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  1. T. Coleman @ Carolina J. Samuels @ New Orleans J. Mixon @ Cleveland J. Williams @ N.Y. Jets
  2. Help with playoff lineup

    M. Thomas at Wr...P. Lindsay at Rb....J. Mixon at the flex
  3. C. Godwin @ Baltimore R. Anderson @ home against Houston D. Hamilton @ home against Cleveland Or do i pick up R. Foster or I. McKenzie
  4. Gus Edwards @ home against Tampa K. Dixon @ home against Tampa J. Jackson @ K. C. Chiefs. E. McGuire @ home against Houston
  5. T. Burton @ N.Y. Giants M. LaCosse @ Cincy
  6. Denver is at Cincy and Chicago is at N.Y. Giants. I only get points for either a INT return for a TD or ST return for TD. I also get points for holding the opposition only under 10 points. For example....if Chicago gave up only 7pts to the Giants. I would get 3 pts.
  7. A. Jones @ Minny J. Moxon @ home against Cleveland
  8. K. Coutee @ home against Tennessee E. McGuire @ home against N.E. J. Heuerman @ home against my hometown Steelers
  9. I have C. Sutton in as my Wr 2 right now. Hes at homes against my hometown Steelers. Would you pic up Marq Goodwin or D.J. Moore if they were still on waiver wire. Marq. Goodwin is @ Tampa Bay. And D.J. Moore is @ home agaagainst Seattle. (D. Funchess is now doubtful)
  10. Need 1 out of these 3 to start at my flex in a PPR....thnx. A. Jones @ Minny, T. Coleman @ New Orleans or J. Miixon @ home agnst Cleveland
  11. Jus said it...cuz it sounded good. In all honesty i kinda wanna get this play right. Cuz last week i started D. Carr and hurt my team big time which killed me overall
  12. J. Mixon @ home vs. New Orleans, A. Jones @ home vs. Miami or T. Coleman @ Cleveland
  13. E. McGuire @home vs. Buffalo, C. Godwin @ home vs. Washington or J. Williams @ home vs. Miami
  14. T. Burton or Jack Doyle
  15. Im in14 team league and with Emm.Sanders on the bye im stuck withTre Quan Smith as my #2 Wr. I also hve C. Godwin on my bench. Also Maurice Harris an C. Conley is on the waiver wire. What do u think is my best option?