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  1. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 2!

    Thanks for doing this Dr. Rock. It was fun for the two weeks I played. Cowboys. :doah:
  2. Housh!

    He scored very nicely for me...on the bench. Could have won if I didn't go stampeding to the lineup change page.
  3. Who else is 0-2?

    Who ever drafted this team should be shot: Manning QB Dilfer QB M. Barber RB Bettis RB Martin RB Williams RB Boldin WR R. Brown WR D Clark TE Engram WR Houshmandzadeh WR Brandon Jones WR Vanderjagt PK Rian Lindell PK Panthers DEF Seahawks DEF shucks, I drafted them. Well then coaching has sucked...flip, that is me as well. Edit: did I mention I originally drafted Garner? flip shucks motherfliping hindquarter bashing soda straw ... I am moran incarnate.
  4. Giants Fans Should Be Ashamed...

    You had to toss that in didn't you? On second thought...
  5. What a joke

    :doah: I'm not standing in Bledsoe's shoes, but Witten looked like the better option on that 4th down.
  6. What a joke

    I agree. This sucks. They laid down just to get a field goal in their last drive.
  7. Wash has no clue how to use Portis

    fliping aye. I have a headache. I don't know why Dallas was using T. Thompson in the red zone for Dallas' last drive...but Dallas seemed to feel comfortable with just a FG.
  8. Wash has no clue how to use Portis

    There you go, 10 yard reception for Portis.
  9. what do you need on MNF?

    Well holy shucks, that worked out for you.
  10. Wash has no clue how to use Portis

    I think you are now within 10 yards of your goal with 12:25 left in the 4th.
  11. Horn just lost the ball out of the endzone

    The fumble results in change of possession...but I honestly do not know. The Fumbles stat shows one fumble for Horn, but nothing in the "Lost" column (this is looking at's live game stats).
  12. Just Won/ Just Lost

    Looks like I have lost the local unless Julius/Witten wakes up in the second half. But I was very glad to see the Cowboys get one in the end zone.
  13. Just Won/ Just Lost

    Okay, I just lost...unless Tiki fumbles twice.
  14. Just Won/ Just Lost

    0.76 now, you know he'll get it. Fumble the ball Tiki!
  15. Just Won/ Just Lost

    I can't believe Carney just hooked a 29 yarder, hitting the left goal post (no good).
  16. Give it Up for TIKI!

    They have a sizable lead, they should rest him for the rest of the game and let Jacobs get some carries
  17. Cadillac Williams the next Ladanian?

    Oh, you are right, it was a Dynasty league he was in. Missed that, sorry.
  18. Cadillac Williams the next Ladanian?

    Why not...I'm bored...Vet's posts I've found, I'm sure Big John could do better in finding more. Who will be the leading rusher this season? CCS #3 Rookie RBs advice
  19. Horn?

    I'm playing against him, so I'd rather he not score any more points. But I do hope that he is fine. Maybe just got the wind knocked out of him, I was away from the set for the past few minutes and didn't hear if there were any updates.
  20. what do you need on MNF?

    I need Witten and J. Jones to match the output of Meshawn, McAllister and Horn.
  21. Trent Green Owners

    Another field goal. I thought Trent would get one in the end zone this drive as well.
  22. Did Theezman and Crew

    That and the first down line they superimpose on the field.