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  1. Miller has a torn ACL
  2. Message Board League status

    I'm out, thx. Enjoy guys.
  3. Need help: Most competitive league settings?

    And someone i know is very good at chess.
  4. March Madness Pool...

    Last chance to get in on the brackets.
  5. March Madness Pool...

    Oh, ok, it was a fail. Don't know how anyone else is doing or how the app in general is doing.
  6. March Madness Pool...

    I have no idea, it was complete crap from my perspective and i avoided losing any money by getting out early. Lots of promises that didn't come to fruition in my time with it. Why, what does that have to do do with this March Madness contest?
  7. March Madness Pool...

    Got your PP, thx.
  8. March Madness Pool...

    Sounds good, you still have my PP info?
  9. March Madness Pool...

    Hey all, I'm running my yearly March Madness Brackets Pool, Franklin Madness, on Each submitted sheet is $10, entering multiple sheets per player is allowed. We had over 50 people in last year, and if anyone is interested in jumping in this year post here and send me a PM with your name and email so that I can send you an invite. Thx
  10. Interested if you have room.. thanks!

  11. Whats up man, long time ... good luck this year.


    I have QB question for you.  I have Wilson & Big Ben:  ANy idea who i should put in this week?


    thanks bro

    1. irish


      Sorry bud, I haven't been on these forums in quite some time.  Hope all is well. 

  12. Hi BB, Starting up a new 12-14 team league with just long time Huddlers. Either 100% redraft or 2-3 keepers after inaugural year. Standard scoring with 1PPR, period of BB followed by FCFS, 6 make the playoffs top 2 getting byes in week 14. Entry fee will be cheap $25-50. I invited DMD, doubt he jumps in though. We already have a solid 8 together though. Would you want in? Scotty (Irish)

  13. How to geet a league Trading?

    you can't make people do things they don't feel comfortable with. i'm a commish as well and only a few guys make trades in my league and i've had this league running for almost 10 years and some guys have never made a trade and better yet make very few transactions at all. the only answers is to get other owners who like to make deals.
  14. Would you do this trade?

    portis seems to have a tougher schedule ahead and jones' schedule is pretty good washington D will keep them in more games though VS det D. could be too early to tell
  15. Ricky Williams

    another tough call to make because jones is playing so well and ronnie isn't i've already heard rumors of ricky getting his shot upon returning. remember the dolphins are off next week so ronnie has to show whatever worth he has against the panthers this week and that could open the door for williams in week 5 although they will be playing buffalo