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  1. I am STARTING KROB this week

    I see your 3 and raise you one
  2. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE!

    1.Alexander 2.Jones 3.LT
  3. Trade for Benson?

    If I was the other owner I would take Cadillac and nothing less. Please see my post...
  4. WDIS QB

    Go with Hasslebeck at least there is the possibility of a shootout. If Dallas gets far enough ahead they'll pull Bledsoe. Please see my post - Luck.
  5. WDIS - RB Dilemma

    Go with Johnson at least he is guarenteed about 10 attempts where as Moore and Dayne could be really limited... Please see my post...Luck
  6. What is Holt worth?

    Not a bad deal but but Mike Martz could really screw you if he refuses to use Jackson properly. Please see my post...
  7. Trade Randy Moss or Chad Johnson

    No I wouldnt do it. Moss is worth much more.So is Johnson for that matter. Please see my post...
  8. What QB to start

    Ugh what a nasty choice, go with Favre at least TB is not as good as Phil so they shouldnt get way to far ahead... Please see my post...
  9. here's another wdis

    Go with Warner - even if the Raiders/Phil game goes to garbage time who's to say Collins will be in there down 34-7?
  10. Stallworth, Travis Taylor or Chambers

    I think the Min vs. NO game might end up being a shootout - so I would go with probably Stallworth, just because Taylor is more of a gamble right now... Please see mine-
  11. Stallworth, M Clayton, or T Glenn

    Hard choice but I would go Stallworth in what could be a shootout. Glenn and Clayton could end up in ugly one-sided affairs + Both TB and Dal would rather run all over their opponents then pass...
  12. Need expert trade advice! HELP!

    Stick with what you got Parker could end up putting huge #'s this year, and Jackson is better than Branch.
  13. 1.Bryant in a passing offense 2.Evans #1 in a rushing offense and a young QB 3.Taylor a wildcard depending how good the Min offense is 4.Ferguson could reap rewards if he steps up. 5.Glenn hit or miss as a deep threat 6.Battle good wr bad offense
  14. WDIS WR

    Go with Wayne that offense is primed to explode against Cle. And the KC def is still a mystery...
  15. Taylor vs. Davis

    Trade offer is out there I am offered Domanick Davis for Fred Taylor straight up, who would you rather have? - Keeper League.