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  1. Antonio Brown done with the NFL

    In next week’s Day of our AB Lives soap opera, I fully expect him to file a grievance against Kaepernick for not hiring him to play football.
  2. Frank Gore to BUF

    4th RB to reach 15,000 yards rushing. 15,021 and counting. 249 to move into 3rd place, young buck!
  3. Wayne Gallman worth picking up?

    I wonder if the Sith Lord Orleans Darkwa makes his presence known again.
  4. Brown released by Patriots

    See ya. Legal fees subtracting from the savings. 20mil yacht with no honeys on board? Repair, insurance, gas, driver, docking. 6mil house isn't self cleaning and repairing. Insurance, water bill, electric bill, A/C. Pool water in Miami evaporates, refill, chemicals. Has a synagogue to upkeep? Personal jet costs 2mil every year in maintenance, gas, piloting, insurance, and storage. Probably has multiple 6 figure cars. Say goodbye to 6 figure jewelry, 5 figure coats, and 4 figure shoes. 5 figure alcohol. Current companionship is probably high maintenance. An entourage/security isn't free. Hope he invested well. Social Media income dwindles with the stardom. FF players are clicking and giving him coin. Kiss most of it goodbye over the next 5 or so years. But man... what a ride it was! Living the dream.
  5. Brown released by Patriots

    No happy ending.
  6. AB to New England

    She probably has something like the Clinton stained dress that she’s been holding onto.
  7. MB League #2 10 teams

    The live scoring this week is out of whack. Counting 0 point getters as a high scorer.
  8. Frank Gore to BUF

    522 to start the year. 88 down after 2 games. Rooting for you Mr Gore!
  9. Started him in the 2 leagues I have him. In B&B I trust to use their weapons.
  10. The fantasy gods released the kraken on one of my teams. May we exchange karmas so we all can live in harmony and good will.
  11. MB League #2 10 teams

    And got the best weekly score for the league (all time)
  12. AB to New England

    Scrimmage game against the Dolphins next week.
  13. MB League #2 10 teams

    Millworkguy off to a nice points lead start.
  14. Todd Gurley & Malcolm Brown

    Gurley used a bit more late and looked good, but it was the Malcolm Brown show early.
  15. AB to New England

    From Pittsburgh and a “player’s coach” where they stroke the players’ egos to a military style New England where they carve up players with negative reinforcement and a “my way or the highway” plus no social media approach. The saga continues...