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  1. Howard not on injury report?

    Problem is, now I am going to put him back in and he will lay another egg. Gauranteed. I have a feeling I will be chasing points all season instead of gaining them, as usual.
  2. Milk carton time

    Adams, Henry, CJ Anderson...ah hell...my whole team this week.
  3. Derrick Henry Full Season?

    Murray "on a snap count" with a hammy issue = 100+ and td (on bench) Howard "sprained ac joint, in a sling after last week" = 138 and 2 tds (on bench) Henry "likely going to shoulder the load" = 47 yds (started) CJ "looks amazing" = 36 yds on 8 gawd dam carries (started) I hate this f'ing game...
  4. Milk carton time

    TD Wentz, works every time...
  5. Milk carton time

  6. Howard Jordan

    MFer...I hope it is the start of him coming around...
  7. Amendola or Snead

    Gotta stick with Snead and see how things progress when he gets back. Amendola is a walking infirmary.
  8. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    Nobody answering, so I will try here... Kamara, Richard, Sproles, DJ Jr., Mack, Collins all on waiver. Need a lotto ticket at rb. Looking to drop Rawls. Do I stick with Rawls? Or drop him for one of these dudes? If so, which one? 0.5 ppr 1/15 yds rush 1/20yds rec 6/td Have CJ, Murray, Howard, Henry, Rawls at RB. Thanks!
  9. Alvin Kamara

  10. This is more of an angry rant than anything

    It wouldn't surprise me in the least if those were the best two ff games he has all year.
  11. Alvin Kamara

    Long time local mean 25 plus years with my buddies in a re-draft. Still debating dropping Rawls for him. Kamara definitely passes the eye test.
  12. Flex Help...Fitz,TY, or Sanu?

    No brainer here, Fitz all the way.
  13. Alvin Kamara

    0.5/rec 1/ 15 yds rush 1/ 20 yds rec 6/td So, is Kamara worth adding in my 10 team long time local? My rbs are... D.Murray J.Howard CJ Anderson D.Henry T.Rawls Thinking of giving up on Rawls and adding Kamara for a ww lotto ticket. Anybody else woth stashing? Need rb help with Murray and Howard dumping in the bed...others on ww include... Mack Sproles Richard DJ Jr. Smallwood Bernard Thanks in advance for the advice fellow huddlers.
  14. Howard not on injury report?

    Starting CJ and Henry with Howard riding pine until I see he has snapped out of whatever funk he is in.
  15. What Site do you use?

    Damnnn, beat me to it by 3 min...