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  1. NFL Player Criminal Records

    Easy.....ask for his "source"......I don't believe any obsured accusations without analyzing the source.... end of argument
  2. Just drafted in another new league last night....

    Manning, Culpepper, and McNasty went before my 1st pick......after that run and the other top 8 running backs that went, it only left me with needing to take the best available RB (Davis 1st) and take the #1 WR (Moss)........then the rest in this order..... remember I had the swing pick.... 3 C Williams (nothing left) 4 Horn (best avail WR) 5 L Johnson (he wouldn't have made it to round 7) 6 A Lelie (best avail WR with upside) 7 Plummer (I think this was a semi-steal at 7) 8 K Barlow (last starting RB avail) 9 Warner 10 TB D (Ds are scored highly) 11 Houshmanzedah 12 Williamson 13 Moore 14 Dall D 15 K 15 K For the record, there are a couple of teams that drafted well and they obviously landed some players that some of the others stupidly missed so they will be good competition......
  3. .....take a look at this: 12 team, performance league, no TE position necessary. Some excerpts from the draft: 1. Eli Manning is picked in the 1st round :doah: 2. Someone asks what Kevin Jones is listed at lately - RB or WR ? 3. Gonzo goes in 3rd round....remember TE is not a requirement. 4. Someone in the 3rd round utters while picking "I can't let this guy go any farther - David Carr" 5. "Freddie Jones" goes in the 3rd to the same person who got Eli Manning......who the hell is that? I still can't find him on my list. 6. A. Toomer goes in 4th.....again to the eli manning owner......I am now thinking I believe this guy might be worse than my buddy with his Giants man-love. 7. Team #10 utters "OH MAN, darn it" when Shockey goes in 5th round........and no not to the Giants lover unbelievably..... What do you think my chances are to steall the $1000 pot in this league ? I have: J Plummer K Warner D. Davis C. Williams L. Johnson K. Barlow M. Moore R Moss J Horn A Lelie T.J. Houshmanzedah T Williamson TB D Dall D R Lindell N Keading AND I PICKED LAST AT #12 !!!!!!!
  4. ESPN.com is useless

    I get it free wife works for them
  5. The best Pizza you ever had

    Ann's Pizza - Enfield CT
  6. No Hockey this season

    I believe it is time to scrap the NHL and start a new league with a structure similar to the NFL......change some rules to make it more exciting to watch to the layman, ie...casual sportsfan....ie....more offense......and let the hardliners go elsewhere.....let them see what happens when they aren't making ANY $$ in another country !!!
  7. No Hockey this season

    eats it NHL, NHLPA fail to reach deal Story Tools: Print Email FOXSports.com Posted: 6 minutes ago The hammer finally came down on the 2004-05 NHL season Wednesday. Despite a gap of just $6.5 million separating the the final offers of the NHL and the NHLPA, the two sides couldn't bridge that small gap in time to save the season, as league comissioner Gary Bettman made the announcement at a news conference in New York. "When I stood before you in September, I said NHL teams would not play again until our economic problems had been solved," Bettman said. "As I stand before you today, it is my sad duty to announce that because that solution has not yet been attained, it no longer is practical to conduct even an abbreviated season. Accordingly, I have no choice but to announce the formal cancellation of play for 2004-05." The NHL would became the first major professional league in North America to lose an entire season because of a labor dispute. The Stanley Cup has been awarded every year since 1919, when a flu epidemic canceled the finals. The two sides in the labor dispute couldn't agree on a new collective bargaining agreement, with the main sticking point being the salary cap demand made by the NHL. On Tuesday, the NHLPA backed off its insistance that a cap not be part of the new deal. Negotiations throughout the day produced final cap figures of $42.5 million from the league and $49 million from the union. Bettman had set a deadline of 11 a.m. ET on Wednesday for the NHLPA to accept the league's final offer, but that hour came and went without a deal being made. He had already scheduled a press conference for 1 p.m. ET to announce the cancellation of the season. Bettman's threatened cancellation of the season shifted the pressure to the players, some of whom stated Tuesday they were surprised that the union accepted a salary cap this late in the game. "We probably could've gotten this thing done in the summertime," Chicago forward Matthew Barnaby said. "I'm just a little disappointed that it went this far to play poker and to have someone call your bluff." NHL chief legal officer Bill Daly met one-on-one with players' association senior director Ted Saskin in Niagara Falls, N.Y., on Monday and presented an offer that removed the owners' desired link between league revenues and player costs. The union refused to agree to that kind of tie-in because it doesn't trust what the league claims as its revenue total. Once the NHL dropped that requirement, the players came off their refusal of a salary cap. The NHL's proposal on Monday was for a hard cap at $40 million with a 50 percent tax penalty for teams that spend between $34 million and $40 million. Bettman said the sides needed to start putting a deal on paper by last weekend if the NHL was going to hold a 28-game, intra-conference schedule and a full 16-team playoff. Bettman said teams needed to have cost certainty to survive and the only way he could guarantee that was with a salary cap that linked league revenues to player costs. Now that position has changed for the first time since the NHL started gearing up for the lockout in 1998. The league has said teams lost $273 million in 2002-03 and $224 million last season, and an economic study commissioned by the NHL found that players get 75 percent of league revenues. The union has challenged those figures. The Associated Press contributed to this report.
  8. Now That The Superbowl Is Over....

    9. Washington Redskins: Pac-Man Jones, CB, West Virginia That is horrible..............................What were his parents thinking ?

    17th.....to 77.... What a pitiful drop.
  10. Everything is different now

    Nice Avy !!
  11. SMACKBOWL - Week Three Standings

    82nd 27th 17th........Not too shabby......but still 11 places out of the winnings. Go Brian Westbrook !! -James Douglas
  12. Barrett Robbins

    Does Ricky Williams too ?
  13. 2004 Annual Huddle Awards

    *Forum Awards* Fantasy Guru Award – can't stand that board Huddle Heisman - Tailgate Award - Atomic CEO Homer Hero - Sky *Site Awards* Best Huddle Game – Smack Best BOTH League – Best Huddle article - Trash Can Report Best post/thread - ONE SHEET OR TWO - never thought the post would come to that. Best Link - Best New Feature - Trash Can Report Worst New Feature - None unless we consider CBSsportsline *Individual Awards* Best Username - Best Sigline – Blitz Best Sigline Acquired From a Bet - Best Avatar - AVERNUS - but I don't know which one ! Best Fisherman - Best use of Graemlins - too many to single out Most Respected Huddler - Blitz Least Respected Huddler - I really don't care Most Annoying Huddler - Ugly Tuna is the only one with consistancy Most Notorious Post Padder - Who you'd most want to have a beer with - DMD Who you'd most want to talk football with - DMD Newbie of the Year - Newbie Tool of the Year - I suppose the Ugly Tuna MVH - Most Valuable Huddler – Hugh One seems to be Johnny-on-the-spot signed - not here nearly enough....
  14. 2003 Huddle Awards

  15. SMACKBOWL Standings - Week 2

    From 82nd to 27th.....not bad....13 left......Go Steelers !