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  1. The Chargers are cursed...

    Being 0-and-Koo ain't cool. Wonder who they bring in for tryouts.
  2. Adrian Peterson? ....trade possibility?

    Not at his contract price.
  3. Gates sets all-time TD record for TEs

    Nope... now he continues to put the record out of reach. Gronk is coming for it after all. Well done Mr Gates, well done!
  4. Week 2 Injury Thread

    Gronk walked off, maybe a back issue?
  5. Week 2 Injury Thread

    Kizer - migraine
  6. Rams Uniforms

    Probably didn't want 2 blue and gold jerseys in LA.
  7. Best Rookie RB is...

    Better poll would be for multiple formats: PPR non-PPR Redraft Dynasty Do a set for #1, #2, #3, #4 so we could see who is in each spot for each format. Rather than just the top RB. Results would be different and more meaningful.
  8. League Forum Moderator Reset

    http://forums.thehuddle.com/forum/47-usual-suspects/ Riffraff
  9. Dallas Cowboys -VS- Green Bay Packers...

    Rodgers vs Ryan for the NFC Championship and also the MVP award.
  10. Gates and the TE touchdown record

    I don't think it would be obvious. I think he would break the record and still play, gain another TD or 2, but the first sign of another injury (again) and the Chargers put him on IR so he still gets paid for the year. I don't think it will be a farewell tour of cities for him.
  11. Gates and the TE touchdown record

    Tied the record today and willing to come back next year. TE Henry as the primary option, Gates as the redzone option. He can retire any week he wishes after the record.
  12. The Chargers have fired Mike McCoy

    I know of a free agent candidate that has helped a team move to Los Angeles recently... {sarcasm}
  13. In (for another fun filled "watch someone else show me how to win the thing" session).
  14. Check in for 2016 League Winners

    2QB PPR dynasty. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
  15. Merry Christmas Fellas

    Feliz Navidad and a Rappy Roo Rear! Cheers!