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    Loving my wife, 2 beautiful kids, and my little miracle, Colin. Enjoy my gorgeous house and be thankful for everyday that I have the opportunity to make more happy memories!

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  1. Whats up man, long time ... good luck this year.


    I have QB question for you.  I have Wilson & Big Ben:  ANy idea who i should put in this week?


    thanks bro

  2. Survivor - Week 1

    I actually read some info about how poorly Superbowl losers do in week 1s and they're away right?
  3. Joe Haden released..where to?

    Would love the cowboys to grab him!

    Yeah I noticed some issues with draft order as well. My pick is too early in round 3.

    Boy, this is sad. Can't fill a free league with a free huddle membership on the line?!
  6. Message Board League

    I guess with this being draft only best ball, I'll do it.
  8. Also read that Skins, TE, Reed is starting things out on the PUP with a toe issue.
  9. Knee Surgery
  11. Thx, not sure. He moved to Tennessee a couple months back to make a run at the big time. We'll be getting together this summer.
  12. Clash of Clans...

    That's funny! Pm sent in regard to you possibly coming aboard.
  13. our next president

    This has to be a fishing trip because anyone with any brains at all can't think that Trump is a good president. We are an absolute joke to the rest of the world because of this clown.
  14. our next president

    The guy is a complete embarrassment. What a shame that people couldn't see through him. Oh wait, wouldn't have mattered, Russia did their part.
  15. Irish taking a break from FF

    Thx goose, I appreciate the kind words and have enjoyed playing this game for many, many years. This will be the first time since 1989 that I will not take part in FF. I will miss it dearly but my family, especially with 4 kids, really need all that I can give them. I will be back some day. In the meantime, enjoy all!