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    Loving my wife, 4 beautiful kids. Enjoy my gorgeous house and be thankful for everyday that I have the opportunity to make more happy memories!

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  1. Emmanuel Sanders To The Saints

    Agreed, very solid signing.
  2. So what new thing are you doing?

    Got into investing.
  3. Official QB domino thread

    Honestly, Rivers looked done last year. He truly looked really bad at times. I wish him nothing but the best but I'm leery.
  4. March Madness Bracket Contest

    Yup, tourney canceled. See you all next year.
  5. March Madness Bracket Contest

    I agree and won't be collecting any entry fees until we know everything for sure. If no selection Sunday happens, there's no tournament and no contest. That simple.
  6. March Madness Bracket Contest

    Ok, send me your email and I'll send you an invite.
  7. March Madness Bracket Contest

    That would have to be the case, sounds good. Irish10163@aol dot com.
  8. March Madness Bracket Contest

    Ok, cool. You got the invite?
  9. Back with the yearly pool that I run through CBS. If anyone is interested in getting in, shoot me an email and it's $10 per completed sheet (max 5 sheets per person allowed). 60 people were in last year and I paid out to the top 5. I'll be accepting payment through PayPal, venmo or snail mail.
  10. XFL

    See, that would be where they would go wrong, nobody would know what PI was in the XFL either then.
  11. My pleasure! Great year for you, kudos!
  12. Yup, finished in 5th i believe.
  13. 2020 Huddle Superbowl Box Pool

    My pleasure!
  14. Final Standings 1st Place - $930 - Bristol Bloods 2nd Place - $465 - Gopher 3rd Place - $185 - Craig & Joey 4th Place - $130 - Zippity 5th Place - $95 - Chris K. Single Week highest pts - $55 #1 Giants' Fan I need any winners to shoot me you PP addy, thx. Congrats to all winners! See you next year! ETA - Everyone has been paid out! Congrats once again!
  15. 2020 Huddle Superbowl Box Pool

    PP sent to Mustofbeendrunk, congrats! Everyone has been paid out! See you all next year.