones with keys to all the offices.
  8. Payout dilemma in Pick'em work pool

    Obviously, this will be the last year this guy runs the pool. He did it last year without problems but this year turned into a mess.
  9. Payout dilemma in Pick'em work pool

    Some people may have gotten a weekly high payout prior to the cash being stolen, but the coordinator wasn't good about making payouts every week. I received one payout earlier in the season but got tired of asking later on, so I thought he could just roll in cumulative payouts due at the end of the season. Oh well.
  10. Payout dilemma in Pick'em work pool

    Probably not. Although we work in different groups, it's still an uncomfortable topic to bring up to him when I pass him in the halls.
  11. So a guy at work started up a pick'em pool prior to the season that ran from weeks 1 -17. Buy-in was $44 and 16 people participated. Payouts were supposed to be $32 per week for a weekly high and $160 for overall season winner. I ended up winning the overall pool and sent out a friendly reminder to the coordinator to confirm. Unfortunately, he said someone broke into his office over the Thanksgiving break and stole the cash he had collected for the pool . Furthermore, he had not collected up from all the participants at the beginning of the season, so he still needed to send an email to everyone to collect up. Obviously, he broke 2 cardinal sins of running a pool: 1) shouldn't store that amount of cash at work; and 2) should've collected up from everyone at the beginning of the season. What a mess. So the coordinator is dragging his feet (keeps saying he's busy at work). He said that he would end up taking the hit himself, but the longer this drags out, the more I'm getting the impression he hopes I just forget about it and let the payout go by the wayside. Given the circumstances, is this something I should just let pass and be content with a hollow victory of winning the pool? Or is this something I should keep reminding the guy about?
  12. OFFICAL Chargers/Broncos thread

    The Broncos played a better game. At least the Chargers made it interesting in the end. At this point, I'm ambivalent with the remaining football season with my home team out and fantasy football in the book as well. Guess I'll half-heartedly root for a Broncos-Seahawks Super Bowl. The Broncos have some ex-Chargers who deserve a shot and I like Russell Wilson. He just seems to be an all-around good guy.
  13. OFFICAL Chargers/Broncos thread

    Broncos had 18 rushing yds in the last game. Already have 77 rushing yds at half. That's the big difference, esp. with the windy conditions. Chargers offense looked pretty futile. Couldn't get anything going. Conservative game plan, plus Denver playing with more energy. Denver winning at the line of scrimmage on both sides. Need to turn it around big-time and find a way to move the ball.
  14. OFFICAL Chargers/Broncos thread

    Go Chargers! Hang in there. The OLine change at RG has them a little out of sync. Hopefully they can turn it around.
  15. OFFICIAL Chargers/Bengals playoff thread