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  1. Until tomorrow, the 8th longest currently tenured NFL Head Coach.
  2. Dak injured

    Rub some dirt on it. Ready to play tomorrow morning. Cast/brace/walking boot/crutches. PT and aqua therapy. Maybe recovery by next season or PUP. Fractures heal. Range of motion is the part that may not. Metal pins needed? Permanent or not. Not an expert.
  3. Dak injured

    My non-professional opinion: subtalar dislocation of the ankle with fracture (snapped the arch and the muscles/tendons pull with no resistance).
  4. Graphics links broken?

    Just confirming that they do not work on multiple browsers and multiple devices for me either.
  5. Why no love for Bridgewater?

    Probaably because a QB is judged upon passing TDs: 2014 - 14 TDs 2015 - 14 TDs 2016 - nil 2017 - nil 2018 - 1 TD 2019 - 9 TDs Maybe he blows his career high out of the water and gets to 20-22 TDs. That's still terrible compared to his peers. We'll see if watching Brees helped him become a better than mediocre passer. It could happen.
  6. Message Board League Draft 10 Team

    1. flemingd 2. loaf 3. Big Country 4. d3 5. Heehawks 6. millworkguy 7. BuddahJay 8. the Grey Pilgrim 9. XFlash 10. Riffraff
  7. Message Board League Draft 10 Team

    Woot - got the worst draft rank in the league and making the worst pick. "Riffraff has the dubious distinction of making the worst pick of the entire draft, selecting Joe Mixon in round 1 with the 6th pick of the draft, long before the 13th spot he should have been selected in." (Figured it was going to be Antonio Brown, but nope....) The anti-expert strategy worked.
  8. Message Board League Draft 10 Team

    4 days in. Who’s our best and worst in timeliness? possibly the least prepared or unable to make a decision = darin3 total wait time: 1 day pre-selecter extraordinaire and probably makes awful decisions = Riffraff total wait time: 10 minutes I’ll most likely catch up during the work days.
  9. Message Board League Draft 10 Team

    Not a fan of the #6 draft slot, so I went totally non-expert. As Ben Stiller learned too late about the Oscars... you can never go full expert.
  10. Message Board League Draft 10 Team

    Hope tomorrow goes better. 15 picks in today thus far. ZZZzzzz
  11. Message Board League Draft 12 Team

    12 teamer may have started later than the 10 teamer, but easily doubled up on the picks that we got to. We got a whopping 15 picks in today thus far.
  12. Message Board League Draft 10 Team

    Flemingd forget to click submit/save? Has logged in during the 4h wait time.
  13. Guice arrested and released by Wash

    3 assault charges. Each occuring a month apart instead of being accumalated on one bad day. Career over. Hired a pretty expensive lawyer. Savings $$ will be gone quickly. Should have stuck to playing Fortnite.
  14. Antonio Brown re-announces retirement

    He didn’t file retirement paperwork with the league.
  15. Nfl to allow players to opt out

    Should edit that large font to say: Doctor Laurent Duvernay-Tardif is opting out of the NFL season as the Chiefs RG so he can continue working with patients.