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  1. Bumping this up. This is a great group of owners, looking to find someone who'll be active all year long.
  2. 12 team IDP dynasty league is looking for a new owner. Rules: Team is in need of development. Has Sanchez, ADP, Sproles, and Von Miller to name a few players. The team also has the most FA/Blind Bidding money in the league as well as the 1st pick in each round of the upcoming rookie draft. Good group of owners, all of which have been in the league 2-3 years at the minimum with most having been in it since it began in 2006. PM me with any interest.
  3. FDSB looking for an owner

    This has been filled, thanks to all that inquired
  4. FDSB looking for an owner

    We have an opening I need to fill ASAP, please PM me if you're interested.
  5. Wallace wants Fitz/CJ $$$

  6. Manning to Denver?!?!

    Just ask Miami about how much deep pockets matter
  7. Reggie Wayne re-signs with the Colts

    I'm stoked to see this. Shocked for sure, but glad to see it
  8. Pierre Garcon to the Skins

    Buh bye... Glad he didn't sign here
  9. The gutting of the Colts continues . . .

    Going from suck for luck to suck with luck
  10. Manning to be released

    I've felt since the beginning this made the most sense.
  11. Manning to be released

    Wish him nothing but the best of luck.
  12. I'm going to the Combine!

    I came across a link where the NFL Network was casting for 300 people to come to the Combine next Friday, long story short I applied and got two tickets! The NFL provides the meals, has some strict rules regarding what can be brought in (no recording devices, I'll try to see how Belichick sneaks his in), but we get to stay for the day and watch the QB/WR's run their 40's along with their positional drills. First time anyone from the public is being allowed in, ought to be pretty darn cool!
  13. I'm going to the Combine!

    Blog regading the event
  14. I'm going to the Combine!

    Back from the Combine and what a great experience it was just being inside there and seeing the various drills take place. The experience: First off we were gathered into a room and reminded of the rules (no recording equipment, be library quiet, etc.) repeatedly. Someone from the NFL came in to speak to us about how this was an experiment and how they had to pitch it to the competition committee for approvals. If this goes well then most likely they'll do a repeat/expansion of it in the future. The NFL provided some swag, a program of players, breakfast and lunch. We were all gathered into a common area in the stands shortly before the first group of QB/WR's began. Being on the side the 40 was ran on was nice, but seeing the other drills like long/vertical jump was dificult as they were on the opposite side. Throughout the time there Derrick Brooks and Fred Taylor came through visiting with anyone wishing to talk to them and signing autographs. Disappointingly we were only able to stay until the second group of QB/WR's ran their 40's, didn't get to see their drills nor any of the RB's. ETA: We were also given headsets just like those used on media day for the fans. We were able to listen/watch the NFL Network broadcast of the combine. During commercials Marshall Faulk would come onto the network and talk to us giving information about what to watch/purpose of the drills. One thing I found interesting is how they would edit the broadcast so that any 40 times were removed, they didn't want the athletes knowing times of each other until everyone had ran. The Players Not that it's news to anyone, but RG3 is blazing fast. Really disappointing that he and Luck chose not to throw. Luck was a bit surprising to me, I expected him to be a bit slower than he was, definitely looked quicker than his official time. Only being able to see the first group of WR's, I can't comment much on half of them. But of the first group Stephen Hill and Michael Floyd stood out well above the rest, even above Blackmon. Hill just snatched everything that came his way and was just smoking fast. Nearly the same can be said for Floyd, both looked good. Wish I could give more feedback on the players, unfortunately it just wasn't in the cards due to the NFL having us leave part way through the day. If they open this again I'd love to go back, hopefully they do and also allow fans to be there a bit longer in the day.
  15. I'm going to the Combine!

    Pink thong and heels! Probably wear my Manning jersey one last time before he's a Dolphin
  16. I'm going to the Combine!

    Sorry guys, I got my dates confused originally. It's Sunday that I get to go, not today.
  17. I'm going to the Combine!

  18. I'm going to the Combine!

  19. I'm going to the Combine!

    If there's anyone specific you want info on post it here and I'll d my best. I'm certainly no scout but I'm hoping to take some notes assuming the nfl lets me take some old school recording tools like paper and pen in with me.
  20. I'm going to the Combine!

    In not so many words, I sure did
  21. I'm going to the Combine!

    Now you're not the only one that line worked on
  22. I'm going to the Combine!

    Cell phones were the first on the list of things you can't bring in. I'm hoping I can bring in a notepad or something to jot things down throughout the day. It didn't specifically mention what they're looking for, but I got the impression it revolves around the NFLN broadcast. Team gear/spamshirts of an sort are promoted to be worn with a questionnaire to be filled out after the experience. They're definitely looking for a certain criteria, had to upload a photo and give a comment as to why they should select me.
  23. Props

    Passed on the first score being a safety. 60-1.
  24. Peyton Mannings has received clearance to play

    For the record, I agree 100% as do several of us in town. Irsay and Manning said a week ago they need to handle this in house, together, and not in the press. And both have done nothing but interviews since then. Sickening honestly. It's sad that it's taking time away from reporting on the city and their efforts hosing the Super Bowl as well as covering the two teams in the game. Seriously, what does waiting 4 more days to release this information hurt?!
  25. Cold weather Super Bowl cities (Indy specifically)

    I was down there today, the winds were definitely strong but I must've missed this happening. As far as Indy being in the rotation, I wouldn't be surprised by it if this one goes well. The city has really gone all out creating a great environment, everything being withing walking distance with plenty of indoor connecting walkways. Sure we don't have the beaches, but I'm anticipating some great press/publicity once everyone starts arriving.