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  1. I wouldn't do it. Kittle is banged up and you'd be giving up like 330-340 points remaining on the season and getting less then 200 back in value. Maybe if a lesser RB was involved in the deal.
  2. Dude, hell no, you're getting bent over the barrel in both cases!
  3. I don't like either of those trades for you. The first one is terrible and the 2nd one is still not good but a little less offensive.
  4. How bout them Cowboys!

    Like Pee Wee football!
  5. I like your lineup the way it is but you definitely have some tough choices with all those options. Like Edelman and Gordon being over Hines. 2nd thought, I might play Edelman over Hines. If D Johnson is David Johnson, then he needs to be the flex over everyone.
  6. I think you start Edelman. Hines and Sanders should be solid as well.
  7. I like both Davis and Campbell better then Sutton and I see them as about even this week. Davis with the slight edge.
  8. Morning D, 1. Miller by a smidge 2. Williams 3. Lockett and Diggs 4. Ruggs and Perriman 5. I think Herndon is the best play here. 6. Ugh, Kirk and Williams 7. Diggs 8. Peterson and Herndon 9. Cook 10. Higbee GL!
  9. TE - Goedert Fx - Gordon Fx - McLaurin (Lamb would've been next)
  10. Easy one for me - Chark, Diggs and Sanders.
  11. I like Bernard, then Barber, then Gore, then Hyde.
  12. I answer all of these from my mobile device, so I can't see any sigs. I'm assuming PPR. This one's a toughy, none of those options are jumping out to me, I'm torn between Gibson and Gage and see them as dead even, Gage maybe a slight advantage, especially in PPR.