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  1. C. Kirk @ home against Pittsburgh S. Sheperd @ Philly J. Crowder @ home against T. Williams @home against Tennessee C. Sutton @ Houston
  2. C. Wentz @ home against Seattle J. Allen @ home against Denver
  3. New England Def at Philadelphia San Francisco Def at home against Arizona
  4. R. Burkhead @ Philadelphia A. Mattison @ home against Denver
  5. J. Brown @ Cleveland R. Anderson @ home against the Giants
  6. J. Brown @ Cleveland R. Anderson @ home against N.Y. Giants Dam Williams @ Tennessee J. Williams @ home against Carolina
  7. Penny on waivers....

    If u have the room. I would do it. C. Carson is a fumbling machine
  8. M. Ryan @ New Orleans J. Goff @ Pittsburgh( i have C. Kupp)
  9. Whos the better fantasy player ROS in a PPR league? L. Fitzgerald, Ty. Williams or D. Guice My Rbs: D. Cook, C. McCaffery, J. Williams My Wrs: J. Brown, C. Godwin, R. Anderson
  10. Ty. Williams or D. Guice My Rbs : D. Cook, C. McCaffery andJ. Williams My Wrs : C. Godwin, R. Anderson and John Brown
  11. J. Brown @ home against Philly (wind) R. Anderson @ Jacksonville
  12. C. Wentz @ Buffalo J. Allen @ home against Philly K. Murray @ New Orleans
  13. P. Dorsett @ home against Cleveland P. Williams @ Pittsburgh A. Tate against the Rams in London C. Brate @ Tennessee
  14. Desperation RB advice needed. WTS?

    I like Henderson. Brown is out. And Gurley is comin off injury. So hes prbly no where near 100%. Henderson should get sum opportunities. In a game that should hve a lot of scoring in it.
  15. Which TE .....ppr

    Engram with ease