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    Loving my wife, 4 beautiful kids. Enjoy my gorgeous house and be thankful for everyday that I have the opportunity to make more happy memories!

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  1. Awesome, i'm just happy you're all good! Winnings are on the way. Congrats! ETA: I'd never give your boxes away, it's been too many years.
  2. His last response in this thread.
  3. My pleasure! Still no word from RR26...
  4. Wonder if RR26 is ok, he won money in my pool and he hasn't checked in here or responded to my texts...
  5. Winners!!! Sheet 1 1st - Mustofbeendrunk $50 PD Half - blaw23 $150 PD 3rd - Dcat $50 PD Final - Dcat $250 PD Sheet 2 1st - Cincy Slammers $50 PD Half - RR26 $150 owes $40, so $110 PD 3rd - Irish $50 PD Final - Irish $250 (I finally won something after all these years!!!) PD Send me your PP info, thx. Congrats to all!!!
  6. That's crazy, the odds of getting those numbers on every sheet are so small.
  7. Actually, just took a picture and was able to add it below. Good Luck to all and enjoy the game. Also, enjoy my 2 year old's artwork as well!
  8. I have shared my personal superbowl sheet with those of you who are in it and I had your cell #s - heehawks, TRU, blaw23, CowboysDiehard, and Dcat. Need a contact, cell or email, for Montana, Rileyrott, and Mustofbeendrunk and I'll send it to you as well. Thx
  9. Yup, np. GL! I've drawn those numbers as well and was going to text a picture to everyone, if i have their number, which is almost everyone on the list. The rest, I'll chat with them individually. What do you want to do?
  10. Alright guys here are the sheets for the big game!! Sheet 1
  11. Yup, I'll post it here. I may move it up to tonight, just to have it done.
  12. Yet to pay - Alchico - gotta check maybe sent bank payment Havoc Montana Soop RR