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  1. Question about Grits

    Hey I was wondering if anybody would rate my team?
  2. AM I done tonight?

    Yeah, you lost, sorry bro.
  3. Trade Parker?

    For Randy Moss? I don't see that happening. I think if you want Moss you are going to go with. His choice of your RB's and his choice of your WR's and then you might have a chance. Also take Foster or Brown from him. IMO.
  4. McNabb to play?

    I'm curious why you HAVE to decide today?
  5. Trade Parker?

    I don't know what MORE you think you could get. It doesn't get any MORE then Randy Moss. Good Luck.
  6. Trade Advise

    I would take that trade if I were you. I would rather have TJ now, but Porter down the stretch.
  7. Need your help

    If there is nobody on the WW I guess you have to go JJ. I would start Dayne over JJ.
  8. First off I have Edge. I lost Walker to the injury. Starters without Edge would be Rudi Johnson & Deuce McAllister. On my bench I have Larry Johnson and Cedric Benson (both could be great by week 6 or so) Current starting WR's are Steve Smith, Jimmy Smith and Darrell Jackson. Bench WR's are Chris Chambers and Michael Jenkins -------------------------------------------------------------------------- So I am thinking about offering Edge for...... Edge for Westbrook and Donald Driver. or... Edge for Westbrook and Nate Burleson. If needed I would throw in Chambers into the trade, I doubt I will ever start him besides bye weeks of my top 3 guys or another injury. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you had Edge would you offer these trades? If you were the Westbrook owner would you accept these trades? Thanks.
  9. Thinking of trading Edge....

    I agree with you here, I think I was just in a bit of a panic mode. After reading all the advice and really thinking about it I don't think I need to make any moves at the moment. Thanks to everyone.
  10. I currently have NE and Car as my D/ST. D/ST score a lot of points in my league. I see that after week 1 the Giants are the #1 D/ST, so my question is would you drop one of those 2 D's above to get the Giants. I could drop E. Manning as well.
  11. Kicker Question!

    In my league last year the top kickers were.... 1) Vinatieri 164 points 2) Elam 143 points 3) Akers 135 points 4) Grahm 133 points 5) Reed 130 points 6) Stover 129 points 7) Longwell 129 points 8) Vanderjagt 117 points So the #1 Kicker scored the same amount of points as Jerry Rice, Ricky Proehl, Richie Anderson, Tyrone Wheatley, Mark Brunell, and Jay Fiedler. Last year that is. What I am saying is that your kicker even the best one doesn't score as many points as most position players that never even make it on a team. So it doesn't really matter.
  12. What to do..what to do...what to do....

    I think that looks nice and fair, nobody is overtaking anybody. Nice to see. I would agree with your points and pull the trigger.
  13. I give Edge and Chambers I get..... Moss and Dunn or TO and Ricky Williams or TO and T. Bell. Who wins in your opinion.
  14. I don't have the best choices in the QB department because I didn't start drafting QB's until the 7th round. So... Favre vs Clevland (in GB) Bledsoe vs Washington (in Dallas Monday night) E. Manning vs New Orleans (in somewhere Monday early night) Plummer vs San Diego (in Denver) Favre was my first QB until Walker died on me. So I am leaning toward Plummer and Bledsoe. Bledsoe looked really good last week, Washington D is tough but has Bledsoe been reborn. Has Favre lost his touch, he looked like doo-doo. The Huddle has them listed as.... Favre - 210yds, 1td - X Bledsoe - 200yds, 1td - X E. Manning - 170yds, 1td - X Plummer - 270yds, 2td - S2 Thanks. Leave a link and I will reply to yours.
  15. WDIS QB pick 2 of 4

    Yeah, I know now. His logo was hard to see because of the glare on the helmet, so I fixed it for him, it looks much better now.
  16. Holmes for Moss...I have Moss

    No way, especially since it's a keeper league.
  17. Who comes out ahead?

    I don't have to trade, but I lost Walker. I still have Rudi and Duece to start. With LJ & Benson and whatever RB in the trade on the bench.
  18. Flex help

    I expect bigger numbers for LJ this week due to the Raiders lack of run D. Go with LJ.
  19. WDIS?

    If McNabb plays I like the Eagles to romp the 9ers. if not then obvious.
  20. Yeah I think you should take that trade.
  21. What a Mess I have Gotten Into...

    Plax vs. NO Fitz vs. Rams Lelie vs. SD Coles vs. MIA Porter vs. KC Plax on Monday night looks really good to me. I think he played well last week and will continue to improve on a week to week basis. Now the main concern there is E. Manning and his ability to get the passing game going. Fitz after last week is a lock for sure. Warner looked pretty good, suprise to me but who knows this week. Until Warner starts to fail I would lock Fitz every week. Lelie looked like garbage, but so did Plummer. I think this week will be a new Denver team. I would expect to see some Dayne, and a lot of Plummer at least attempting to throw, if he can get accurate again then the Denver WR's are good to go, until then I would pass. Coles, I am not sold on Coles yet this year at all. Plus Miami looked really good. Porter is a up and comming superstar hurt or not. With all the attention going to Moss I think Porter will explode this year. Plus Collins loves to throw the ball so there should be a lot of chances. KC D looked really good last week is the only downside here. So with all that being said, I would go Fitz and Porter. Logo looks much better IMO.
  22. WDIS QB pick 2 of 4

    Yeah I am thinking the same thing. Check your personal messages. I fixed your logo so it is easier to see. Thanks for the advice.
  23. Need WR depth..

    I would drop Barlow for Lloyd. I would hold on to Bettis for a bit longer to see what goes on over there. click here for my post.
  24. I think you are right on track with your choices. click here for my post.
  25. WDIS QB pick 2 of 4

    According to your avatar / logo, you will always say Favre. I understand.