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  1. Bestest Fantasy Team of all time??

    I like ice cream. Any team with Marshal Faulk was the best fantasy team for me.
  2. Milk Carton Week 11

    "That...is why you fail." -Yoda
  3. Milk Carton Week 11

    Thank you milk carton, works every time....
  4. Milk Carton Week 11

    Abdullah hasn't touched the dam ball all quarter. WTH?
  5. Your best 10th round or later target ever

    Newton his rookie year....21 passing TDs and 14 rushing...last round.
  6. SNF Pats/Broncos

    I need Cooks to give me 11 measly points tonight and I pull off the miracle win. So far...not so good.
  7. Week 10 Milk Carton

    Aaaaaaaaand just got my 1st td taken off the board because Corey Davis can't hold on to the frucking ball at the goaline. Yay, fun day.
  8. Week 10 Milk Carton

    I don't have a frucking td today...
  9. Week 10 Milk Carton

    +1 for AB, Marvin Jones, another one for V.Davis and I officially hate D.Murray. Ah he ll my whole team...
  10. Our local trade deadline was this week. Tried to get Julio, but owner would have nothing of it. Was waiting for D.Murray to have a good game to pass him off, but just flat out didn't happen.
  11. Any News On Zeke Hearing?

    Somebody convince me to pick him up in my local. I know nothing about him. Would love to snag a late season gem. Does he really have a chance to garner significant touches? Let alone do something with those touches?
  12. Will Fuller

    I guess I feel a little better now that I missed out on his blazing scoring streak since it doesn't seem like it will continue with Savage at the helm.
  13. Milk Carton Week 9

    Very curious to know if he is injured or what? I figured he had his bye to heal up his hammy, but maybe not. A goose egg is going to hurt.
  14. Milk Carton Week 9

    Benching Murray from here on out. What a huge bust. 2 carries??? Lame.
  15. Fournette inactive

    I went with Ivory over Lacy and Abdullah