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  1. SEA DST or GB DST?

    Green Bay Defense! I think they get a Defensive score
  2. Being that Tannehill is the new Tennessee Titans QB. Do u guys think he checks dwn 2 Humphries. Like he did 2 J. Landry back in his Miami days. Hes still on waivers. So i was thinking of grabbing b4 the rush
  3. M. Ryan at home against L.A. Rams J. Goff @ Atlanta (Ramsey is prbly gonna play)
  4. I have on my roster: C. Wentz @ Minny J. Winston @ London against Carolina Free Agent Pool: C. Keanum @ Miami B. Mayfield @ home against Seattle
  5. J. Gordon @home against the Giants C. Kirk @ home against the Falcons C. Sutton @ home against the Titans
  6. S. Shephard @ home against Minny M. Hardman @ home against Indy
  7. T. Cohen @ London vs Oakland A. Mattison @ N.Y. Giants
  8. M. Sanders @ home vs. N.Y. Jets C. Sutton @ LA Chargers
  9. I would drop Chark asap for Anderson. The Jets hve Dallas, NE then Jacksonville after Philly this wk. Which r tough match ups. After that. There schedule gets alot easier. Plus hel be getting Darnold back nxt week. So he could even produce despite the upcoming tougher match ups. I think hel actually hve a decent game this wk.
  10. M. Hardman @ home against Indy S. Shepard @ home against Minny
  11. T. Cohen @ Oakland A. Mattison @ N.Y. Giants
  12. M. Sanders @ Green Bay M. Williams @ Miami
  13. Trying to trade for Penny

    I was thinkn the same thing. But i was gonna offer either M. Hardman or S. Shepard. Sounds pretty fair 2 me
  14. M. Hardman @ home agnst Baltimore S. Shephard @ Tampa Bay J. Ross @ Buffalo
  15. Tyrell or John Brown

    Easy....J. Brown