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  1. Merron Hanks has to be on that long neck team too. His chicken head bob was classic.
  2. Gunga galunga...
  3. It is a tad early, but what the heck... Second year backs Rob Kelly and Paul Perkins look like they will be starting this year for their respective teams. They both showed fairly well in the latter part of last season. So far, in early drafts, these potential "starters" are going VERY late, as in the teens, in most drafts I have done. Is it me or do these two scream late round super value? I know Washington has a shiny rookie pushing Kelly, and NYG might bring in someone else, i.e. Blount. But these guys are hungry young backs, with the chance to carry the rock a ton. Not sure what I am missing with these guys? Again, I know it is early, and things will shake out and change during camp and pre-season, but are there any other backs like this you guys may be targetting?
  4. Only if your D/ST was playing against your opponents D/ST. Which didn't happen that often. However, there was nothing more exhilirating like being down 4 or 5 with no players left and only the oppenent's D/ST on Monday night and having Meggett rip off a 50 yd punt return late in the game to give you the win!!
  5. About time. My local used to have the best rule ever for our Def/ST. If your special teams had a kickoff or punt return against them, it would be -7 pts! Changed many a game and made it really fun to watch def/st. Once we went to online for our league, haven't been able to get any site to do it.
  6. Pats need a DE, so for BBs first pick in the draft (round 3), the Pats pick Tarell Basham, DE, Ohio.
  7. The Heehawks select Caleb Brantley, DT, Florida.
  8. I would never recover from something like this, and I doubt he ever will either. What a terrible way to tear a family apart. I feel horrible for the Heap family and wish them the best during their extremely difficult journey ahead.
  9. My bad guys...Seahawks take Kevin King, CB, Washington.
  10. Oops, sorry. No easy place to track picks...I will try again soon.
  11. Seahawks select Jabrill Peppers, Michigan.
  12. I know its probably sacrilege, but I can take the Pats, if nobody else wants them.
  13. I can draft for the Seahawks, if they are available.
  14. Run fat boy, run!!!