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  1. Tough QB Decision

    I would have to agree with Lefty this week. Atlanta D is going to hurry Hasseldork all day.
  2. who to start

    That is a tough one. Houston just looked bad all around, so IMO I wouldn't start any Houston players this week until we see if they remember they can play football or not.
  3. Wilkins for Elam

    It's a kicker, they are both good. click here for my post.
  4. Thinking of trading Edge....

    You would rather have Burleson then Driver. The Burleson owner has both.
  5. Benson

    Foster for Parker is a great idea IMO... I'm thinking and hoping Benson takes over about week 5 or 6. click here for my post please.
  6. As Commish I need help

    Whoever had the later pick in the draft. Meaning if the #1 pick and the #6pick guys are tied, then the #6 guy gets the first WW. It happened to me once a long time ago, and that is what we did.click here for my post.
  7. Trade advice

    I say Hell yes. Click here for my post.
  8. WDIS at WR

    Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy every week unitl he starts sucking if that even happens.Click here for my post please.
  9. Who to drop for C Baker or M Booker?

    I would dump A. Smith and any RB from Clev for those 2 guys. Click here for my post please.
  10. Who Do I start, need help

    I like the Bruce Matchup this week. I would hold out on Houston till they show up to play. Click here for my post please.
  11. Evans or Engram

    Bobby Engram for sure this week. Click here for my post please.
  12. Would you trade D.Davis?

    I'm in the same boat. Click here for my post please.. I think if the other guy will accept your offer then you should do it.
  13. Fair Trade?

    Yes I would, I assume you got Parker off the WW? Gates will be a stud WR in a TE position again. Click here for my post please.
  14. Backup QB

    I am in the same boat, Plummer and Favre are my starters. I would hold on to Plummer for a couple more weeks to see if Denver gets it together. Click here for my post please.
  15. Which back's to start

    I agree with your current starters for this week.Click here for my post please.
  16. Looking for a WR

    I'd take Galloway from that list. Click here for my post.
  17. Plaxico or Roy Williams? Will reply to all

    Going against the grain here. I would go with Roy. Click here for my post.
  18. Trade advice needed

    Looks pretty even. Houston should pick up there game in the next couple of weeks.
  19. Thinking of trading Edge....

    Did just that.... I offered Edge and Chambers for... TO and Ricky Williams TO and Tatum Bell Moss and Dunn So we will see if anybody bites on those.
  20. Thinking of trading Edge....

    I pulled the trades. I don't think they are good enough. I think maybe I will wait another week and see what happens with current WR's.
  21. Pick 2 WRs

    Johnson and Stokley.. See mine please trade advice
  22. WDIS flex # 3

    I have to go with Boldin this week. See mine please...trade advice
  23. QB and RB starters this week...

    I agree 100% See mine please trade advice
  24. Agree as well.. See mine please... trade advice.
  25. WR Ques?

    No I think what you have is the best lineup. See mine please Trade advice