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  1. NFL Rule question

    I for one, have no problem letting the division champs (regardless of how strong the division is in said year) go to the playoffs. The old adage "what goes around,comes around" applies. The NFC-west may not be strong this year, but over the long haul, they will rise up, and another division will weaken....... Hell..... my hometown team (the Falcons) use to be in the crappiest division in football at one point, sharing the division with inept teams like the Saints and Panthers not to mention the Falcons themselves. But in recent years have sent the Bucs and Panthers to the Dance...... the ups and downs of the division is just a part of the NFL.
  2. Ahman Update

    I fell your pain!! I drafted him 3rd overall as well. :bawling: my gut told me to go with Alexander, but those *** cheatsheets said otherwise......
  3. 80's All Decade team

    Being that this is an ALL - 80's team, I would have to take Marino and Montana. Elway was good, but I don't think he out-performed Marino in the 80's(in the 90's yeah, but...). Fouts was also good, but nobody put up the numbers of Marino. Montana....well, you can't NOT have him on the list. He's got too much winning on his side.
  4. Word on T. Holt?

    Simple question......Is he okay, and will he start today? Any updates?
  5. The bottom ten schools

    Just read through this post, looks like they need to adjust the MISSISSIPPI STATE pick/comments!
  6. Original huddle members

    since '98....I was a member back when it was a free site. The first year they asked to pay, I thought they were crazy (but I went ahead and paid anyway), I think it's an incredible deal! Best FF site on the net and well worth the cost of admission. And speaking of the cost, I'd like to re-affirm that I think it is admirable that DMD tries to keep the cost to a minimum....I remember when it first became a pay site, and DMD's posted a explaining why it had to be this way. After the initial shock that I would have to pay, never had a problem since. In fact, I can't even remember what year it went to a pay site? Seriously!