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  1. Thank you, firstandfive. No rounds given up in this league. Just keep 4 with no other impacts. Thanks again.
  2. 12 team league. PPR 4-keeper. TE-required. Pass TD = 6 pts. Which 4 of the 5 would you keep? Matthew Stafford Giovanni Bernard Arian Foster Julio Jones Victor Cruz Roddy White
  3. SMACK standings Week 3

    Dadgummit! I've been double-jinxed! Well, how about this?! loaf's too far ahead to get caught, and I like Sunday couch potatoe's remaining players. Doesn't look good for the rhino. okay, so jink-backatcha!
  4. MTurner or BTate? -- Week 15

    I was thinking the same thing, but then decided I was over-thinking it, and stuck with MTurner. My rule for the season was to stick with MTurner when he's home at the dome, regardless of opponent, and then look at the opponent when on the road. Sticking with that. Hoping it doesn't backfire.
  5. Start MTurner vs JAX, or BTate vs CAR?
  6. So, suppose you're not around for the game-time-decision to come out. You have all 3 RBs on roster -- AFoster, DWard, BTate. Which one do you put in for a starting RB? In one league, I'm starting MTurner as the other RB. In the other league, I'm starting JCharles as the other RB. Thanks in advance.
  7. Wtd Avg Projections Spreadsheet

    Thanks for the kind words, Big Dogs, etal. But, INDY?! I'm a Texans homer. That would be a tough one to negotiate. Good luck, if you're a Colt fan, after week 1.
  8. Fantasy Draft Tracking Software

    I like this one, too.
  9. Wtd Avg Projections Spreadsheet

    Thanks for the kind words all. I'm confident that update(s) is planned. When and how often will be the result of other priorities.
  10. All, The first release of the "Wtd Avg Projections Spreadsheet" is out. LINK 1. As in years past, there is a TE-REQD version, and a NO-TE-REQD version. Select the appropriate directory at the link, based on your league. 2. As in years past, there are 2 excel saved-versions of each spreadsheet. One is saved in the 1997-2003 version, and the other is saved in 2010 version of Excel. Unlike past years, this version was created in Excel 2010 and then a "Save As" was performed to get the 1997-2003 version. Unlike past years, there is no Excel 5.0 or Excel 95 version. I had a hard time getting Excel 2010 to save it in that version and maintain the minimum set of functionality to make it worth your while. 3. Please give thanks / props / slaps on the back / slaps upside the head to ts, who is responsible for making this year's spreadsheet possible. I am swamped with other duties / responsibilities / career / hobby / picking my nose, that this spreadsheet has now become an afterthought. ts volunteered to transition this spreadsheet ownership from me to him so that it may continue to live. We are currently in that transition period, where we're both working on different pieces. But, ts has done the majority of the work this year. 4. As in years past, there is no IDP functionality. Sorry. 5. For those who have used this in the past, get after it. For those who have no idea what this is, get after it. Just download it. Put your league's scoring rules in the "Scoring" tab, hit <F9> to recalculate the projected fantasy points for each player, and look at the results on the Rank tabs. Feel free to "weight" the different websites (fftoday, kffl, etc) as you see fit on the POS tabs (QB, RB, WR, etc), hit <F9> to recalculate, and see the results on the Rank tabs. There is a resulting 1-Page cheatsheet, which is sorted in the same manner as your Rank tabs. And there is a Draft tab, in which you can keep track of your draft, team-by-team. When a player is entered on the Draft tab, that player is automatically highlighted on the 1-Page cheatsheet (and Depth Chart) tab, to mark that player "off your list". 6. There are other tips-n-tricks. I'll let ts fill in the many holes I left here. I'll try to chime in the best I can when time allows. Thanks ts!
  11. Excel 2008 - 2010?

    To the esteemed owners and maintainers of this website, Is there any chance to get an updated version of the "Past Stats"? I see the link for "Excel 2007 - 2009" on this page: http://www.thehuddle.com/fantasy_football_statistics.php, but, I'm not finding a link for 2008-2010 statistics? Is this doable? TIA!
  12. Sub for Nationals Bowling Tourney, Reno?

    Bowler found. Please disregard this "desparate plea for help".
  13. Sub for Nationals Bowling Tourney, Reno?

    Would love to have you, my friend! Didn't know you bowled! (We have averages from 129 to 233 in our group, so no worries there.)