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  1. Chiefs-Rams Game Thread

    Game over
  2. Chiefs-Rams Game Thread

    What a catch by Hill!!!
  3. Chiefs-Rams Game Thread

    They've been my defense all year sens I benched them this week. Still won, thankfully.
  4. Chiefs-Rams Game Thread

    He's back and fine.
  5. Chiefs-Rams Game Thread

    Gurley was back in, got a carry and ran a route. However, between plays, I did see him bending down, looking like he was stretching something out. Could be something, could be something...
  6. For you flex, I like them in this order- Diggs Lewis Lindsay Boyd Tate QB- I see them as neck and neck, roll the dice with some more Fitzmagic!
  7. Junkyard!! What's up brother?!?! We got about 7 inches here, so not much better. I'd play Lindsay not only because of the PPR but because of the 0.25 per rush, he should add another 4 points there. Even if that scoring wasn't that way, I'd play Lindsay.
  8. That I am. That storm was definitely one that caught some off guard. However, I had no problems. Thx for asking and sorry about your awful commute. Both QBs make for great starts. I have them 1 and 2 this week but think I'd start Brees. At WR - Davis and Sutton I have Sutton and Ridley evenly ranked but would go Sutton because I think he'll be targeted more.
  9. Help with starting lineup!

    Neck and neck but I'd lean JuJu by a smidge.
  10. Week 11 Milk Carton

    Got hurt. Surprise to me. Thought we'd see a solid effort from him, especially without Cobb. However, Adams caught literally half of Rodgers completions 10/21 and was targeted for nearly half of his attempts 12/30. WOW!