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  1. Carson Palmer retiring

    Does this mean he has quit on 3 teams? Possibly an NFL record for a starting QB.
  2. NFL draft 2018

    The thing is - they can guarantee they get a QB with the 1st/4th pick, they cannot guarantee they can trade up from the second round ahead of anyone to get the last one on the board. Other teams may offer more for the same pick or move ahead of them. It could cost the second plus a future first depending on how high the final QB is sitting at. No ego involved, it's just not good odds or economics. They already control the draft board right now.
  3. NFL draft 2018

    Cleveland has 2 top 4 picks. In the NFL you take the one you want, not the one left on the board (as in fantasy football). They can still trade back up into the first for another player (to get that 5th year option) and have 3 firsts.
  4. NFL draft 2018

    Could be interesting on offense if they go QB of choice, then Barkley. More confidence the new GM will make smart choices.
  5. Your best 10th round or later target ever

    Trent Green went out; some bagger named Kurt Warner came in. Last round guy. Championship.
  6. Where do you watch the NFL on Sunday?

    Now that's a game day room! Just missing those black dip chips with some hot yellow cheese!
  7. Fournette inactive

    Team photo, plus team meeting, plus a therapy session (for an injured guy that's huge). But he did make time to attend LSU's game yesterday.
  8. Conley’s calf

    Achilles snapped
  9. Injuries Thread

    Pretty rough this year (lost 3 starters thus far). Not as rough as 2 years ago for me personally in a different league. Of 12 starting spots, I had 8 go on IR (year long and/or return). Just too many to overcome. Broke my chance for a 3-peat in that league. Came back for a 3 out of 4 last year though. Sometimes you have the good luck, sometimes you have the bad.
  10. The Chargers are cursed...

    Being 0-and-Koo ain't cool. Wonder who they bring in for tryouts.
  11. Adrian Peterson? ....trade possibility?

    Not at his contract price.
  12. Gates sets all-time TD record for TEs

    Nope... now he continues to put the record out of reach. Gronk is coming for it after all. Well done Mr Gates, well done!
  13. Week 2 Injury Thread

    Gronk walked off, maybe a back issue?
  14. Week 2 Injury Thread

    Kizer - migraine
  15. Rams Uniforms

    Probably didn't want 2 blue and gold jerseys in LA.