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  1. Monday night Rams/Chiefs game, field issues

    In all honesty, I have elementary school grass fields in better shape than that junk.
  2. Monday night Rams/Chiefs game, field issues

    As much as I am a homer, and don't ever want my heehawks to move. That being said, I highly doubt they ever will leave due to a spectacular stadium that was built just for them.
  3. Aaaand its over, just like that with the Gould fg. yay.
  4. As usual, a friggin miracle.
  5. Kupp Down

    Non-contact, was on a route. Knee for sure, maybe the same one he already hurt.
  6. 1st Overall 2019

    Obviously really early, but seeing how this season has played out so far, it got me thinking about next year. Curious who y'all would take if you have the first overall pick next year (redraft)? Gurley? Kamara? Someone else?
  7. Milk Carton - Week 10

    Howard is going to be bench fodder for me ros. Never starting him again.
  8. Milk Carton - Week 10

    Landry, Howard, Kelce...barf....
  9. Dez Bryant... Torn Achilles?

    Seems like this is such an obvious example of how important training camp really is, and that no matter how in-shape one thinks they are, a player cannot just jump right back into football after sitting out for so long. LeVeon should weigh this heavily in his decision to play this year.
  10. I'm done with FF Fellas

    Teaching my 8 year old twins this exact thing. When its time to turn it off, its time to turn it off.
  11. I'm done with FF Fellas

    Their full names are not to be spoken, kinda like "He who should not be named".
  12. MNF - what do you need? Week 9 edition

    Ha! No just getting my azz handed to me in my local. As for best ball? Should move into 1st after this week...
  13. MNF - what do you need? Week 9 edition

    Zeke to run wild and score 937 fantasy points.
  14. I'm done with FF Fellas