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  1. Oh man...its looking like the wolf t-shirt...AGAIN!!!!!
  2. AFC Championship Thread

    Here we go AGAIN.
  3. NFC Championship Thread

    This is fantastic.
  4. AFC Championship Thread

    wow that was huge and totally unexpected INT by Brady
  5. NFC Championship Thread

    well well well...sure looks like a game now!
  6. Divisional Game Thread

    This game is already a slaughter. All those pundits saying Ind would win this game, couldn't have been more wrong.
  7. Divisional Game Thread

    The total points line has dropped one point as of 6 hour ago from 57 to 56. Not sure how much more it has moved since.
  8. Divisional Game Thread

    Everything I have read says snow. Changing all my lineups accordingly.
  9. Wild card game thread

    Ouch, too many penalties down the stretch, questionable play calling, and pretty obvious Hawks need a few more pieces on defense and to shore up the o-line. Next year should see improvements on all accounts. Dallas played well and Zeke is a beast.
  10. Wild card game thread

    This game is gonna be a hard fought, close, crazy battle. I'm feeling a turnover might just be the difference for either team.
  11. Wild card game thread

    GO HAWKS!!
  12. Ouch....Allen Hurns :(

    Best wishes and recovery for him for sure. So ugly, you could see it SNAP.
  13. Hilton Playing?

    Thanks guys!
  14. Hilton Playing?

    Anybody know if Hilton is active for sure today?