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  1. I have been in both of the forums and I really don't see any difference. Maybe I am blind, can someone clue me in as to what the difference is between... NFL Fantasy Football and... Fantasy Football Advice Isn't that like tomato vs tomato Seems to be if both of these forums were combined there would be a lot more activity and answers to everyone's questions.
  2. C.Palmer or J. Plummer

    Not sure why people say wrong fourm? I don't see any difference between the 2.
  3. BIG QB Quandary

    Ok then. I still say trade Bulger.
  4. BIG QB Quandary

    Keeper League I take it? Moss, TO, C Johnson.... Looks like you might be able to package Bulger and J Jones for LT, Alexander or James. Depending on the owners QB situation.
  5. Trade advice: Moore and Benson

    I would hold on to Benson. The Vikes appear to be in trouble all over the place. I like Benson and I really think he will be a stud come week 7 or so.
  6. WDIS 3rd WR

    Of those 3 I think Curtis will have the best day agaist a horid Titans team.
  7. Akers...will he play?

    It's a Kicker, if he doesn't play start a different one.
  8. no brainer?

    Take it, Shockey will score more then Heap and McCardell.
  9. NO vs Minn, if not then Dallas.
  10. BIG QB Quandary

    Never bench Palmer until he fails, if he does. As a matter of fact trade Bulger for an upgrade somewhere.
  11. Defense trade advice

    I was in the same boat almost. I have Carolina and New England. So I picked up New Orleans and I am starting them. But I would have started NE, even though they aren't to ipressive so far.

    NO, NO, NO, Wouldn't you rather have LT, or Alexander, or E. James, or somebody besides Holmes. Jesus, I wouldn't trade Jimmy Smith for Holmes. Ok maybe Jimmy Smith, but no way would I trade Moss for him.
  13. vote againts trade, Yes or No

    What the hell is going on here? If you are missing a player you don't make a team of crappy players. Thats just dumb. You have the odd man out play the league average score. Drougans for Wayne is really retar ded but so what. I hate the whole veto this trade thing, if 2 people are willing to trade then let them, who cares if the Wayne owner is stupid. Now if it was week 11 or 12 and people are padding teams to split pots and all that shaddy crap then I can understand.
  14. QB Decision

  15. WDIS...?

    Green and Plummer Westbrook Machine and Clayton.
  16. Palmer for Gonzo?

    Bulger for CJ. Don't trade Palmer. If he wont take Bulger straight up offer Bulger and any WR besides S. Smith for CJ.
  17. Huge 6 player trade...

    I'd do that trade and I would take Caddy over Tiki. But.... What the hell are Kickers doing in there. Seriously who trades kickers. Thats just Re tarded.
  18. "Advice" and "Advise"

    Depends on the user... Advise me on which WR to start. Need Advice on which WR to start.
  19. wdis

    Always post the players names and their matchups in your topic.
  20. S.Davis for Suggs

    Are you high? Want to play in my league next year?
  21. Blinded by loyalty

    I think those QB's will be within a couple of points of each other, so start Delhomme and root for your Broncos. IMO.
  22. LT2 vs. Projections

    I rubbed my crystal ball and LT will get injured on the first play and be gone for the year. Sorry, but that is what the almighty ball says.
  23. Trade or Not to Trade

    Well it's a fair trade which is nice to see. I like Dillon more then DD I like Smith better then Bruce. I think by the end of the year there will be no difference in points for these guys. Meaning, DD and Smith will put up the same points as Dillon and Bruce. If you have a gut feeling on it then go for it, if you don't then leave it alone. I wouldn't do it, because I really like Smith, and have never been a fan of Bruce.
  24. Need Help

    If Heiden does well again this week, and Lefty plays well, then you might be able to pakage those 2 with Arrington to an owner that is 0-3 for a good WR. Maybe. Your in a tough spot. The only upgrade I think you need is at WR I just don't like NE WR's they are a homerun or a strikeout. But you don't want to trade Palmer, James, Holt, or Deuce, so I don't know what you will be able to get for anybody else. If Heiden does well again he may be worth something. IMO, holdout this week, ride your team and look to trade to the 0-3 team next week, he will be in a panic and ready to make a move.