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  1. FF advise but nodody gives me advise

    Be Cool go to School. Don't do drugs. Boys have a P enis girls have a Vigina Don't be an ass hole.
  2. Trade Advice and Advise

    The Bulger side wins.
  3. Not only is this the most re tarded post I have seen in weeks, but it's posted twice.
  4. Blockbuster trade Help need

    Why the hell do you even need to ask that? Come on now, if you don't know if you should trade a tier 2 WR for one of the best if not the best RB in the NFL then you shouldn't be playing FF. Seriously.
  5. Trade Davis for S. Smith?

    I think Davis for Smith straight up is a good trade. Neither T. Jones or S. Davis will be the starters in about 5 weeks and S. Smith will be the man all year.
  6. Trade TO for T Holt

    Is this a joke?
  7. I know I know, what does this have to do with FF advice. Nothing, but I think you should all know. Hurricane Rita is now a Cat 5, and is projected to be bigger and stronger then Katrina. Florida news Cnn news Also read this, now this is going to be a problem for all of us. Gas Prices Ok, sorry about the non-football news, but I guess I could turn it into where are all the texas teams going to play if this hits as projected?
  8. Why so Fast on Locking Threads?

    Man what did i miss here.
  9. Just for fun

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH How in the hell are these still showing up. Jesus, all those teams are the best, and the worst.
  10. Westbrook....

    If no Moss or TO then... I like Westbrook for S. Smith and C. Benson.
  11. Bye Week RB Nightmare

    Duckett I guess, and hope he gets those goal-line carries if they get to the goal-line.
  12. I don't go anywhere but here, and I know a lot of other people in here do the same, so I would like to spread the news here as well. thats all. This is important to all of us. Especially on a national economic basis.
  13. Dunn or Portis?

    Portis for any of those WR's is a great deal for you.
  14. Engram or Fitzgerald?

    Fitz as well. And I am a huge Hawks fan.
  15. another trade question

    I'd say no to that one. The QB's are a push... Anderson doesn't do anything for me, Jackson hasn't been to impressive yet. So I wouldn't do it.
  16. Delhomme Or Brooks

    Put the Hommer aside and watch Brooks kill the Vikes.
  17. Good Trade?

    Yes, Yes, Yes, do it now.
  18. QB Pickup

    I would go with the hot hand Bledsoe.
  19. I would stick with Hasseldork this week.
  20. The Madness Continues...

    I like Fitz and Buress from that group this week.
  21. QB's?

    Matchups?? Regardless I would start Brady.
  22. Advice on Proposed Trade

    Without a doubt.
  23. KJ (bust so far) JJ (bust of the year) Heiden (fluke? maybe for real?) ----- Parker (been playing great) Duckett (TD stealer) So NO!
  24. Blockbuster Deal, Need Help

    Agree, don't panic. Tell everyone Manning is up for grabs and wait and see what comes your way. I don't trust Parker or Bledsoe. Holt is good.
  25. I give up.... Jimmy Smith, Drew Bledsoe, and Deuce McAllister or Rudi Johnson. I get Chad Johnson, Ahman Green, and Kurt Warner or Michael Vick. ------------------------------------------- I really want a superstar WR, and Moss and TO are just to good. I don't want to give up E. James, and I would have to in order to get Moss or TO. ------------------------------------------- I haven't heard back from the team, I am just wondering if you guys think I am giving up to much? Enough? or is it fair? Thanks, leave a link and I will reply.