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  1. Need 30 from Russ tonight

    I guess we can use this as the MNF thread... My Heehawks look terrible. Too much attrition on D and the offense. I hate to say it, but the pundits who said a 4-12 record before the season may just be right.
  2. Anybody rolling the dice with W. Fuller?

    I will be next week for sure! Had to see two things before putting him into the lineup. 1. Production and 2. Finish the game healthy.
  3. What is up with all the stupid commish polls? Learn to run your league....
  4. Thursday night Bengals/Ravens

    Getting fully AJ'd in my long time local...beatdown. Only saving grace is he has Collins too, so hopefully he doesn't too much more with Ravens down so much.
  5. Cameron Meredith - Hold or Drop?

    Awesome, exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!
  6. Just curious what the rest of you guys are doing with Cameron Meredith, Saints WR. I haven't heard anything about him, except he was inactive for Game 1. No recent news about his knee, progression with learning offense, or chemistry with Brees. Anybody have any insight on when he might play, how he looks, or his status at all?
  7. MNF - What do you need?

    Well, the miracle happened, Cooper only caught one ball and scored a whopping 0.5 pts against me. He only needed 2 points to win.
  8. MNF - What do you need?

    As usual a friggin miracle...
  9. Week 1 Milk Carton

    Travis Kelce, well hell my whole damn team I guess...
  10. Week 1 Milk Carton

    TD Rudolph...milk carton strikes again
  11. Week 1 Milk Carton

    Watson, good lord... and Landry
  12. touching QB = roughing

    Agreed, the league has become so lame when it comes to tackling in general and especially with QBs. Really, really, bad call.
  13. It’s like Christmas Eve

    Laptop ready, RedZone ready, sausage/bacon/eggs/toast/bloody mary ready, so stoked for a new season!! Go Hawks!
  14. Royce Freeman

    I have my draft in about 2 hours. I will be targeting him in about round 3 to 4 (10-team league). However, this league covets rookie rbs and take them super early, so I doubt I will be able to snag him when I want to.
  15. Huddle Message Board League #3

    Last year I picked a kicker that got cut and my second one got hurt in week 2 and out for season. Instant minus points for 14 weeks. Oops!
  16. Same thing in league 2...
  17. No worries at all, just wanted to be sure you knew you were up.
  18. Anyone get a hold of Fleming to let him know it his turn??
  19. Best Ball Leagues

    Aw shucks, that would be so lame. We NEED the Huddle Message Board League, it is such a fun draft and so easy to manage, oh wait, no managing at all!
  20. Best Ball Leagues

    bump...would love to keep this huddle league going
  21. Best Ball Leagues

    Count me in too...takes a while to get it done, so should be set up pretty quick if we are going to play.
  22. Andrew Luck "Good to go"

    I grabbed him in the 8th last night in a 12 team redraft, then backed him up (or other way around) with Rivers in the 10th.
  23. Should Antonio Brown be numero uno?

    This is what I did recently in a 12 man redraft. RBs were decimated by the time I picked. Had the 8th pick, AB went right before me, landed Hopkins, Julio fell like a rock for some reason as more rbs fell (McCaffery went right before me) and picked him up at the 2.05, then scooped up Howard as my 1st rb at the 3.08. That being said, I have had AB fall in several ppr redrafts as rbs are going early and often. I don't think I would take him no.1, but after Gurley and Bell, sure, why not.
  24. Corey Davis

    He needs to stay healthy first...
  25. Saquan Barley themed team names?

    That's the one.