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  1. Superbowl: 49ers @ KCC

    personally glad the Chiefs won for Mahomes and Reid but also because they played to win while Shanahan played not to lose . I think we see Mahomes obviously get more rings but the first one was pretty sweet at 24 years old .
  2. Texans vs. Chiefs

    Last 5 plays deandre Hopkins is jogging . Was watching on bottom of screen and he was jogging at best not even remotely running a serious route . Play all out till the end . hate that manure .
  3. Choke on a Carrot Garrett!!!

    well i didnt expect this to play out as it has so far . When you think you are always the smartest man in the room , you normally are not . Jerry Jones ego wants to prove he can win with Garrett apparently
  4. Dynasty/Keeper choice for 2020

    singletary for me
  5. What did Jameis eat for breakfast today?

    He ate cereal . He went to throw the bowl in the sink but missed
  6. Choke on a Carrot Garrett!!!

    is there any chance that Garrett is not let go ? knowing jerry jones he may want to spite the obvious and try and show it can work his way . I am 99 % sure garrett is gone but it would be anarchy in Cowboys country if he keeps him
  7. With Any Luck....

    awesome video
  8. Browns fire Freddie Kitchens

    Browns need a tough kindergarten teacher to coach them . Inmature a team as there is in NFL
  9. Fitzmagic

    I love him . He is gaining folklore legend as he gets earlier . Loved his game yesterday and how they kept throwing to Parker . Fearless Fear the Beard baby

    Since 2007 i have enjoyed and benefited from the THE HUDDLE very much Thanks all and Happy new year
  11. NYG HC Pat Shurmur fired

    Thank God Shurmur is gone
  12. Need to start 2 of 3 in a one pt ppr league which total points gets you 250 prize . I am in first by 9 points so hoping for a strong finish need to start 2 of 3 below in 1 pt ppr league : Freeman vs bucs Damien Wiliams vs Chargers Chubb vs Bengals Leaning Freeman and Williams because of ppr possibility over Chubb WDIS and thanks ?
  13. Edelman killed me last week. Do I trust him today or go Beasley ? 1 pt ppr tia
  14. Manning vs dolphins or Matt Ryan vs niners. 6 pt passing TD league. I am leaning towards manning at home . Am I crazy ? Who would you start between manning or Ryan ?
  15. Rank these potential week 15 pickups

    By the way you may want to look for TE as Andrews is spotty at best with injury
  16. Who's the RB to pickup..

    Mostert then washington
  17. Venting: Never bench your studs BS!!!!

    never bench your studs is very controversial around me and my friends . I sometimes bench them this time of year and it has worked and also back fired .
  18. Calvin Ridley out for season.

    More Gage possibly
  19. Whatcha need on SNF/MNF

    I need a good swift kick in the groin for starting Snell yesterday
  20. Has he been in since his fumble ?

    Good day to vent as it’s acceptable especially this week. Injuries were a killer and then injuries lead to other guys stepping up and getting more looks on same team. Goodwin was dead until Evans went down. Thomas was very quiet until saints had to throw. Andrews killed a bunch of teams as did devante Parker. Snell not starting is a joke and Tomlin sucks giving Samuels 4 carries for -1 yards. Now he appears benched for fumbling ( first time I believe all season he fumbled ). Rodgers sucked. Pack defense sucked in great match up. Mccoy sucks and should sit for Darwin Thompson at this point. It goes on and on. I expect to be as bitter as I have been in years by end of tonight s it pertains to fantasy football.
  22. Lot's of injuries today

    Killing me and my chances
  23. Are either back in game or update on status ?
  24. 1 pt ppr league. Leaning brown but worried he may get shut down again. Snell Td dependent vs cards wdis ? Tia