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  1. Lamar, could likely be the best QB play this week.
  2. Murray for sure. Kerryon by a smidge over Cooks.
  3. Think I'd roll with Lazard, could really have a great week. Upside is certainly greater.
  4. It's certainly possible, however, I'd still roll with fuller, Tate and anderson.
  5. What's up Shake! I think I'd roll MG3 out there and hope they use him more to control clock. John brown and cooks are a toss up but I'm leaning John Brown. GL
  6. Roll with Montgomery but Lazard is an intriguing prospect.
  7. Honestly, that's a pretty even trade and if Mahomes misses a bunch of time, which isn't expected, you take a bath. The RBs are closer than it may seem, as are Metcalf and Sanders and the reality is some may like Lamar Jackson more. Fair trade that could go either way.
  8. Both should have solid games and it could go either way. Standard or PPR? I'm leaning Jacobs.
  9. Sorry, didn't get to these. * chark and sutton *chark, Cooks and boyd *boyd and Waller
  10. That's a dead even trade and i think I'd lean cooper and Mixon.
  11. I wouldn't do the 2nd if it's all of them for kupp. I'd do the CMC deal as that's an upgrade overall.
  12. I just love his upside and versatility especially with Brees coming back.
  13. Getting D. Henry for hunter is a fair deal, that's the one i would do. Hunter Henry is only a slight drop off.