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  1. What you make this trade?

    Im in a similar bind. A guy in our 8 team league wants Holmes cause he has Johnson. He will give me Lamont Jordan and Rudi Johnson for Holmes and Barlow. My other backs are Martin/Blaylock, Parker, and Foster. Im stacked at WR with TO, Harrison, Ward, Jimmy Smith, Lelie.
  2. Yahoo pulled the Baltimore Defensive TD!

    CBS SPortsline counts it as a Def TD. I lost because of .8
  3. Quick Decision

    Gotta start one in a hurry, Duce is back but he never got the TDs, I have Devenport and he may play onf MNF. Duce will be facing a tough Washington Def and still has to split with the BUS. Any thoughts.
  4. WDIS Defense?

    We deduct points for those scored, so I need low scoring, Not sure if the Falcons will hold down the saints or if the Bengels will do better against the Browns. Opinions appreciated
  5. Running Back Dilemma!

    Thanks, Probably a god idea, Its that time of the season when losses can end it fast, So I need to be Safe. Losing my 1st round pick right now is a killer. At least my WRs are doing well, apart from Harrison.
  6. Running Back Dilemma!

    We start 3 backs. I have Ahman Green but figure I need to maybe pick up James Jackson as insurance this week, But not sure who to drop. This is my RB corps. A.Green C.Martin T.Jones J.Bettis D.Staley W.Green I was gonna drop Willie Green, but it looks like Suggs is hurt and Green may get the bulk of carries. Is Duce ready to be dropped? Bettis has been a godsend since duce went down, all the yards and the TDs I probably have to Sit Ahman this week. Any Thoughts?