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  1. nik lidstrom

    A worth choice. It's really a big surprise that he's the first with so many good Europeans out there. I suspect Don Cherry has something to do with it. wink (Inside joke from the Canadian border).
  2. The Blues are still the better team than Chicago. Chicago had a great run and hopefully they maintain themselves, but the Blues are still better as the playoffs indicated. The Blues are a quality team, won a president's trohpy a couple of years ago. They still need to be taken seriously. I don't like Quenville too much, but I never felt he was so bad as Lex makes him out to be... then again I'm not as close to the situation. I'm still shaking my head at the Mike Keenan fiasco.
  3. Which of the 3 Wings Cup teams was the best?

    I misread the question.... the '97 Wings were the best team of the bunch. Everybody was younger and Vlady was so dominant.
  4. Which of the 3 Wings Cup teams was the best?

    I voted for this year, the other two years, we basically kicked the crap out of everybody and won each series handily, this year, being behind in three of the four series was more of an emotional roller coaster, thus the end result was more joyous. The first run that got the history monkey off our backs was the most important, but this playoff was the best.
  5. Which of the 3 Wings Cup teams was the best?

    Try offering more money to any of those guys to see if they'd rather play anywhere else. Nobody wants to. As a matter of fact, many are took less money to sign with Detroit and others took pay cuts to make the necessary aquisitions.
  6. my tag line says it all!!!

    As I recall, the St. Louis series was the least nervous I was the whole time. After all, at various times in the other three series, the WIngs were behind in the win column. 2-0 to Vancouver was nervous, 3-2 down to Clownaroundo was terrifying. Even Carolina got the jump on the Wings in game one. No, St. Louis was the breather series.
  7. Kudos to Carolina on a great run

    I have to admit that I have been impressed with the Canes play in this series. I admit, that I thought the series was over after Colorado was deposed. This attitude was further reinforced by the absense of Philly, Boston, or New Jersey on the other end of the ice. Or another origional six teams like Montreal or Toronto. I didn't pay much heed to Carolina really and predicted a sweep. They play their system well and the hockey isn't pretty, but it works for them. They just don't seem to have a finisher at the other end to pull out these close games. Pete Karmanos is a 100% class guy and he really deserves this. I'm glad for the people of NC to see some hockey success. Policy says the 'Canes are the best team the East had to offer this year, I think that's being gracious. But they certainly represented themselves well. This series could easily be 2-2 right now. Frankly speaking, it's still not over until the final nail is in. Carolina needs to play as best they can and go down fighting, I think they will. This is a team with pride and character.
  8. Kudos to the Wings for a great game!

    The refs seem to call many stupid penalties in this series and miss the most blatant call of them them all. I've been disappointed with the oficiating in this series. As you know (or can imagine) amoung refs, calling the Stanley Cup finals is a high honor. It's a very prestigious gig. To watch (in an era with two refs even) neither see that, and see some of what else we see called is baffling. As you likely know by now, Fisher has been suspended for game 5. No word yet from Scotty on who replaces him. Hopefully not that turd Krupp, maybe Slegr or Kuznitsov or Wallin. I think Krupp gets the nod from Scotty, but I'd go with Slegr.
  9. Drew Henson may enter 2003 Draft

    LOL Chad Hutchinson revisited. BTW, this is a good time to tell everyone how evil the Yankees are :mad:
  10. BCS may abolish margin of Victory

    If we switch to a more strength of schedule friendly system, a huge side benefit would be the ammount of good inter-conference games that are scheduled in the regular season. I use to bad-mouth Kansas State and Nebraska for putting Division II-A fodder on their schedule and playing nobody all year to "claim" their place in the national "championship farce". Now nobody ridicules them anymore, because all the college teams are doing it too. How can I point fingers at Nebraska when Michigan has joined the dark side of candy-coating the schedule too? :mad: Strength of schedule is the gold standard, but the best is scrap (or reconfigure/demasculate) the bowls and go for a full playoff system.
  11. Does anyone here know the Heimlich??

    brow Hey it's a big cup to drink out of and a bit awkwards, but the guys all have lots of experience drinking out of it.
  12. Conn Smythe? curious who you think

    Revisiting this after game 4 with the Wings up 3-1, I'm starting to lean towards Hasek with Lidstrom being the next best option.
  13. The Professor takes the Canes to school

    Look Carolina is playing well, as well as they can. It was almost good enough to steal a game from the Wings, game three -regulation, overtime both featured the Wings knocking, knocking, knocking and the Canes trying to hold on for dear life. Basically. I mean when the puck is constantly in the same zone with the same team attacking all the time, then it's clear which team is the team with the most chances. I give Carolina props for playing an even game in game one, but they were outplayed in two and three and the Wings deserved to win both of those games. Fortunatly they did. I hate it when the Wings outplay a team and lose.
  14. BCS may abolish margin of Victory

    A lound round applause for Bronco Billy who says exactyl my sentiments. I've been saying this for a few years and got really riled up about it in '97 just before the BS ... er ... BCS was implemented and we voted for national championships a worse system. I'm still a big fan of dumping the system completly and going all out for a college playoff system, but that seems financially impossible. Given that we have the BCS is a reality and we are forced to live with it, getting rid of margin of error and putting heavier weight on strength of schedle is the way to go. If we scrapped the voting entirely and just went pure strength of schedule, we'd have as best a system as we could without a playoff. Again, the more emphasis put into strength of schedule, the better.