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  1. Jus said it...cuz it sounded good. In all honesty i kinda wanna get this play right. Cuz last week i started D. Carr and hurt my team big time which killed me overall
  2. J. Mixon @ home vs. New Orleans, A. Jones @ home vs. Miami or T. Coleman @ Cleveland
  3. E. McGuire @home vs. Buffalo, C. Godwin @ home vs. Washington or J. Williams @ home vs. Miami
  4. T. Burton or Jack Doyle
  5. Im in14 team league and with Emm.Sanders on the bye im stuck withTre Quan Smith as my #2 Wr. I also hve C. Godwin on my bench. Also Maurice Harris an C. Conley is on the waiver wire. What do u think is my best option?
  6. Saq. Barkley @ San Fran, J. Mixon @ home agnst New Orleans, J. Conner @ home agnst Carolina, T. Coleman @ Cleveland or A. Jones @ home agnst Miami
  7. T. Coleman @ Washington or C. Sutton at home vs. Houston
  8. I kno....there terrible choices. I almost didnt wanna post this cuz my choices r so lame. I hve Barkley on a bye an R. Freeman is out an its a 14 team league so pickens r slim
  9. Wilson or Trubisky??

    Wilson without a doubt. Very possible Sea and LA b comes a shoot out. Trubisky is gonna struggle at Buffalo. Only 1 Qb has really had a good game against the Buffalo def...that was Luck
  10. Which 2 start out of these 3? M. Davis @ home vs. LA. Chargers, J. Williams@ NE or E. McGuire @ Miami
  11. J. Charles?

    He was the hottest back 2nd half of the season last year. And what effect will T. Jones have on him.
  12. Already got AD. Passing tds are 4 pts. Ints -1 J. Charles S. Smith NYG M. Colston D. Jackson G. Jennings Qbs left are Romo, Schaub,Rivers and Brady
  13. MJD has softer run schedule and is the main focus of the offense and is used at the goaline. But i think hes do for an injury. Rice on the other hand has a tougher schedule. Comes out at the goaline for either Mcgahee or Mclain. Also the addition of Boldin they may pass more. But if none of that happens. he could have a huge year. I do not see Mcgahee gettin all those tds again.
  14. Minny @ Carolina Seattle @ home against Tampa
  15. J. Forsett @ home against Tampa C. Jennings @ home against K.C J. Jones @ home against Tampa F. Gore @ Philly