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  1. Tyreek Hill again...

    This 100%.
  2. Todd Gurley - 2019 draft ranking

    Picked him up in the middle of the second round of a 12 man redraft last night. Already had Conner and figured it was worth the gamble. It was hard to just let him pass by, even with all the negative news.
  3. Frank Clark to KC

    What a fleecing, great job Schneider!!
  4. Antonio Brown to the Bills

    Wow, good luck AB...gonna be a hugh shock.
  5. Will the offense turn it around? Not without getting healthy...

  6. Squeeked one out against Miami, a win is a win!

  7. FF season is upon us! Get excited and crush your leagues.

  8. Playoff Time! Can we run it this year? Please!

  9. Here They Come!

    1. heehawks


      Hawks are going to get some much needed rest and come out in a home game and spank the Cardinal! On our way to a nice run, I can feel it. Here they come!

  10. Beat the Cardninals

  11. Do i drop Lelie

    I'm in the same boat, but I've got some quality receivers to work with and Lelie is going to be on my bench for a long time until he starts producing on a regular basis and not only homerun balls. I'll probably drop him at some point later, but when, I do not know.
  12. Thanks for the reply Avernus...and skippy...Yeah I know! I don't really want to drop him yet, but I need a third receiver for week 5, and I don't see myself starting him between now and then. Therefore I want to pick up the best available for that week, and I think Curtis against the HEEHAWKS might not be a bad choice. Matt Jones is also available by the way (vs. Cinn). Both SF WRs are available vs Indy.
  13. Okay, I know its only week one. But I need to shore up my WR crew in my 8 man league. I have Moss, Gonzo (no TE league but I love him), Driver, TJ Housh, and T.Taylor. Moss and Gonzo have the same bye week (5), oops, and now I need to have a decent third WR. Oh yeah and Taylor is bye week 5 as well, so buh bye. Do you drop Taylor for K.Curtis? Battle, Booker, and Crayton are all available as well. Thanks for the advice.
  14. Seattle

    I heard predraft rumblings about the heehawks taking an OL in the 1st, regardless of the lack of pass rushers. Lo and behold, an OL in the 1st. The guy is supposed to be great. They have been trying to fill needs on the linebacker front, but still no real pass rusher as to date. Thing is, if we have an OL go down, they would have been screwed. Hasselbeck CANNOT get hurt or the heehawks playoff dreams will be ruined. So, I think in the long run shoring up the OL is a good move. Hopefully, a free agent will pop up, or a trade will be made for some more defense.