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  1. Better poll would be for multiple formats: PPR non-PPR Redraft Dynasty Do a set for #1, #2, #3, #4 so we could see who is in each spot for each format. Rather than just the top RB. Results would be different and more meaningful.
  2. http://forums.thehuddle.com/forum/47-usual-suspects/ Riffraff
  3. Rodgers vs Ryan for the NFC Championship and also the MVP award.
  4. I don't think it would be obvious. I think he would break the record and still play, gain another TD or 2, but the first sign of another injury (again) and the Chargers put him on IR so he still gets paid for the year. I don't think it will be a farewell tour of cities for him.
  5. Tied the record today and willing to come back next year. TE Henry as the primary option, Gates as the redzone option. He can retire any week he wishes after the record.
  6. I know of a free agent candidate that has helped a team move to Los Angeles recently... {sarcasm}
  7. In (for another fun filled "watch someone else show me how to win the thing" session).
  8. 2QB PPR dynasty. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
  9. Feliz Navidad and a Rappy Roo Rear! Cheers!
  10. Needs 2 to tie and 3 for the record with 2 games to play. I think he will need to come back next year as a minimum salary, part time player to get it. Can retire after the first 3 games or whatever. Cleveland can be scored on, just doubt they can get all 3 in this game. Final week is the Chiefs, whom own that same TD record with Gonzo. They would just blanket Gates to ensure he doesn't get it on them.
  11. Not a fan of it for regular pots, but if the pot was $100k - $200k, I think paying the house off would be worth it.
  12. A month later... still in it this year? Random thought and you probably mentioned somewhere else, but how much of the big wins did you have to pay back in taxes?
  13. Hopefully only half of the annoying ads.
  14. Interesting take the beat writer had based upon this interview with Head Coach Kubiak (1:20 mark). Reporter: "Where does it stand at RB, will Bibbs start or Booker start?" Kubiak: "Oh, Book will start, we won't do anything different. Just hopefully more carries to go around for both of them, but obviously we got some confidence in Kapri. He's played well. You know, obviously did well last week. Continues to get better." ......... Didn't hear a thing about losing the job, 50/50 split, or any other such nonsense.
  15. Squirrel in action GB / Colts game. Love the announcer breakdown.