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  1. 12 team league. PPR 4-keeper. TE-required. Pass TD = 6 pts. Which 4 of the 5 would you keep? Matthew Stafford Giovanni Bernard Arian Foster Julio Jones Victor Cruz Roddy White
  2. Thank you, firstandfive. No rounds given up in this league. Just keep 4 with no other impacts. Thanks again.
  3. SMACK standings Week 3

    Dadgummit! I've been double-jinxed! Well, how about this?! loaf's too far ahead to get caught, and I like Sunday couch potatoe's remaining players. Doesn't look good for the rhino. okay, so jink-backatcha!
  4. Start MTurner vs JAX, or BTate vs CAR?
  5. MTurner or BTate? -- Week 15

    I was thinking the same thing, but then decided I was over-thinking it, and stuck with MTurner. My rule for the season was to stick with MTurner when he's home at the dome, regardless of opponent, and then look at the opponent when on the road. Sticking with that. Hoping it doesn't backfire.
  6. So, suppose you're not around for the game-time-decision to come out. You have all 3 RBs on roster -- AFoster, DWard, BTate. Which one do you put in for a starting RB? In one league, I'm starting MTurner as the other RB. In the other league, I'm starting JCharles as the other RB. Thanks in advance.
  7. All, The first release of the "Wtd Avg Projections Spreadsheet" is out. LINK 1. As in years past, there is a TE-REQD version, and a NO-TE-REQD version. Select the appropriate directory at the link, based on your league. 2. As in years past, there are 2 excel saved-versions of each spreadsheet. One is saved in the 1997-2003 version, and the other is saved in 2010 version of Excel. Unlike past years, this version was created in Excel 2010 and then a "Save As" was performed to get the 1997-2003 version. Unlike past years, there is no Excel 5.0 or Excel 95 version. I had a hard time getting Excel 2010 to save it in that version and maintain the minimum set of functionality to make it worth your while. 3. Please give thanks / props / slaps on the back / slaps upside the head to ts, who is responsible for making this year's spreadsheet possible. I am swamped with other duties / responsibilities / career / hobby / picking my nose, that this spreadsheet has now become an afterthought. ts volunteered to transition this spreadsheet ownership from me to him so that it may continue to live. We are currently in that transition period, where we're both working on different pieces. But, ts has done the majority of the work this year. 4. As in years past, there is no IDP functionality. Sorry. 5. For those who have used this in the past, get after it. For those who have no idea what this is, get after it. Just download it. Put your league's scoring rules in the "Scoring" tab, hit <F9> to recalculate the projected fantasy points for each player, and look at the results on the Rank tabs. Feel free to "weight" the different websites (fftoday, kffl, etc) as you see fit on the POS tabs (QB, RB, WR, etc), hit <F9> to recalculate, and see the results on the Rank tabs. There is a resulting 1-Page cheatsheet, which is sorted in the same manner as your Rank tabs. And there is a Draft tab, in which you can keep track of your draft, team-by-team. When a player is entered on the Draft tab, that player is automatically highlighted on the 1-Page cheatsheet (and Depth Chart) tab, to mark that player "off your list". 6. There are other tips-n-tricks. I'll let ts fill in the many holes I left here. I'll try to chime in the best I can when time allows. Thanks ts!
  8. Wtd Avg Projections Spreadsheet

    Thanks for the kind words, Big Dogs, etal. But, INDY?! I'm a Texans homer. That would be a tough one to negotiate. Good luck, if you're a Colt fan, after week 1.
  9. Fantasy Draft Tracking Software

    I like this one, too.
  10. Wtd Avg Projections Spreadsheet

    Thanks for the kind words all. I'm confident that update(s) is planned. When and how often will be the result of other priorities.
  11. Excel 2008 - 2010?

    To the esteemed owners and maintainers of this website, Is there any chance to get an updated version of the "Past Stats"? I see the link for "Excel 2007 - 2009" on this page: http://www.thehuddle.com/fantasy_football_statistics.php, but, I'm not finding a link for 2008-2010 statistics? Is this doable? TIA!
  12. We're needing to replace one of our bowlers for the Nationals Tournament in Reno, NV. Any takers? This is for "All Events" (AE). Team Event = Jun 13, 8:30pm D/S Event = Jun 14, 5:30pm We have other items going on, such as the 40-Frame Game, side brackets, team dinner, etc. Prefer a bowler with a book average of 201 or LOWER to keep the team in Classified. But, we will take whatever we can get. DO NOT PM ME. Respond here or email me. Side benefit -- you get to meet the rhino behind all those spreadsheets. Any takers?
  13. Sub for Nationals Bowling Tourney, Reno?

    Bowler found. Please disregard this "desparate plea for help".
  14. Sub for Nationals Bowling Tourney, Reno?

    Would love to have you, my friend! Didn't know you bowled! (We have averages from 129 to 233 in our group, so no worries there.)
  15. Which cut of beef do you usually use when grilling for fajitas? I prefer the skirt steak, but that's getting too pricey for the crap of cut it really is, no? While I have your attention, what marinades do you use for either beef or chicken grilling, for fajitas? TIA.
  16. Alrighty then... The 2010 version of the Weighted (Wtd) Average (Avg) Projection Spreadsheet has been quickly made and posted. I don't have the time to collect my thoughts, so the following will be rambling (all over the place)... 1. Website to download from: No Tight-End Required Projections Tight-End Required Projections 2. The spreadsheet was made on a home pc with Windows XP, Office 2002. It contains macros. You will want to enable the macros to help with sorts, etc. 3. Even though it was build in Excel 2002, three different saved-formats are in each directory (TE-Reqd, No-TE-Reqd): Excel 2002, Excel 97, Excel 95. You want to use the 2002 version, if possible. This version contains all the intended features. If you cannot get the 2002 version to work, then try the Excel 97 version. It has all the intended features, I believe, but the file size is much larger and much more cumbersome. If all else fails, the version 95 is there. It loses alot of the functionality, but it's still there in bare-bone format. 4. Thanks to ts for assisting with the testing and trouble-shooting. 5. This thing was QUICKLY put together, due to lack of schedule. I'm sure there are issues with it. I don't even know if I updated TOwens to be on CIN. Check that. 6. The files on the website are .zip files. Makes for quicker uploads and downloads. You must unzip before using the .xls file. Each .zip file has exactly one .xls file. 7. Some of you will have troiubles opening the .xls spreadsheet. I do not have those problems, so it's hard to assist you with that. Here's a tip from ts: Instead of double-clicking on the file to launch Excel and the file contents all at once, do the following: a. Launch the Excel application first. b. Go to File > Open > c. Browse to the saved .xls file. Choose it. d. Click <Open> This usually works more times than not. (ts was using Excel 2003 in his testing of the 2002 version of the spreadsheet) 8. It is recommended that you make a copy of the original file before updating it to your league's scoring rules, etc. 9. TIP: I make a separate copy of the spreadsheet for each league I'm in. How you use it is up to you. 10. The "Automatic Calculation" feature has been turned OFF, as the spreadsheet is very cumbersome if it's turned on and you're updating it to taylor it to your league and your projections. I recommend it to be turned OFF until you're very happy with the numbers and your tailoring. You can always hit <F9> to force a re-calculation of all the cells. This feature can be turned on/off via the Tools > Options > Calculation Tab. 11. Sorting must be done by the user, after the user's latest numbers have been entered and the recalculation has been performed. Buttons and macros have been provided to do that. 12. The huddle's PREMIUM projections are included in this spreadsheet. It's highly encouraged you keep this tool to its intended audience -- Huddlers. Anything else, I consider disrespectful to the owners of the Huddle. 13. Also included in this spreadsheet are free projections from FFToday, Fantasy Sharks, Whatifsports.com, Real Time Sports, ESPN, CBS Sports, and KFFL. KFFL does not provide straight projections. Rather, they have a "range", by providing a Low and a High for each player, each statistic. Both the Low and High have been included in the sp-sheet. 14. In a perfect world, I would have time to provide updates to this spreadsheet when the sites make updates to their projections. Unfortunately, and I'm sorry, but I cannot promise updates at this time. Again, sorry. 15. After saving in different formats, zipping, and uploading, I noticed I forgot to make an update. Please do the following on all "Rank II" tabs: Change the "Current Year" value from 2009 to 2010. Sorry about that. 16. How to use it / taylor it to YOUR DRAFT: a. Play with it. b. SCORING Tab: Enter your league's scoring rules. c. QB, RB, WR, TE, PK, DEF Tabs: Enter the WEIGHT you prefer to assign to each website. Leaving them all as "1" will provide a true average of all the projections collected. However, let's say you trust the Huddle projections more, and the Fantasy Sharks less, then up the Huddle to "10" (as an example), and then the Fantasy Sharks weight down to ".0001" (for example). NEVER set a weight to "0", as it can cause "divide by zero" errors. d. (optional) QB, RB, WR, TE, PK, DEF Tabs: Enter your own projections for the players, under "My Projections" column. e. (optional) Rank Tabs: Enter any "scoring anomalies" you expect that are not covered here. Example: Your league gives a bonus for a 300 yd passing day to QBs, and 100 yd rushing/receiving for others. These are not highly projected stats, so I don't account for them. However, you can make adjustments to a player's fantasy point output by entering something in the "Annual Points Adj". f. Hit <F9> to recalculate. (often) g. <Rank> Tab, sort by "YR PTS". h. Hit <F9> to recalculate (copying the re-sort on the Rank Tab to the Rank II Tab. That should be enough to get you started. 17. Rank Tab: If you hit the "update player list" button, it will copy over the information from the Position tab (QB, RB, WR, TE, PK, DEF). However, it will DISPLAY the first player on the position tab in every row of the Rank Tab. Example: Addai, Joseph all the way down the RB Rank tab. Simply hit the <F9> button to recalculate, and it will properly display all players. 18. I'm sure there will be some questions, some issues, and some suggestions. All are welcome. Post them here. And feel free to answer questions you're confident about. I'm sure you'll see the question / concern first, before I do. 19. This may be the last year of doing this sp-sheet. It's no longer a labor of love. But, time will tell.
  17. Wtd Avg 2010 Projection Sp-sheet

    ts, u b d man! Thanks for your extra efforts on this. GREATLY appreciated.
  18. Wtd Avg 2010 Projection Sp-sheet

    Great questions! That number is the average points per week that player is projected, based on all projections, weights, etc. Helps provide a view of how close / far some players are to each other (don't take that out of context). Just hit <F9> to recalcuate, which does the entire workbook. Should do it in seconds, up to 1 minuite. Now, specifically, this recalculates the points for your QB (as well as every other formula in the workbook). It does NOT re-sort your QBs. I recommend you go to the QB Rank tab, and click on a <Sort Button> to have them re-sorted (probably by POINTS). Then hit <F9> again to have this QB re-ordering copied to your QB Rank II tab and One Pager tab. I would like to automate this further, where you don't have the extra steps all the time, but I'm getting too lazy / busy in my older age.
  19. Wtd Avg 2010 Projection Sp-sheet

    Gopher: Thanks. And yes, I know. With this thing, it became unbearable to try to keep my PM box empty. I gave up a couple years ago. Sorry.
  20. Wtd Avg 2010 Projection Sp-sheet

    Great idea. Thought of it before, and surprised no one has suggested it before now. It won't be done for this year, but I'll add it to the list of IDEAS for future years.
  21. Wtd Avg 2010 Projection Sp-sheet

    You volunteering? ;-) Sorry it was later than normal. Not proud of that. Good luck with the other 2, unless you're in one of mine.
  22. Wtd Avg 2010 Projection Sp-sheet

    GREAT QUESTION! Go to the Avg Pick tab. Cell M1 indicates the number of teams to compute the ADP against. Enter "10" here and then hit <F9> for recalculate. (Should've included that in my ramblings above. Great question!)