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  1. I meant in regard to figuring out playing time with guys like lynch and AP who are used to getting the touches and being the bell cow, not too mention adding in the CoP guys. Sure could create headaches for the opposing DC but would be for the OC as well. A lot of 2nd guessing.
  2. Nightmare for fantasy and real life.
  3. Wow, so he does!
  4. Can you picture Lacy when he retires? He'll be sitting on his couch at 315 pounds eating Doritos, Pop Tarts and Fruity Pebbles, washing it all down with butterfinger blizzards from DQ.
  5. And that's saying something!
  6. Ah my number is all over this place.
  7. Odd, I just entered 3 brackets for people who completed them on paper/pencil and gave them to me. They must be getting killed with traffic last minute. Text me with any changes you want to make to 732-642-2808. And I'll add them later.
  8. Good game but I think clash of clans is better. Have fun and if you give it a try, let me know.
  9. Coming to join us?
  10. We have about 30 in right now. I believe I do have your addy, however, just pm it to me again and I'll send an invite right over. Thx
  11. I never got your message. It's not too late, pm me your email addy.
  12. Just bumping as another reminder.
  13. Brackets are out, let me know if you want in and haven't received an invite. Thx Wild Turkey got your PP.
  14. Seems like they all find what it takes in the land of magic.