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  1. The Catch Rule Proposal

    The Calvin Johnson catch, imo, was a catch back then when it happened. That was a ridiculous call, even based on the crap rule.
  2. 2018 March Madness Tourney...

    Ok, pm or text me your email, thx. ETA: Found it, invite sent.
  3. 2018 March Madness Tourney...

    Bump for any possible Wednesday additions...
  4. NCAA Men's Bracket

    Well, we'll make it happen then.
  5. NCAA Men's Bracket

    I usually do 2 but we'll see what times allows.
  6. NCAA Men's Bracket

    I'll be in yours, do you wanna cover each others as always?
  7. 2018 March Madness Tourney...

    Just fired off an invite to you, let me know if you got it, thx.
  8. 2018 March Madness Tourney...

    Brackets are out!! Had a few join up already, let's keep the pot growing...
  9. Selection Sunday is this coming Sunday! Once again, I will be running a pool on CBS, as in the past, or poolhost, so if anyone wants in post here or PM me. It's gonna be $10 per sheet you play. Please PM me your email so I can send you an invite. I will be sending out an email to those who were in last year. Huddlers in (other than my school peeps)
  10. My pleasure as always guys, enjoy adding a little something extra to the big game!
  11. Clash of Clans...

    The offseason is here once again, time to pick up a new vice!! Fill your life with a little CoC, LIVING THE LIFE style!!
  12. bonedaddies, I finally got the PP to go through. You should have your winnings.
  13. Who wins the Super Bowl poll

    He did fumble the game away though, oh and drop that trick play pass which would have been for a first down. Just saying.
  14. All winners have been paid out, congrats!! 1 - Greta 2 - electric relish 3 - Mile High 4 - KC United 5 - No.4 HP - Gopher
  15. My pleasure! All winners have been paid out with the exception of bonedaddies because there were some issues going through PP. PM sent.