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  1. Tie braker,please help

    NO they should not. You can't fix the messup on the schedule so Divisional record is out the window. You should go with overall points on the year, because that is a much better assesment of which of the teams in a tie is the better team. Head to Head points doesn't really represent which team is better. But points on the year does for sure. Next year make sure your schedule works so that everyone has the same amount of divisional games. Our league would be in the same boat if I hadn't redone the schedule so that everyone played 2 games last week. Good Luck.
  2. FA WR

    Yeah thats a tough call, I like Colbert, but TJ is tempting. Good Luck
  3. Trouble with 3rd WR

    I like Kennison. I really like to have a player on Monday night, and all the options seem to be about equal, so I would go with a Monday night guy. Good Luck.
  4. WDIS @ WR?

    Moss Rice and Mason. Good Luck
  5. Tie braker,please help

    Yeah, 10 team league are a problem. We learned it the hard way as well this year. In order for our league to work out everybody had to play 2 games last week. As for the tie-breaker we use this system... Overall record Divisional record Head to Head record TOTAL points scored on the year It has always worked. Good Luck to your chaos.
  6. Josh Mccown

    Tough call, I like Gresie over any of the other options. Good Luck.
  7. Defense help week 14

    I must agree, I like NE getting the Picks and Sacks this week.
  8. Playoffs

    How did you get to the playoffs with those RB's to begin with? But of those 4 I would go with Goings, and Johnson. Good Luck.
  9. Need QB! Can't screw up now!

    Man thats tough, I would take Collins. He has been fantastic the last few weeks.
  10. Which FA RB for Playoff Run?

    Jackson over Johnson
  11. More Shady Dealings ?

    That is a shady trade for sure... We don't use trade deadlines, but if you are out of the playoff hunt you are not allowed to make any moves at all. That trade is a setup for someone to pad their team.
  12. #2 Running Back

    Goings regardless if Brown plays or not.
  13. WDIS.......Tough decision

    Etrain and Jones seem like the best choices this week Good Luck
  14. WDIS @ RB this week? Need 2.

    Martin and Jones
  15. WDIS as my # 3 WR

    Porter should have a great day vs KC Good Luck
  16. Man my RB's stink!

    That does suck, I take it all the RBs are gone off the wire, if so then bench barlow, pick up hicks and start him. Barlow sucks. Good Luck