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  1. already thursday afternoon ? hoping its up ASAP as it is very helpful and not just for Fantasy football leagues but for pick em leagues and survivor leagues
  2. Dalvin Cook to split carries with Murray?

    i missed this and am glad i saw it now before my main draft . Pretty high on Cook with 12 pick but now i am not as comfortable and would likely pass honestly cook is being a nice guy and good team player but i want my early picks obsessed with being # 1 and hogging the work
  3. doing this a long time but never used software like Draft Lab . Interested to use it but wanted to know which huddlers have used it ? how do you like it and what is best feature about it ? is it a big difference maker for you especially on draft night ? tia
  4. Very early keeper help

    damn some nice choices there . Hunt , Allen and Cook for me
  5. Gurley is getting sat week 17 is that true?

    too soon to tell or that it is official but you have to expect that he either sits or plays a half at most or less .
  6. Start doyle or ebron help

    ebron based on last 5 games and match up inst horrible
  7. When is it time for a timeout?

    this should be fun for the most part and certainly should interfere with your personal and family life . It also should not make you feel like you have become nastier , less patient and stressed . Those are signs in my opinion to take a step back .
  8. Coach of the Year

    i agree 100 percent . i did vote for him in this poll and hope he wins
  9. Crabtree he did not paly the 4th quater

    he killed alot of people . He played if you want to call it that and was not hurt
  10. This can't be real.. can it?

    also not much of a fan of the team name < Macgruder Time ...sometimes the name is the reason for such brutal losses .cooler names normally dont lose like this
  11. This can't be real.. can it?

    Thursday 12/28 shall tell

    i think i came close enough to smell the socks last year but not good enough . There is always this year
  13. 2017 Playoff Fantasy Football League...

    i am in ( at least it appears that i am )
  14. Anybody else on the verge of quitting?

    Bad season overall for me . May end up in one finals . Lot of tough luck losses . But its a year to year thing . A few years back i won 3 leagues and made a ton . Last year 1 won my main league and felt like i won 6 . I wont quit but do know how easy it is to feel like doing so