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  1. AFC Championship Game

    And they still almost beat them. Imagine if the Pats can stay focused for just 3 quarters. ETA: With Brady, may only need 2.
  2. Vikes vs the Saints

    That's great news! Cause that was an awful play that likely ruined their chance at a probable SB appearance. And such an easy play to make too, compared to others he's made in his short career.
  3. Vikes vs the Saints

    there's a bunch of these out there. Hulk Hogan with the leg drop on his back, dancing ones, racing ones with him looking like he's at the finish line. Hysterical. Poor guy is on suicide watch.
  4. Vikes vs the Saints

    So true, highly doubt the Pats make it. You saw what they did to the Titans. There will be no taking any team lightly.
  5. AFC Championship Game

    Man, no insult meant to the teams or their fans but I'd imagine viewership would be down with a Vikings/Jags SB.
  6. Vikes vs the Saints

    You guys here that evil giggle, that's Kraft, Belicheck, Brady and Patriot nation chuckling at the prospect of facing either Keenum or Foles instead of Brees. Hats and shirts are being printed and ring design is underway...
  7. Vikes vs the Saints

    LoL! Great episode.
  8. Vikes vs the Saints

    I think Williams was trying to avoid a PI call and just undercut the tackle and ended up blowing it all.
  9. Vikes vs the Saints

    Not only did he completely whiff on the tackle on Diggs, he tackled his own guy who could've made the tackle too!!
  10. Vikes vs the Saints

    what was this guy thinking?!
  11. Vikes vs the Saints

    What a great finish!!
  12. Vikes vs the Saints

    What is Marcus Williams doing?!?!
  13. Vikes vs the Saints

  14. Vikes vs the Saints