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  1. what do you need on MNF?

    Team 1: Deuce McCallister needs to step into a time machine, go back to this morning, and convince me to start the Bengals over the Ravens. Otherwise, Deuce only needs to score twice and combine for 150 yards rushing and receiving. I think he has greater chance finding the time machine. Team 2: The Redskins and Plaxico have to combine for 11 points.
  2. Ode to a mighty Defense

    There once was a great defense called Raven, Unfortunately their hearts were quite craven, Why did I ever waste such a high pick, Their bye can't come too soon, God, I feel sick. Zero points, three points, I've had quite enough These once proud birds have lost all of their tough Trade? Asking starts at a bucket of spit Much too high? You're right...these guys aint worth sh*t. Okay, I know they've been getting no help from the offense - but they never get help from that offense. Is it the switch back to the 4/3? Is the offense really that much worse? Is there any hope? Could Kordell be the answer? I'm really not trying to rub salt in the wounds of all the ravens fans on this board --- but I think all of those BK ads of their exploits, as they simultaneously kill my team, have finally sent me over the edge. Why don't they just put in that king guy?
  3. Willie Parker over . . .

    Houston gave up only 4 ruTD's in 04 -- league best -- but then tied for second most passing TD's allowed 32 (most was 33). While I don't expect the Steelers running game to be stopped, I bet they throw for their TD's.
  4. Waiver Wire question

    Wow...guess it was my league last year that was "different". There it was set as the reverse order after the draft and then once you picked you went to the back of the line. It was just surprising to realize I was last when I thought I'd get to pick second, but I will not fear change, and have faith that the Huddle helped me pick a team that won't fall apart after week one.
  5. Waiver Wire question

    Which method do people prefer for ranking the waiver wire: 1. reverse order of draft picks. Or, 2. reverse standings after week one, which resets by standing at the start of each week. I drafted second to last this year, but then put up the most points the first week. Okay, if you just lost it's tough to feel much sympathy, but I'm upset about missing my chance for Willie P. Also, the 2nd ww structure seems pretty simple to manipulate. Once an owner clinches a playoff spot, he/she could submit an illegal line-up each week, get zero points, and guarantee top pick of the ww in case there's a significant injury. NOTE: I'm not advocating that at all, but it annoys me to have a system that rewards poor performance.
  6. Willie Parker over . . .

    Parker looked great, but Houston, while not a great defense, doesn't give up many rushing TD's (last year they only allowed 4) - last week they kept McGahee to 0 --- so I wouldn't pencil in 2 TD's for Parker. ....wait, the kid can catch too. Nevermind. Just when you think the Steelers running game is finally going to breakdown.
  7. T.O. Auctioning NFC Championship Ring

    I'm amazed some people view this donation as anything but a positive thing. That being said, I don't think TO is any different today than he was yesterday or he will be tomorrow --- but he got this one right.
  8. Pittman vs. Willie Parker

    For this season, not a keeper league. Parker should be the better start for this week, because he'll be the focus -- but how will these two compare over the season? Parker looked good in his game last year, but I'm thinking his value can't go too high because of Bettis and Staley. Pittman, on the other hand, seems like he could have some value even if he doesn't beat out Cadillac because of the "Rocket Backfield".
  9. What's the perfect size league?

    the one thing I've noticed moving from a 12 to a 14 is that it really shows who knows the "deeper" players. There's a lot of teams who drafted ahead of me who have some starters I'd like, but if any of them go down have absolutely nothing on their bench. Picks like Koren Robinson.
  10. What's the perfect size league?

    Just curious what people think. Last year I played in a 10 and 12 team league. This year I'm in a 14. Going in I made sure I had solid back-ups at RB, knowing how scarce talent would be, but it's still surprising how much impact two more full rosters and owners looking has on the waiver wire.
  11. Portis or J Lewis?

    Agreed, Portis is great, but that offensive line will hold him back - and there's no threat of a passing game to help. I know most people aren't sold on Boller, I'm not, but with Heap back and Mason in the fold there's at least the threat of a threat of a passing attack.
  12. Glimmer of hope in Benson holdout...

    Bye week 4, so week 5 against Dallas. Maybe they'll get this thing straightened out, he can actually get some reps in the final preseason game, and then my 8th round pick on him won't look so bad. I was surprised in other Yahoo leagues to see people already dropping him before this thing really plays out.
  13. Draft Help - RBs

    Ronnie Brown - for at least the first four weeks you know he'll be splitting no carries, and C. Brown has scary injury issues plus he's dealing with T. Henry. C. Brown has talent, but he's not likely to last the season. Go with youth.
  14. Drafting Priority Influenced by Team Composition

    If you haven't already seen it, click on articles and under the 2004 season read the piece on "League Analysis Graphing". Better than we can tell you, it will help you analyze you're league in terms of how rapidly value depreciates for each position under your scoring system. It's really worth the time it takes, and isn't that hard.
  15. vick v. leftwich

    I'm not a Vick fan in terms of fantasy because of he's up and down week-to-week, but I think he'll outperform the opposing QB more often than Leftwich will. Also, if Vick does click this year, he has a lot more upside.