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  2. Boy am I thankful for these two comps. It's so anti-climatic after the last regular season game and conclusion of the season long comps....
  3. Smack Bowl Week 3 Standings

    Peaking out at #4. Now that Dallas is out, I begin my slide to oblivion. I'll take it.
  4. SMACKBOWL Week One Results

    Me and CowboysDiehard clearly have the same players. Tied for 6th isn't too shabby for me! Go Cowboys.
  5. RIP Stuart Scott

    I had the pleasure of meeting him several times through at the company holiday party (ESPN) and we happened to chat and walk down the red carpet near each other at last year's ESPYs before his legendary speech. Humorous, outgoing and confident guy. Feel terrible for his kids....
  6. What do you need tonight? - Week 16 Championship Edition

    Didn't you used to get a lot of sh*t on these forums several years ago? Nice work. I haven't been on here in a while but I received a fantasy football email blast and it had your mug and the $200,000 championship announcement....soon as I read it, It prompted me to jump on the boards after a few years being away. So, hello again everybody....too many kids, too little time nowadays. Still playing fantasy....
  7. SmackBowl and SPIT

    Agree with keggerz. I don't tweet often but I DO LOVE getting all the news I need by following a select few sources. It is delivered to you and you don't have to do much but hit a button to get to it. Having said that, my decline on the message boards has more to do with taking care of my 4 and 2 year olds than it does with FB or twitter. In fact, that is why I use twitter more than I probably would otherwise....quick access to news as soon as it breaks while on the move or in the can !! To hell with FB - filled with too much viral photos/msgs and other useless musings about how someone just took a dump or going to bed now or some needless pontification.....its my contact list pure and simple.
  8. SmackBowl and SPIT

    Haven't been on these forums in a while since I now spend most of my time following 2V and DMD on Twitter and maybe someone already commented on this, but when does SmackBowl and the SPIT (think that was what it is called) start? Hope fantasy seasons were good to most (I had a rough year)
  9. Tashard Choice

    Lets go DeMarco !!! http://espn.go.com/dallas/nfl/story/_/id/7...-tashard-choice
  10. Valid or Die stole my avie !!!
  11. Metrodome Roof collapses?

    Higher powers will not deny Favre his streak !
  12. Metrodome Roof collapses?

  13. Metrodome Roof collapses?

    homers ? where does Minn/NYG game move to? Milwaukee?
  14. Best Fantasy Championship Celebration Ever

    Is this Henry Muto?

    Sitting pretty !! If you only look at the teams with 24 remaining......#2 and 30 points behind Scorcher !