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  1. Odell Out for Sunday

    Ouch, once again going into a Cave Dwellers playoff game with my two top scorers out...Beckham and Conner, and to pour salt in the wound, Ware missed game as well. Yuck, yuck, yuck...
  2. Tre'Quan Status?

    Anybody have any recent status of whether or not he is going to play? Or if he does, healthy?
  3. High Stakes League?

    Been playing fantasy football for nearly 30 years...and high stakes usually meant $500 or more buy-in regardless of how much money one makes in a year, but that is just my experience. Needless to say, haven't had the pleasure (or funds) to buy into a high stakes league.
  4. General game day observations

    Looks like the Eckler show and very little Jackson, so far...
  5. And down go the Patriots

    Amazing play for sure!
  6. Week 14 Milk Carton - Playoff Edition

  7. Week 14 Milk Carton - Playoff Edition

    Deshaun Watson...please have a strong second half....killing me.
  8. Who do you need today

    Jarvis Landry please show me how good you really can be...
  9. Odell Beckham OUT

    Thank goodness Cave Dwellers BoTH league doesn't start playoffs until next week. Hoping he only misses one game...Just lost Conner in that league too. Ug...War of attrition indeed.
  10. Conner to Locker Room

    Ug, lower leg injury. Looked to be in serious pain. If he is out, looks like Samuel is taking over. Will Ridley get touches as well?
  11. Choosing my playoff matchup?

    All I know is that I tried that one year and it backfired horrendously. Didn't want to play the Brady/Moss team that year, and lo and behold that team scored its lowest output of the year first week of playoffs, and would have easily won. Needless to say, I played a team who scored the highest output of their season in 1st week of playoffs and got bounced. Never again...I will always put in my best lineup and let the chips fall where they may in playoff seedings.
  12. Week 12 MNF - whatcha need?

    YES!!!!! Up 2!!! Finally, some Monday Night love!! Oh yeah, on a side note...survived the McCaffery owner.
  13. Week 12 MNF - whatcha need?

    Ok...Houston D has 10, I am tied with half a quarter to go. Need 1 sack or 1 int or 1 fumble recovery...anything!! If so, I am still alive, if not then I will get my SECOND tie of the year and likely out of playoffs. Gonna be a white knuckler of an ending.
  14. Week 12 MNF - whatcha need?

    My gawd, that is NOT the start I wanted. Figures with my Monday night curse this year. Fk.
  15. Week 12 MNF - whatcha need?

    Need Houston D to score more than 10 or my season is over. Monday games have NOT been kind to me this year, either for me or against me, so hopefully I am due for some good luck.
  16. Golladay, please give me more than a half point...and thank goodness I didn't start Howard.
  17. Buy Low on Rob Gronkowski

    Thank you milk carton...LJ rushing TD....yes I quoted myself.
  18. Buy Low on Rob Gronkowski

    Lamar Jackson...dumb plug in for me...both ints were deflected...total for the half? -2....yay!
  19. Like to hear what y'all think about who to pick up. Tre'Quan Smith or Josh Reynolds? 0.5 pts/rec 1 pt / 20 yds rec 6 pt / td Thanks!
  20. I am starting Jackson over Wentz as mentioned above. Keep Lindsay over Cook.
  21. pick 2 PPR Humphries, Shepard, or Moore

    Moore hasn't done much and has regressed a bit imo. Howard out may help Hump, but the health of DJack really will determine Humps value. Shep is going against a terrible and depleted secondary, but has the old man throwing the ball. All that being said, but if it is ppr, I would probably go with Shep and Hump.
  22. St. Louis - Cooks, Woods, Gurley, then Reynolds? NO - Thomas, Kamara, Smith, then TEs? Seems like Smith is clear #2 WR, while Reynolds is #3? More targets for Smith? Just thinking out loud.
  23. Happy Thanksgiving, Huddlers!

    Happy Turkey Day to all!!!
  24. Chiefs-Rams Game Thread