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  1. Message Board League status

    If you need a slacker to fill a spot...
  2. Antonio Brown seeing foot specialist

    What not to do: Move to California and immediately start walking around barefoot on parking lots with blacktop.
  3. more Giants WR news

    Shepard and Tate missing the first few games could help Eli lose games. Get to that 9 loss playoff elimination spot earlier and then its Daniel Jones time. Maybe a blessing in disguise to get the young guy more snaps?
  4. Worst NFL idea ever

    Intentionally sidelining an OL can lead to more injuries for QBs, RBs, and other OL. Then they’ll need backups for the backups of their backups. Still trying to pay for 16 game checks while adding revenue for the added games is pretty covert. No one can see what they are up to.
  5. Scott Fish Bowl 9

    It's a 9000 (exaggeration) team set-up with rules that change every year (actually pretty cool). Invites go out to ekspurts like Keggerz or a wait list to be a cool kid. Usually have every podcast host waste valuable air wave time talking about their teams because everyone wants to know about another random FF player's team (not). When someone wins, they now become a FF ekspurt as well and can have podcasts dedicated to letting all the peons and losers know how they won (build that brand!). Maybe even create their own podcast over the fame of winning a league. Paved the way for the creator to get an actual job (with a salary!) in Fantasy Football. Sarcasm aside, the good news is the donations gathered go to Fantasy Cares programs that give gifts to kids (Toys for Tots).
  6. 18 Game Regular Season Considered

    Not liking an extension of the season. Seasonal / career stats for players would easily start breaking records even if it's mediocre on a weekly basis. More games lessen the "every week counts" appeal. Don't mind dropping 2 or 3 pre-season games. Not a season ticket holder, so no effect on me there. Haven't been to a game in a very long time, so it doesn't matter to me either. Takes away a few more "sleep in Sundays" though. Or another family day each year. Not cool with that.
  7. Antonio Brown to the Raiders

    Without hair and a little older. Big Ben back in the '80s when he had hair.
  8. The New Rotoworld Format

    More scrolling and more clicking. Just what every web viewer and software user loves. Not. Clicks and scrolls take more time and wasted bandwidth. Comes down to more ads. Who doesn't use an ad blocker nowadays? A good VPN blocks social media links/materials as well. Heh, USA Today (Huddle) doesn't allow some countries (well, IPs from them) to view.
  9. Frank Gore to BUF

    1 Emmitt Smith 18,355 2 Walter Payton 16,726 3 Barry Sanders 15,269 4 Frank Gore 14,748 Going for top 3.
  10. Weekly Blitz

    I suck at this game: BAL -3 DAL -5 MIA +7.5 MIN +1 PIT -3
  11. Week 1 how'd you do?

    Only time I'll be able to say "undefeated" this year: Usual Suspects (dynasty) = win in a rebuilding year. That 70's League (dynasty) = win Scrubs (Keeper) = win HEFFA (Survivor) = advanced to week 2 4-0 (sorta)
  12. Opening Sunday!

    Flipping a coin between a Powder Blue Tomlinson or a Dark Blue Leaf. Tough decision.
  13. The Fourth Annual Edmund Fitzgerald Contest

    Replacement pick: Week 12 – Atlanta Falcons 27, Detroit 7
  14. Deion Branch

    Used Branch and Brady for this week's MVP challenge line-up.