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  1. Who are you done with?

    This 100%. I can't believe I fell for the hype. So mad at myself. Gonna have to start Allen from here on out.
  2. Who are you done with?

    I'm done with playing the high score every week.
  3. Milk Carton Week 2

    Gonna loose because of that crap! Nice 0-2 start in my local due to Watkins last week and Pats D this week. yay.
  4. Milk Carton Week 2

    Works every time...TD Cooper
  5. Milk Carton Week 2

    I will start it this week. Amari Cooper....geez.
  6. Week 2 Injuries

    Ah, just great...
  7. Week 2 Injuries

    DJ has not been in the game for a few drives now, all Chase Edmonds. Anyone know anything?
  8. Sony Michel vs David Johnson - Week 2

    TD Michel...I should ALWAYS go with my gut....
  9. start both Gordon and Brown???

    Tough call for sure Dcat...but I think those two are better options that Allison or Chark. I would consider Chark however over Sutton...Chicago is no joke on Def.
  10. Sony Michel vs David Johnson - Week 2

    I am having second thoughts....
  11. Two WR same team?

  12. Adam Theilen dropped..

    Uh...go big Shorty, he is a number 1 wr on the waiver. No reason not to go 400 to 500 on him.
  13. Sony Michel vs David Johnson - Week 2

    Very good analysis fellas, thanks. I would just hate to miss out on that one week where Michel get 3 tds...then again, Brandin Bolden might get 3 tds this week... Gonna go with the lower risk...DJ in the line up.
  14. Big Ben, Josh Allen, Keenum, or Brissett

    Big Ben, Hawks secondary just got shredded for 400+ by Dalton for gosh sakes.
  15. D/ST stream week 2

    I had the same three to choose from. I picked up Tenn in the end, becuase they have a very good defense.