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  1. Playoff must win Qb help!

    I like Tannehill or Fitzmagic this week
  2. Pick two WR to start

    Boyd and Brown...have a gut feeling about BUF this week
  3. Should I start Mack?

    I like Penny this week
  4. Please help, which D would you start?

    I like TEN this week
  5. Eagles DST or Jets DST?? URGENT

    Eagles are playing for something plus Eli starting
  6. Pre Play off TE help!

    Henry and Galloday
  7. Playoff lineup-pick 5

    I can only drop injured player...which is Mack, once he plays window closes
  8. Playoff lineup-pick 5

    With our league rules have opportunity to pick up Snell(PIT vs ARZ) and drop Mack...we can only pick up after player been out full week. Much better matchup this week RBs Cook vs DET Mack vs TB Hyde and Johnson vs DEN WRs Brown vs BAL Woods vs SEA Fitzgerald vs PIT McClaurin vs GB
  9. Need Playoff Lineup Help!

    I might start Snell over Freeman
  10. Start Aaron Jones??

    still start him
  11. LINEUP HELP!!!

    Good matchups this week need help Goff vs ATL...get right game or Prescott vs PHI...2 lineman out and Cooper dinged? WR pick 3 Woods vs ATL Brown vs MIA Fitzgerald vs NYG McClaurin vs SF
  12. Mack

    NO, not the way the league is structured
  13. Mack

    Roll the dice on Mack???
  14. Diggs or Fuller?

    Squeaky wheel gets the grease...Diggs