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  1. Seahawks vs 49ers (MNF)

    Wow, that was a crazy football game, thought for sure Hawks were going to win, then for sure they were going to loose, then win, then loose...and boom, Hawks win!
  2. Seahawks vs 49ers (MNF)

    Well well well...we have a game.
  3. Tre Flowers out?

    He came back in, so did Clowney, glad he did!
  4. Seahawks vs 49ers (MNF)

    Ugly game so far by Hawks, SF def is relentless, watching Hunt get blown of the line for a sack sums it up so far.
  5. Trade Chaos!

    We had a trade way back when that included Shaun Alexander and the Bears D...never have had a kicker involved in a trade in 30 years.
  6. Mid season Super Bowl Predictions

    Pats - Heehawks
  7. J. Allen or D. Jones - Best of the Crap

    Went against the grain and started Jones, so glad it did...
  8. Sup my man! Got one for you in my local... DJ or Samuels? 0.5 / rec 1 / 15 yds rush 1 / 20 yds rec 6 pt tds
  9. J. Allen or D. Jones - Best of the Crap

    Thanks Montana, anyone else?
  10. Stafford Out? Jimmy G, Tannehill, or WW?

    I would take a chance on Hoyer...
  11. Pick up AJ Green?

  12. Went zero QB theory this year, and it hasn't panned out all that well. Been streaming with J. Allen as my mainstay. So this week have to choose between J. Allen at Browns or D. Jones at the Jets. Both have potential for rushing stats. 6 / td 1 / 30 yds pass 1 / 15 yds rush
  13. Larry Fitzgerald

    Today might be the day he gets back on track. Going up against the sieve passing defense of TB. Rest of season? Seems like he has become a match up based starter.
  14. What do you need tonight?

    Well, it finally happened for me on Monday night. Cooper pulls out a last munite TD to give me the win. Although Maher missed that 50+ fg, he still scored me 12, respectable for sure. Still alive at 3-6, only one game out with four to go. Gotta win out...