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  1. D. Freeman status

    I read he's out 2-3 weeks.

    I think this helps the entire offense. I grabbed Callaway hoping for something there.
  3. I need to bench one...

    DT to the pine.
  4. Newton by a smidge Hunt and Clement Hop and Fitz Woods or enunwa but probably enunwa.
  5. I see you're a little desperate at RB and so the trade makes sense. However, I think in the end, this is a bad deal for you, as you lose more at RB, than you gain at WR.
  6. Yes, absolutely play DJ. I'd play enunwa over Goodwin though.
  7. I have them neck and neck but go Lewis by a hair.
  8. Who would you then start away TE, no gronk isn't too much. Hell, he might not be long for football anyhow.
  9. That's a decent deal, take connor and AP if you need the RB help now. Hilton will probably end up being the best player in the deal.
  10. I'd keep Breida. I can't see your QBs, so first trade i'm not sure of. Can't see signatures on mobile devices.