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  1. lee evans, what do you think?

    I'd dump anybody on the Bills besides their D/ST.
  2. Trade Offer

    Whoever gets the Jimmy end of the deal wins.
  3. Pathetic BYE week options....

    Wow those are bad. Can you drop either one of those for Dayne? If not go with Suggs.
  4. K-Rob or C. Rogers

    Robinson is my #1 pick on the WW this week. I agree, he has a problem with being able to hold on to the ball, at least in Seattle he did. But I think he may become the #1 WR in Minn by week 7 or so.
  5. What is C. Palmer's trade value?

    You sould be able to get anybody beside TO or Moss straight up. Package a good tier 2 WR in the deal and could get Moss or TO. IMO
  6. been offered this trade

    Agree, Portis for Harrison. Don't take all his garbage WR's.
  7. Would you take this trade?

    I think Westbrook is your best RB. So If I were you I would counter with any other RB for Smith. Getting Smith would be great for you and he will probably take one of your other RB's for him. IMO.
  8. Buying low on CPep...

    Jesus, you are deep.
  9. I need to start 2

    Alexander and Caddy for sure this week.
  10. Dropping Akers

    It's a kicker, pick one.
  11. WW Help

    I would grab Dayne, I think he will be the starter in Denver. Maybe not this week, but he will get 15 carries this week, and if he does well then he will be starter next week. I like Dayne for sure.
  12. Please help me pick a DEF

    Saints (vs Minny) Seattle (vs Arizona) Titans (vs St Louis) Chargers (vs NYG) In that order IMO.
  13. joe horn for th jones

    I wish someone would offer me horn. Take him now.
  14. Buying low on CPep...

    I'm trying to get him as well. I'm first offering straight across, Favre, Plummer, Bledsoe or E. Manning one of those guys straight across for Culpepper.
  15. Carr Dom Davis Moulds Gates I give up: W. Parker Delhomme J. Smith McCardell Troupe ------------------------------------------------------- I would rather have Delhomme then Carr for sure. I would rather have Jimmy Smith then Moulds without a doubt. I would rather have Parker then DD (right now) I would rather have McCardell then Moulds. Of course I would rather have Gates. So I think its a really bad trade, and no way would I do it. If he is willing to trade Gates find out what he wants just for Gates. IMO.
  16. McGahee

    If you team up McGahee and Wayne you might be able to get TO, Moss, Holt of CJ. I know you would rather give Boldin then Wayne, so maybe try that first, but I think Wayne might get you a top WR. maybe.
  17. Another offer

    TJ and DJ
  18. Another offer

    Whoever gets.... Westbrook and Re. Williams Wins by far.
  19. Arrington?

    Inactive or not, Bust of the year.
  20. McGahee

    I agree, I had about 5 or 6 so called top players crossed off my list long before draft day. McGahee was the first one I crossed off. Followed by Holmes. I would be worried, IMO. I just think the Bills offense is really bad. JP is a joke, Moulds is old and hurt so it's pretty easy for other D's to stop the run. Just my opinion, I would try and trade.
  21. Question about Grits

    Ahh the good old reacharound. Haven't heard that one in a long time.
  22. Question about Grits

    A 4 Oh my god, thats it. Grits was mean to me and my team is a 4. I have to go kill myself now. Thanks everybody for killing me.
  23. Cadillac for Domanik Davis?

    After seeing Caddy the last 2 weeks I am convinced he is for real. I would feel much better starting Caddy then DD.
  24. What are my chances tonight?

    Always a chance for either team to win if there are players left. I'd say you have an 85% chance of winning.
  25. Kicker Poll