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  1. Which of these should I keep?

    I probably keep LT, JJ, Jackson, and Ward. Ward is now in camp. Gates is still holding out and the Chargers and issued him an ultimatum.
  2. Edge, Dom Davis, and Portis

    I would go with Portis and Davis. The Redskins will get the best OL back next year (he was out all season with an injury, so a bad season for Portis was forseeable). I just don't think Edge get enough goal line touches.
  3. Need help deciding

    I like Brown due to his age.
  4. Intense keeper quandry....

    If I understand the way your rules work, only those owners that keep two players still get a third round pick (so the third round could be really short) and those that keep fourth players don't get to pick until round five. I would keep Peyton and Edge and maybe Henry (I would want to see some training camp first) and take my chances with the draft picks.
  5. I am in an interesting position - a 12 team league with 2 keepers for 2005. I had an absolutely horrible 2004 which resulted in me winning the lottery for the 1st overall pick in the 2005 draft. I am trying to decide which way to go? Choices to keep - McCallister, McGahee, J. Jones Nobody else on my team is worth a ***!!! Which two of these guys should I keep? Should I use my first pick in the draft to take the other one to go with three running backs out of the shoot?