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  1. Fox game choice

    PHI vs SF is the Fox game in AZ as well.
  2. The "Get Pumped for Willie Parker" Thread

    I just traded Willie for Vick and Vinatieri. I had Tynes as my kicker and Dillon, JJ, KJ, and Barlow as my other RBs and i can only start two. My QB was Plummer since I was the last team in a 12 team league to grab a QB.
  3. It Is Official...

    That was brutal to watch
  4. bench Lewis?

    I would roll with Martin.
  5. With Jamal Lewis anticipated to share carries does it make sense for me to start Chris Brown vs. PIT in his place? I still think I will go with Lewis but let me know your thoughts.
  6. Willie Parker

    Owners in one of my leagues were calling me an idiot for taking Willie in round 15 out of 17 rounds. This was before Bettis got hurt.
  7. Denver game

    The game is blacked out here in AZ since they didn't sell out. Go figure. The only games I have seen sell out in AZ is when green Bay or Chicago come to town. The Cowboys games used to sell out but not anymore.
  8. Review this trade offer

    I agree that my RB3 is week but Faulk, Moore, and Taylor have potential.
  9. Review this trade offer

    I pulled the trigger on this offer since I feel Wayne over J. Smith out weighs J. Jones for A. Green. Plus it helps with bye weeks for my WRs.
  10. Is this trade fair?

    Helps the other Owners WR position but leaves him too thin at RB. Fair? Yes Does the other Owner go for it? No
  11. keep or lose? free agents

    I would drop the Bears but I am not sure who I would add. Your WRs look pretty solid.
  12. Need keeper help

    Since no bonus points I would grab Dillon. He is the safest choice IMO and then grab whomever falls to you.
  13. Review this trade offer

    I am also worried about Green Bay's offensive line and Green's "fumble-itis".
  14. Review this trade offer

    Let me know what you think of this counter offer: J. Jones J. Smith A. Toomer (he likes Toomer for some reason?) for A. Green R. Wayne I don't want Portis since he is on a bye week 3 along with Dom. Davis who is my other starter. I would have to start 2 (Faulk, Moore, Parker).
  15. Trade Portis for Julius?

    I have the same dilema. Someone wants to trade me Portis for Julius. The offer also includes insignificant WRs as well.