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  1. Jesus loves you.

  2. yer a little buddy.

    -Cat Lover

  3. Editing

    Just minor editing stuff, incorrect stats or scores. Nothing major, I don't wanna seem like a nitpick, I just didn't know if they truely would want to know about such errors. Example: "The Jaguars dispatched the Seahawks easily enough in week one but in Indianapolis were held to only ten points in a game that became a defensive way like never seen between these two teams." Jax only scored 3. http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/live/NFL_20050918_JAC@IND Again, I could care less, but somebody else might throw a fit.
  4. Coolest uniforms in NFL

    Jags only wear all black once per year, usually when they have a big game they have to get psyched up for. Last year it was For Pitt, and they almost won, a bad call at the end of the 4th otherwise Jax could have done it.
  5. Cadillac

    I think Caddi runs a little too wild, I like the guy, and I wish him no harm, but I think he is an injury waiting to happen.
  6. Editing

    If we see some minor error in an article or Projections, do you guys want to know about it or would you rather us keep our mouths shut?
  7. Desperate in Detroit...

    How the heck is Jeff George still playing?
  8. Fragile's Taylor

  9. Only Week 2, but the most overhyped

    I'll add Dallas Clark, #4 ranked TE?
  10. So, do you think....

    Brad Johnson is a better QB.
  11. where is Ladanian

    What could possibly be the reason for a thread like this in the 1st quarter?
  12. I was wrong !

    Hopefully he wears a nice shirt to bring Brady some water in next years pro-bowl.
  13. Two weeks into the season.....

    Hence, never draft a QB that early.
  14. colts/jags

    Good game.
  15. Edge

    He was gassed, played a helluva game, guess they thought fresh legs would help...