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  1. I guess I am just not the kind of drafter you drafts players that you always have to follow with....


    If healthy


    No thanks.


    Gore is going to suck, SF is horid and will be shut down in every way every game.


    GB is a joke this year, outside of Driver and a fluke Favre game here and there they are a fantasy team bust.


    I guess I just prefer to draft players on quality teams, I'll take consistent players and teams over players that either score 10 or 60.


    Just me.

  2. The Huddle's team looks like crap I think.


    They have NO QB at all.


    I have no faith in Gore or any SF player.


    I wouldn't draft any GB RB


    Morency could be something.


    Djack is a stud, Wayne is good, Mason is hit or miss, Parker could be great, Wilford and Wilson are good late pickups.


    Garbage TE's


    I don't know call me crazy, but their team doesn't look so good.