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  1. dude delete your posting in the Aqua Lung thread that his wife wrote ...its got no business being in there the right thing please for all's sake especially his wife's

  2. Rest in Peace Aqua ...and may your family be strong and receive Comfort , Courage and Peace from the good Lord

  3. Running back dilemma

    tough call ..if parker is definitely starting ( i have him also so i have been checking and it appears he is the starter ) i would go with him against an average titan defense ... i would go with Kevin Jones as well ..Portis ran for 121 yds last week against Wash defense and i think Jones could do the same this weekend good luck
  4. who to start : Willie Parker or Jamal Lewis ? why ? appears Parker is starting again and should get the majority of the work but wanting to make sure
  5. Ahman Green possibly suspended!?!

    below is an update i just saw ..I think Green plays and avoids suspension ( i hope so as i have him ) : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aug 31 2005 4:20PM Andy Nelesen, of the Green Bay Press Gazette, reports Green Bay Packers RB Ahman Green signed an agreement Wednesday, Aug. 31, to avoid a domestic violence conviction. Green was charged May 10 with misdemeanor disorderly conduct following an argument on April 25, with his wife. Had Green been convicted on the charge, he would have faced up to 90 days in jail and a fine of up to $1,000. The agreement Green signed states that he must "complete meaningful counseling," perform 100 ho urs of community service and stay out of trouble. If Green complies, prosecutors will move to dismiss the case in one year. Fantasy Impact: This doesn't sound like it will lead to a league suspension, so expect Green to play a full season, barring injury. Source:
  6. New England or Indy in week one.

    NE ...until proven otherwise they are still a premier defense and a very good fantasy defense good luck
  7. just about to draft...

    i fully agree ... unless you want to throw D Davis in there as well because of his ability to get r eceptions and receiving yards ( always worried about Priest's health ) ..but realistically your top 4 would be my top 4 good luck
  8. Edwards in Tennesee

    do not see much value there ..has to be a few other free agents and sleepers ahead of him ..take a look at Curtis from Rams at WR ...he will get his share of passes and may pick up some of Isaac Bruce's passes if he slows down being another year older Good luck
  9. hi , i have the 11th pick and 14th pick in a draft tomorrow ..if the below 5 players are available which two do you think i should choose and why ? 1. Jamal Lewis 2. Ahman Green 3. Julius Jones 4. Corey Dillon 5. Kevin jones 1 pt for every 10 yds , 6 pts for td Thanks
  10. WDIS at WR

    Sit Gates ...Still a TE by definition and he was due to slow down after the torrid pace he was on ...Porter will get his since Curry is hurt and Oakland RB in shambles Chad should get his as expect Cinncy to being playing catch up all day vs Pats ...they will abandon the run D Jax is coming off a good week and expect a shootout in Minny It sounds nuts but I would sit Gates ( only 30 yds last week and TB defense still solid ) Good luck
  11. Need some WR help

    Chad should get alot of looks as I expect Cinncy to be playing catch up all day against Pats which will force them to abandon the run Chad it is good luck
  12. Need some RB help

    I would lean towards D Davis ..he catches passes out of the backfield and Colts defense is terrible Can't trust Kevin Jones and i think GB will pour it on , forcing Det to abandon the run Jamal Lewis may see some action which could take some yards and pts away from Chester Taylor D Davis should be the best choice Good luck
  13. If I win I make the playoffs, if not...

    I would go with : D.Davis vs Indy W.McGahee vs Cle Mcgahee looks like a lock for a big day as cleveland is awful against the run Domanick Davis is is good play because he does catches out of the backfield and INDY defense is terribleJ as for the WR I would go with : J.Walker vs Det C.Johnson vs NE L.Evans vs Cle good luck[/size]
  14. Chris Brown

    as usual with him and other Titan players ( like MCnair ) , it will be a game time decision ...i would avoid using him unless you absolutely have to good luck
  15. WDIS : Tight End

    Neither of my Tight Ends are very good at getting consistent big pts each week ....actually i am getting very little from them Who do I start this week ? Leaning towards Boo only because i beleive he is due for a score ( he has not had on in over 5 weeks ) as I expect NOLA to be airing it out , playing catch up vs Dallas this week Thanks and Good luck