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  1. Start 2 WR

  2. Start 2 WR

    DJ Moore T. McLaurin P. Campbell C.Kupp Dionte Johnson Need two.... 0.5 pt / rec 1 pt / 20 yds rec 1 pt / 15 yds rush 6 pt / TD
  3. How many leagues?

    Scaled it down this year to only 3 managed leagues and 1 best ball (draft and leave, Huddle Message Board). It has been actually very nice not having to worry about all the management, pickups, etc...
  4. Opening Week Talk

    Boston Scott doesn't seem to be part of the game plan today...
  5. Opening Week Talk

    Lovin' the Hawks so far in the Atl game. Defense looks better than I thought it would. Long way to go, but great start!
  6. 5 minutes boys!!

    So stoked for football!!! Finally something fun to watch.
  7. Higbee or McLaurin

    We don't have a TE position, but can start them in the WR slot. Who would you start? Higbee or McClaurin? I am also starting Kupp and DJ Moore in my other two WR slots. Dangerous to start two Rams players? 0.5 pt / rec 1 pt / 20 yds rec 6 pt / TD
  8. Titans first rounder arrested

    I will never understand it, so much money, so much potential, all just thrown out the window.
  9. Just to be transparent, this is not a WDIS question... Curious to see what others are doing with Evans today, since he was upgraded to questionable. I am sitting him, since he is clearly not 100% and could be just a decoy. What are others doing with him?
  10. NFL Opening Day--Sept 11

    Goodness gracious, 19 years?? Geez I am getting old. Unreal that is hasn't been mentioned. Americans have such a short memory. God bless America.
  11. how are you watching NFL?

    On my couch
  12. Players you drafted in multiple leagues

    Stafford in the 9th and 10th rounds. Got him in most of my leagues. Seems primed for a great year.
  13. Hey, at least I didn't start this thread this year!
  14. Ron Rivera Has Lymph Node Cancer

    Prayers and love the Rivera family, he's one of the good guys...