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  1. Jesus loves you.

  2. For those about to dump Kevin Jones--

    I bet it can complete more passes.
  3. S.Davis

    I think the neck injury was from the New England game after the big hit he received. He sat out for 2 or 3 plays then almost broke a run for a TD, but was tackled on the one, and scored on the next play.
  4. Just when we thought it safe to start

    Is this the "injury" he got against the Patriots when he was rocked and sat on the ground for a few seconds, and on the first run play back almost broke a 20 yard run for a TD before being tackled on the 1, or is this from practice?
  5. Giants Fans Should Be Ashamed...

    Wow this thread was so funny. It makes me wish every NFL team got displaced by a hurricane just so I could read more threads like it.
  6. Wash has no clue how to use Portis

    So Roy Williams wouldn't lay him out I guess.
  7. Wash has no clue how to use Portis

    Thanks for the points Ladell Betts.
  8. Wash has no clue how to use Portis

    The Cowboys sure are bringing it tonight.
  9. Moss!

    I guess some people are actually realizing that Moss draws 3/4ths of the defense on him and still scores. Yet TO is left in almost man coverage all night against a 2nd year CB in Atlanta and can't score.
  10. S.Davis

    3 goal line TDs against NE is more than Edge could do. And when he was sitting on the ground, he got nailed pretty hard. If he was fragile, I don't see how he came back on the next run play and almost broke it for a 20 yard TD. And 71 yards ain't bad going running through the middle of NE's D almost the entire game.
  11. Hasselbeck vs. Vick

    Vick is back now.
  12. Jaguars at Colts

    the ground?
  13. Edge

    No TD as usual.
  14. Jamal Lewis

    I don't think the O Line fumbled the football.