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    Loving my wife, 2 beautiful kids, and my little miracle, Colin. Enjoy my gorgeous house and be thankful for everyday that I have the opportunity to make more happy memories!

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  1. +1
  2. This thread nonetheless.
  3. Sacrilege!!
  4. I hear ya, I was simply poking fun as faux news.
  5. Fox news was reporting it? Lol
  6. Hey borge, completely understand. I know we have time, however, we'd have to start this draft by something like August 10-13 to even have a shot to be completed by the 21st. That's early but we'll see... Understand Buddahj, good luck with things. We'll have to see if this league goes by the wayside.
  7. It was a great run with a nice little payout! Congrats!
  8. My pleasure guys, always fun to run these and add to the enjoyment of the game.
  9. Only 67 teams 1 cup needs to be paid once he gives me his info.
  10. Everyone should be paid up now.
  11. Sundae Couch, sent your winnings.
  12. REZ, sent your winnings.
  13. heehaws I sent your winnings.
  14. Winners for this year's Box Pools, congrats to all the winners and I look forward to doing this again next year. Sheet 1 1st - heehawks - $50 Pd Half - RR26 - $150 Pd 3rd - borge007 - $50 Pd Final - Swash - $250 Pd Sheet 2 1st - REZ - $50 Pd 2nd - heehawks - $150 Pd 3rd - Sundae Couch - $50 Pd Final - Swash - $250 Pd Big night for both Swash and heehawks!! Please PM me your PP addy to receive your winnings or text it to me at 732-642-2808, thx. By the way just received HBTC's check today, thx.