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  1. Bye, bye, Chrissy.

    I can say with 100% accuracy that Chris Brown never won a week for me this season.
  2. Bye, bye, Chrissy.

    Thanks for being nothing more than dead weight on my roster this season.
  3. Monday Night...

    I need Deion Branch to have another big game like he has done twice on national television this year; once on the Thursday night season opener and once against Kansas City a few weeks ago. I also need the Patriots D to shut Miami down.
  4. Here we go again with Peyton...

    I've got something you can suck.
  5. Here we go again with Peyton...

    185 yards = 18.5 points That does me not a bit of good when the guy I'm playing has Reggie Wayne who already has two TD's. Peyton = anti-Christ
  6. Here we go again with Peyton...

    It's not whining. It's weeks and weeks of pent up frustration. We just want Peyton to get a concussion or two, that's all.
  7. Here we go again with Peyton...

    The only way Edge is going to score a TD from here on out is if he breaks open for a long run or if Peyton gets injured.