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  1. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    I hope this happens as I just put in a trade offer for Conner (see Conner thread). Giving up Adams for him.
  2. Garoppolo hurt, possibly ACL injury

    Agreed brotha, didn't get it right today for sure!
  3. Brieda Down - Non Contact

    Looks like a knee...
  4. Week 3 Milk Carton

    Watson, Fuller, Kelce...crap my whole team again...

    My gawd, everybody in this forum needs to take a Xanax and relax...
  6. James Conner Outlook

    So how does everybody feel about James Conner long-term. It seems to be a crap-shoot on when or if Bell comes back. Is week 10 the magic week where the bottom falls out on Conner when Bell returns? Will he have value when Bell eventually does come back? Is he worth targeting to acquire via trade for use during the next 6 weeks? Or will he be useful for the rest of the season? Feel free to discuss...
  7. Greg Zeuerlein out with groin injury

    The legendary Muto won the granddaddy of them all taking down 100 grand a few years back. Then inexplicably almost won again the next year. Details of the transpiring fantasy football craziness can be laid out by the Muto himself....I am sure if you search the forum threads, you can find the fun banter we all had during the insane run.
  8. Greg Zeuerlein out with groin injury

    Ehhh...You must not know who the infamous Henry Muto is...if you did you would not ask this question.
  9. Not sold on Saquan

    I will never understand why people say "if you take away his XX yard run, then his average is XX". Barkley made that run, period. You can't pick and choose which runs to take away. Might as well take away his -3 yard run too and his average would go up. Cherry picking certain runs doesn't work. All good rbs run for 2, 5, 3, 3, then bam 45 yd TD. That is what makes them good.
  10. Need 30 from Russ tonight

    I guess we can use this as the MNF thread... My Heehawks look terrible. Too much attrition on D and the offense. I hate to say it, but the pundits who said a 4-12 record before the season may just be right.
  11. Anybody rolling the dice with W. Fuller?

    I will be next week for sure! Had to see two things before putting him into the lineup. 1. Production and 2. Finish the game healthy.
  12. What is up with all the stupid commish polls? Learn to run your league....
  13. Thursday night Bengals/Ravens

    Getting fully AJ'd in my long time local...beatdown. Only saving grace is he has Collins too, so hopefully he doesn't too much more with Ravens down so much.
  14. Cameron Meredith - Hold or Drop?

    Awesome, exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!
  15. Just curious what the rest of you guys are doing with Cameron Meredith, Saints WR. I haven't heard anything about him, except he was inactive for Game 1. No recent news about his knee, progression with learning offense, or chemistry with Brees. Anybody have any insight on when he might play, how he looks, or his status at all?