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  1. try and trade one or keep both

    Feel out what WRs are available. If you can flip one of them for a WR1, I'd go for it.
  2. Week 3 TE advice

  3. Trouble brewing in the 'burgh

    Fixed More trouble brewing in the 'burgh
  4. Ryan Fitzpatrick

    Was DeSean wearing Fitz's gear? Lol.
  5. Ryan Fitzpatrick

    Wish we had more antics like this in the NFL. Hilarious!
  6. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    Looks like Bell didn’t show. Conner time.
  7. are you starting LeSean McCoy this weekend?

    Yassss. Same. He was on my DND list. Rolling Ravens D out too.
  8. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    Conner owners be like
  9. OMG the ads are AWFUL

    Usually when you pay for content the ads go away. Please remove this crap for subscription customers. Please, please, please reverse this trend. More ads than ever and the experience is TERRIBLE. Background takeovers, ads popping out of header on load of rankings pages, UGH. I've been with you guys a long time. Sad to see this. Hopefully not part of the relaunch next year.
  10. OMG the ads are AWFUL

    Thanks WW. Appreciate the insight into who makes the call. It’s too bad a $20+ subscription doesn’t suppress (a very common model). Heck, at this point I’d pay a premium to get rid of them. Feel free to run that idea up the chain. For now, ad block tech to the rescue.
  11. OMG the ads are AWFUL

  12. OMG the ads are AWFUL

    What I see for the 2018 draft trends article. Content is completely below the fold. Not to mention it slows page load.
  13. OMG the ads are AWFUL

    I’m back for that premium Huddle content. Great stuff as usual. Unfortunately, I see the ads are too. Are they here to stay for subscribers?
  14. I believe rankings/projections used to highlight players tracked with myHUDDLE. Is it broken or no longer supported?
  15. Thoughts on NYG TE Evan Engram??

    Rhett was brought in to help block before the draft. They will share time depending on the situation, but if Engram can hold those blocks and open up the middle, watch out. I've been stashing him late wherever I can to see how things unfold.
  16. myHUDDLE player highlighting

    Looking better. I had just added rosters and they weren't showing. Perhaps cache for the data takes time to update. Just added Matt Ryan to one of my leagues and not highlighting yet. I like the feed idea too. On the roadmap?
  17. Auction resources

    Main league is moving to auction this year. Never done one. I've read some of the auction articles here. Excited, but wondering what tools/strategies would help during the auction. AAV? Budget tracker?
  18. Thoughts on NYG TE Evan Engram??

    I took Engram late as a flier type in a league that just drafted (have Eifert too). Historically rookie TEs don't do much. That said, Henry showed us it can be done. The Giants have used him all over the formation in preseason. Dude is fast and a natural playmaker. He's shown to block well too which will keep him on the field. With all of the weapons on this team, he will find space and is fast enough to get underneath quick or take slower defenders up the seam. I'm a homer but also intrigued enough to see what happens. If you have a dud 6th receiver laying around, why not see what happens? Especially if you have a flex spot. Upside is there.
  19. QBs

    I expect Ryan to play top 5 ball again this year. Yes, a lot can change but that schedule made it easy to grab him there.
  20. Auction %s need update?

    %s in some tiers don't make sense based on position. RB 7% Danny Woodhead BAL 10 7% Bilal Powell NYJ 11 8% Joe Mixon CIN 6 7% Carlos Hyde SFO 11 5% Adrian Peterson NOS 5 6% Duke Johnson CLE 9 1% Rob Kelley WAS 5 7% Marshawn Lynch OAK 10 WR 3% Doug Baldwin SEA 6 8% Brandin Cooks NEP 9 8% Demaryius Thomas DEN 5 8% Golden Tate DET 7 8% Davante Adams GBP 8 4% Michael Crabtree OAK 10 3% Kelvin Benjamin CAR 11 3% Jarvis Landry MIA 11 3% Alshon Jeffery PHI 10 4% Terrelle Pryor WAS 5 3% Jamison Crowder WAS 5 3% Willie Snead NOS 5 3% Stefon Diggs MIN 9 4% Keenan Allen LAC 9 3% Tyreek Hill KCC 10
  21. Auction %s need update?

    DMD, values are jacked again. Can you fix?
  22. Joe Haden released..where to?

    I believe they match up week 1. Vegas odds on pick six off Kizer?
  23. Players you aren't targeting but keep getting this year..

    Nick Folk keeps falling to me in the last round. Weird!
  24. QBs

    Grabbed Ryan in the 7th (8 spot) in a 12 team. 5th taken after big 3 and Wilson. Waiting works but his playoff schedule just looks so good...
  25. Originally reported by ESPN Hard to see him sitting, but team probably is waiting to see how treatment goes before addressing more directly. Still time.