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  1. D. Davis

    i believe dom's been my league's leading scoring RB since somewhere around the midpoint (don't ask, i'm not about to research it ) point being...this guy's good! *** good! he'll be on my short list for sure...
  2. Faulk

    and OTOH....jackson looks great from what i saw today, jackson was absolutely eating the yards up on every down! granted, i thought i heard them say trotter was out? but still....this kid looks *** good - it's the first i've seen of him.
  3. Baltimore, enjoy the golf courses

    yeah, baltimore's done...and baltimore's D is definitely overrated. i played them for most of the season (with some early success), but they just haven't impressed me lately...i picked up carolina a few weeks ago, and i've been wanting to play them, but just didn't have the balls, because i kept thinking about the ravens "vaunted" D and ASYS, etc...i listened to all the hype and bull$hit, i ignored my gut and it cost me the SB... funny sig too but what the hell does "yoi" mean? i think i've heard some of double yoi's and triple yoi's before here as well? i gather it's some inside joke or something? or maybe i'm just not down with the slang anymore...
  4. Doubting Panther Homers

    man, the panthers are an absolutely AMAZING story this year...they're downright SCARY right now. if they make the playoffs, i could definitely see them emerging from the NFC...delhomme and moose have shown they can play out of their minds, goings hasn't been the one-week wonder many of us thought he would be, julius peppers, i don't think is even human, and fox is a great COY candidate! they're the classic "we may not have the best players, but we have the best team" cliche...and they could definitely be dangerous. ***, with all the injuries, and 1-7 start, i can't believe they look so good right now! nobody gave up, they're playing their asses right off and you carolinians should be *** proud of them! i know i'll be rooting for them all the way from the west coast!
  5. Congratulations Peyton Manning!

    I agree....that pissed me right off
  6. Chargers

    The Chargers made the Colts look horrible for 55 minutes! Impressed the hell out of me
  7. Thanks McGahee

    I hear ya man...
  8. I need................

    I need chambers to do nothing tonight, and then i need holt to get around 8/120/2 tomorrow I'm SO pissed off right now! I totally kicked my own ass this week...first i started volek over brees (which i'm still not over), and then after hearing about mcgahee all week...i sat him and he gets 100 and 2TDs!!! OMG! i don't believe this $hit!! i made the wrong managing decision at every possible turn! biggest game of the year and i Oprahed up anywhere i could... i still have a shred of hope though...if holt scores early, i'll be on pins and needles man
  9. Volek

    I agree... I'm done, and I'm ***IN PISSED!!
  10. Gonzo, savior or killer?

    I played Gonzo, but he won't be enough to offset Volek's lousy performance To make matters worse, my opponent played Larry Johnson which basically just cancelled out Gonzo's big game...I'll have to make up about a 30pt defecit right off the bat now. Stick a fork in me...
  11. WDIS- Volek vs. Brees

    same *** problem here... i really don't know what to do... but, i too, am leaning towards volek right now....i hope tenny can put up around 21-28pts on denver at home...and i think they'll all be passing TDs. -2 go to bennett -1 to mason (if he plays) -and/or maybe 1 to someone like troupe so, worst case (21pts), i'm thinking volek can pick up 3 and, whatever, 240-280yds... the chargers game, OTOH, will probably be a shootout...so i'm hoping they put up 27-34pts against indy...but i'm thinking: -2 go to LT -1 to gates -and then 2FGs from kaeding -then if they hit 34...one goes to parker (or gates gets another) so, best case(34pts), i'm looking at brees still only throwing 2TDs and 250 or whatever yds obviously, this is purely useless speculation, but this is the way i'm hoping it shakes down...maybe i should play brees, but i don't think i can ignore volek.
  12. WDIS at RB for Super Bowl

    yeah...i think i'd sit JJ as well. washington's downright scary!
  13. hey there hugh...happy holidays which QB do i play this week: brees @ IND or volek vs DEN brees has a great matchup, and it could be a shootout...but Indy's DEF is improving (held 7 of last 8 QBs to 215yds or less and 1TD or less)...so even with the nice matchup i'm only expecting like 250 and 1-2TDs... volek is up against a tougher DEF, but can i really ignore how hot he's been?? I'd think he'd be safe for 3TDs don't you? and now my RBs... ....need 3 (scoring in sig) pittman vs CAR green @ DET edge vs SD s. morris vs CLE s. williams @ SF (mcgahee owner ) t. bell @ IND as you can see...not the best options this week. basically, pittman and green are in...but should i give edge the nod here too? i'm a little leary going up against that SD run DEF...would morris or shaud williams be better options do you think? OR...since it is a flex spot, I could play a guy like eric parker instead of any of those guys. thanks in advance for any insight you can share...and have a merry christmas/happy chanukkah, etc...
  14. Looking for a second opinion on the SB lineup

    I'd play pittman instead of j. lewis...other than that it looks pretty good.