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  1. Couple Questions this week

    I'd start Caddy over Jackson untill Caddy flails, which may be never. Your league 1 WR's are perfect. Your league 2 WR's are perfect. I would drop anybody on your list for Burleson, except Blaylock. My Topic
  2. CPep or Bledsoe - WDIS

    I'd go with Bledsoe until Culpepper starts playing better. My Topic
  3. Need to start a TENN RB

    Got anybody else? If not, I agree on watching the IR and go with whoever is not as hurt.
  4. WDIS? Palmer or Hasselbeck

    I wouldn't bench Palmer for anybody right now.
  5. No way would I trade Palmer unless TO or Moss were involoved.
  6. Burleson

    I am debating the same issue. I am thinking of offering Jimmy Smith for Burleson. I just don't think Culpepper really sucks as bad as the last 2 week. With Robinson playing it should be a boost in all the WR's. Even though he is a problem player KR does have experience and massive talent.
  7. Deuce/Dante S. for Portis/Coles

    whoever gets Deuce wins.
  8. Moss owner contacted me.....

    Let him pick a RB, and a WR for Moss and Moore. Your deep at RB so you will be fine. The upgrade at WR will benift you greatly.
  9. Trade to approve

    Ahh Haa the truth comes out.
  10. Would you take this trade?

    I think you will regret trading westbrook, unless you are getting to or moss.
  11. Trade Advice: S. Davis for S. Smith?

    I think you are stoked if you can get Steve Smith for S. Davis.
  12. Trade advice

    Yep do it now. Deuce is a huge upgrade, and I agree on the Harrison / Wayne comment. Take it.
  13. Trade Willie Parker for McNabb?

    Oh my god do it now before the McNabb owner wakes up.
  14. You get what you pay for. After playing FF for 10 years now, many of those years on stupid free sites I finally broke down 4 years ago and starting paying for my FF hosting. I have never looked back, and never will. Without a doubt it is worth the money to pay someone to host your league. I use.... RT Sports And I love them, I have tried some others, but these guys have their stuff together.
  15. Trade to approve

    It's fine. I wouldn't make that trade, but that doesn't mean anything.
  16. Is this a fair trade?

    Palmer for Chad Johnson straight up is a fair trade. Lee Evans is worth nothing so no loss there.
  17. W Parker or S Davis

    I take Willie. SD is old and tired and will not make it the entire season.
  18. Holt for Domanick Davis?

    I'd rather have Holt. Thanks for all the information in your post.
  19. I think he will come around a bit, he won't be a top 10 RB, but he will probably out preform Brown. I would go for that trade.
  20. Add Chris Perry or Ron Dayne?

    I'd cut Staley and Barlow and pick up Dayne and Gore.
  21. WDIS WR/Flex

  22. I'll try again. I need trade advice.

    I don't think it really benifits either side.
  23. Who would you rather keep?

    Who else does he have. DD so far is not to impressive. Of course neither is Lewis. So IMO that is a push. So you are trading Vick for Bulger or Plamer of which I wouldn't do. If I were to keep one of those 2 QB's I would keep Plamer.