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  1. Mack

    NO, not the way the league is structured
  2. Mack

    Roll the dice on Mack???
  3. Diggs or Fuller?

    Squeaky wheel gets the grease...Diggs
  4. Hunter Henry or TJ Hockenson

  5. Need to drop 1

    Tough spot...Dionte
  6. Which WDIS in a PPR?

  7. Flex

    Due to Macks late game have to bench him and slide Hyde into starting RB John Brown(vs TEN) or Gimmy Graham(vs DAL) at FLEX??? Starting Goff, Cook, Hyde, Fitzgerald, Woods, Waller, Myers, CHI also have McLaurin and D johnson on bench
  8. When to pick up Gallup

    Damn thats a hell of a lineup ...how do I join your league??? LOL pick up Gallup
  9. Drop Hill?

    Well if hes out till week eight and has bye week 12...fantasy playoff schedule is NE,DEN,CHI
  10. WR help - please!

    tough call depends on your roster
  11. Nick Chubb Trade

  12. Drop Ross?

    Like Chark steady production, Ross boom or bust Mind answering my question?
  13. Drop Hill?

    Does anyone have a handle on how long Tyrek Hill will be out...is it time to drop him? I'm thinking when he comes back its a crap shoot who gets the ball there in KC. I have a chance to pick up Fitzgerald(ARZ) or Chark(JAX) both of who have favorable schedules the rest of the way. 12 team non PPR QB- Prescoot, Goff RB- Cook, Mack, Hyde, D Johnson WR- Woods, J Brown, McLaurin, Hill TE- Waller, Graham K- Bryant, Myers DEF- CHI,MIA
  14. yes start mack no not feeling gordon