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  1. Investing in the stock market...

    You nailed it! I'm a sucker for those Bears. Actually, one of my favorites so far has been Shopify.
  2. Any of you guys investing during these crazy times? You do individual stocks, funds? I've just begun doing so myself, figuring I'd get in when many solid stocks are bottoming out. What individual stocks/companies are you guys looking at?
  3. Drew Brees

    It's just too easy.
  4. Drew Brees

    So true
  5. Investing in the stock market...

    With the minimal money I've put into investing, it happened to be at the perfect time. I've done very well.
  6. Investing in the stock market...

    Holy hell, Dave! Where have you been? And these bastids have to be good for something!
  7. Ryan Leaf arrested on domestic battery charge

    Posters like you didn't kill this forum. It could actually use more like you. This forum was filled with dicks and they moved on. Things haven't rebounded because the content is substandard and uninspiring and the website changes haven't been easy to navigate at times.
  8. Roger Goodell gives up salary

    Still his money.
  9. Roger Goodell gives up salary

    It really is! Dude gave up 4 million dollars! That's 1/10 of what he makes. I wouldn't want to give up 1/10 of what I make, even if, like him, I'd be fine compared to many others. It's my damn money! I should be punished, mocked or criticized because of the job I have, which still pays me my full salary where others are unemployed or are taking % cuts?
  10. Welcome to all those who have offered up their time and effort to participate in this NFL Mock Draft, along with those wanting to follow along!! This should be a lot of fun watching fellow Huddlers play GM for their Homer teams. I also wanted to add that if any Huddler would still like to be a part and have their opinion/voice heard when their Homer teams' pick comes up, feel free to PM me or the Huddler listed with the specific team below. Please keep all comments in this thread only as the actual selections will be in the other Draft thread. Thanks. Round 1 1 Detroit Lions - Policyvote - LB, Aaron Curry, Wake Forest 2 St. Louis Rams - Peteteacher2001 - T, Eugene Monroe, Virginia 3 Kansas City Chiefs - FingFootball - OT, Jason Smith, Baylor 4 Seattle Seahawks - theProfessor - WR, Jeremy Maclin, Missouri 5 Cleveland Browns - Mojo20 - DE, Brian Orakpo, Texas 6 Cincinnati Bengals - Sox - WR, Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech 7 Oakland Raiders - Kpholmes and Return of S&B - DT, B.J. Raji, Boston College 8 Jacksonville Jaguars - Piratesownninjas - CB, Vontae Davis, Illinois 9 Green Bay Packers - Randall, Piratesownninjas and Stingers - DE, Tyson Jackson, LSU 10 San Francisco 49ers - Gopher - DE, Everette Brown, FSU 11 Buffalo Bills - Satelliteoflovegm and peepinmofo - DE, Michael Johnson, GT 12 Denver Broncos - LordOpie - DT, Peria Jerry, Mississippi 13 Washington Redskins - WashingtonD - OT, Andre Smith, Alabama 14 New Orleans Saints - Randall - CB, Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio State 15 Houston Texans - MTSuper7 - QB, Matt Stafford, Georgia 16 San Diego Chargers - Taz - RB, Knowshon Moreno, Georgia 17 New York Jets - Irish and any other Jets' homers - QB, Mark Sanchez, USC 18 Chicago Bears - Wolverines Fan - WR, Darrius Heyward-Bey, Maryland 19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Randall - DE, Robert Ayers, Tennessee 20 Detroit Lions (from Dallas) - Policyvote - OT, Michael Oher, Mississippi 21 Philadelphia Eagles - Fitzkek and Swammi - TE, Brandon Pettigrew, Oklahoma State 22 Minnesota Vikings - Outshined - OT, Eben Britton, Arizona 23 New England Patriots - Patsfan39 - ILB, Rey Maualuga, USC 24 Atlanta Falcons - KillerFalcons - OLB, Brian Cushing, USC 25 Miami Dolphins - Seahawks21 - OLB, Aaron Maybin, Penn State 26 Baltimore Ravens - WashingtonD - WR, Percy Harvin, Florida 27 Indianapolis Colts - BeeR - ILB, James Laurinaitis, Ohio State 28 Philadelphia Eagles (from Carolina) - Fitzkek and Swammi - WR, Hakeem Nicks, North Carolina 29 New York Giants - MrTed46 and Timmypg - OT, Philip Loadholt, Oklahoma 30 Tennessee Titans - theProfessor - WR, Kenny Britt, Rutgers 31 Arizona Cardinals - suckmyvick and Loyalboyd - RB, Beanie Wells, Ohio State 32 Pittsburgh Steelers - Electricrelish - CB, Alphonso Smith, Wake Forest Round 2 1 33 Detroit - Policyvote - QB, Josh Freeman, Kansas State 2 34 New England (from Kansas City) - Patsfan39 - RB, LeSean McCoy, Pittsburgh 3 35 St. Louis- Peteteacher2001 - DT, Ron Brace, Boston College 4 36 Cleveland - Mojo20 - OLB, Clay Matthews, USC 5 37 Seattle - theProfessor - RB, Donald Brown, Connecticut 6 38 Cincinnati - Sox - C, Alex Mack, California 7 39 Jacksonville - Seahawks21 - OT, William Beatty, Connecticut 8 40 Oakland - Kpholmes and Return of S&B - C, Max Unger, Oregon 9 41 Green Bay- Randall, Piratesownninjas and Stingers - DE, Larry English, Northern Illinois 10 42 Buffalo Satelliteoflovegm and peepinmofo - TE, Jared Cook, South Carolina 11 43 San Francisco - Gopher - OT, Jamon Meredith, South Carolina 12 44 Miami (from Washington) - Dirtdickens - CB, Victor Harris, Virginia Tech 13 45 N.Y. Giants (from New Orleans) - MrTed46 and Timmypg - WR, Mohamed Massaquoi, Georgia 14 46 Houston - MTSuper7 - CB/S, Sean Smith, Utah 15 47 New England (from San Diego) - Patsfan39 - OLB, Clint Sintim, Virginia 16 48 Denver - LordOpie - OLB, Marcus Freeman, Ohio State 17 49 Chicago Wolverines Fan - OT, Gerald Cadogan, Penn State 18 50 Cleveland (from Tampa Bay) - Mojo20 - WR, Brian Robiskie, Ohio State 19 51 Dallas - Irish, Scooby, CowboysDiehard, Cowboyz1 and Clubfoothead - S, Louis Delmas- West. Mich. 20 52 N.Y. Jets - Irish and any other Jets' homers - WR, Derrick Williams, Penn State 21 53 Philadelphia - Fitzkek and Swammi - S, William Moore, Missouri 22 54 Minnesota Outshined - CB, D.J. Moore, Vanderbilt 23 55 Atlanta - KillerFalcons - TE, Travis Beckum, Wisconsin 24 56 Miami - Seahawks21 and Dirtdickens - DE, Connor Barwin, Cincinnati 25 57 Baltimore - WashingtonD - CB, Darius Butler, Connecticut 26 58 New England - Patsfan39 - DE, Paul Kruger, Utah 27 59 Carolina - Patsfan39 - DT, Evander "Ziggy" Hood, Missouri 28 60 N.Y. Giants - MrTed46 and Timmypg - ILB, Darry Beckwith, LSU 29 61 Indianapolis - BeeR - DT, Jarron Gilbert, San Jose St. 30 62 Tennessee - theProfessor - S, Patrick Chung, Oregon 31 63 Arizona - suckmyvick and Loyalboyd - OG- Herman Johnson- LSU 32 64 Pittsburgh - Electricrelish - OG, Duke Robinson, Oklahoma Round 3 1 65 Detroit - Policyvote - CB, Coye Francies, San Jose State 2 66 St. Louis - Peteteacher2001 - ILB, Josh Mauga, Nevada 3 67 Kansas City - FingFootball - OLB, Tyrone McKenzie, South Florida 4 68 Seattle - theProfessor - S, Chris Clemons, Clemson 5 69 Dallas (from Cleveland) - Irish, Scooby, CowboysDiehard and Cowboyz1 - OG, Andy Levitre, Oregon State 6 70 Cincinnati - Sox - TE, Cornelius Ingram, Florida 7 71 Oakland - Kpholmes and Return of S&B - WR, Juaquin Iglesias, Oklahoma 8 72 Jacksonville - theprofessor - WR, Brandon Gibson, Washington State University 9 73 Green Bay - Randall, Piratesownninjas and Stingers - OT, Troy Kropog, Tulane 10 74 San Francisco - Gopher - FS, Rashad Johnson, Alabama 11 75 Buffalo - Satelliteoflovegm and peepinmofo - OG, Louis Vasquez, Texas Tech 12 76 N.Y. Jets (from New Orleans) - Irish and any other Jets' homers - CB, Jairus Byrd, Oregon 13 77 Houston - MTSuper7 - RB, Rashad Jennings, Liberty 14 78 San Diego - Taz - S, Derek Pegues, Mississippi State 15 79 Denver - LordOpie - DT, Sen'Derrick Marks, Auburn 16 80 Washington - WashingtonD - DE, Michael Bennett, Texas A&M 17 81 Tampa Bay - Randall - DT, Fili Moala, USC 18 82 Detroit (from Dallas) - Policyvote - WR, Brandon Tate, North Carolina 19 83 Green Bay (from N.Y. Jets) - Randall, Piratesownninjas and Stingers - CB, Mike Mickens, Cincinnati 20 84 Chicago - Wolverines Fan - FS, Chip Vaughn, Wake Forest 21 85 Philadelphia - Fitzkek and Swammi - RB, Shonn Greene, Iowa 22 86 Minnesota - Outshined - SS, Michael Hamlin, Clemson 23 87 Miami - Dirtdickens - DT, Ricky Jean- Francois, LSU 24 88 Baltimore - WashingtonD - ILB, Dannell Ellerbe, Georgia 25 89 New England - Patsfan39 - QB/WR/RB, Pat White, West Virginia 26 90 Atlanta - KillerFalcons - CB, Keenan Lewis, Oregon State 27 91 N.Y. Giants - Irish - DT, Alex MaGee, Purdue 28 92 Indianapolis - Randall - WR, Louis Murphy, Florida 29 93 Carolina - Patsfan39 - DE, Brandon Williams, Texas Tech 30 94 Tennessee - theProfessor - DT, Mitch King, Iowa 31 95 Arizona - suckmyvick and Loyalboyd - OLB, Eric Moncur, Miami 32 96 Pittsburgh - Electricrelish - C, Eric Wood, Louisville 33 97 New England (compensatory) - Patsfan39 - DE, Cody Brown, UConn 34 98 Cincinnati (compensatory) - Sox - ILB Jasper Brinkley,South Carolina 35 99 Chicago (compensatory) - Wolverines Fan - DE, Kyle Moore, USC 36 100 N.Y. Giants (compensatory) - Irish - CB, Cary Harris, USC And with the First Pick of the Huddlers' 2009 NFL Mock Draft, the Detroit Lions' Homer, Policyvote, selects...

    Agreed and my comment of "those were the days", were in reference to the days here. I'm on other boards as well and they are thriving. I hate to say it but The Huddle is dead. I actually wasn't a paid member for the first time last year and the year before I was still on auto- pay, so I just considered that a donation and changed by settings.

    Agreed. The huddlers listed in here and 23 pages of posts for a mock draft... those were the days. It was a lot of fun, but we'll never see this again. Sad.
  13. Mock draft, anyone?

    Hey Dcat, all is well with my crew. Just getting done with Spring Break and back into the grind of home schooling and Remote Teaching. I know I used to run this mock years ago, just don't have the time and haven't really been paying much attention to mock drafts this year. Hope all is well with you and yours. Enjoy!
  14. Emmanuel Sanders To The Saints

    Agreed, very solid signing.
  15. So what new thing are you doing?

    Got into investing.
  16. Official QB domino thread

    Honestly, Rivers looked done last year. He truly looked really bad at times. I wish him nothing but the best but I'm leery.
  17. March Madness Bracket Contest

    Yup, tourney canceled. See you all next year.
  18. Back with the yearly pool that I run through CBS. If anyone is interested in getting in, shoot me an email and it's $10 per completed sheet (max 5 sheets per person allowed). 60 people were in last year and I paid out to the top 5. I'll be accepting payment through PayPal, venmo or snail mail.
  19. March Madness Bracket Contest

    I agree and won't be collecting any entry fees until we know everything for sure. If no selection Sunday happens, there's no tournament and no contest. That simple.
  20. March Madness Bracket Contest

    Ok, send me your email and I'll send you an invite.
  21. March Madness Bracket Contest

    That would have to be the case, sounds good. Irish10163@aol dot com.
  22. March Madness Bracket Contest

    Ok, cool. You got the invite?
  23. Search feature...

    Why am i not able to find threads from previous years like i have been able to in the past? Was searching for my thread on the playoff fantasy football contest i ran lat year and no dice. Also couldn't find my thread for the college bowl games pool.
  24. XFL

    See, that would be where they would go wrong, nobody would know what PI was in the XFL either then.
  25. Hello fellow Huddlers! As with last year, I figured I'd get an early start on this since I'm crazy busy at home with my village of children. So, here it goes... Just like previous years, I am running a league (Fantasy-aholics) where you can choose any player you want, any week you want throughout the playoffs (not 1 and done). No IDPs, PPR scoring, start 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 1 flex (RB, WR, TE), 1 K and 1 Def. This is a very simple league, score the most points from the Wild Card weekend through the Super Bowl and you win. Entry Fee $20. I'll be sending out invites to the 90 people who were in last year, 151 total people that have been in this over the years and obviously accepting new people this year. My Paypal will be given out in the invite. When you pay, please don't mention anything about fantasy football, gambling, etc. as my account could get locked. Just send to friend to avoid fees and include your Huddle name/Team name in the message. Thx ** The payouts will be based on the number of people joined up. (Payouts from last year) We had 90 people in the contest and I paid the top 5, and the person who had the highest one week score. I did a percentage breakdown of approximately: 50-25-10-7-5-3 and will probably do the same or something similar this year. The payout structure will be confirmed by Wild Card Weekend. With 93 confirmed, the total for payouts is $1,860!! 1st Place - $930 2nd Place - $465 3rd Place - $185 4th Place - $130 5th Place - $95 Single Week highest pts - $55 Thx, Scott (Irish) In Irish - PD Shaft - PD Dcat - PD RR26 - PD Junkyard (Dave S.) - PD Gopher - PD Jaime M (Liz B. - PD Anthony G (Avgargano) - PD De wanna wanga (Anthony G) - PD Longtime Lemmings - PD Greta - PD Sauced Leprechauns - PD Wales - PD borge007 - PD heehawks - PD hoodoo (Steve V.) - PD SafariSpency (Spencer E) - PD Finn5033 - PD Shortty - PD Tomer - PD Shaft - PD Theirish - PD KC REUNITED - PD KCChiefsFan - PD TRU SOLDA - PD Kevinkris - PD Jman - PD JoJothewebtoedboy - PD Trainwreck - PD Bcat01 (Doug N.) - PD Chris W - PD Dog Farts (Tony K) - PD Buddahj (In Kahoots) - PD Big Mike - PD Dragon1952 - PD Chargerette - PD Brauer - PD NAUGRAD - PD Bobby Brown - PD Nasty2020 (Chris G.) - PD One Man Wolf Pack and 'Merica - PD Blaw23 - PD Sundae Couch Potato - PD General Itals - PD MikesVikes - PD Wild Turkeys (Adam S) - PD Dramatic Chipmunks (Marvin) - PD Chris K. - PD Paul G - PD Monson33 (Mike M) - PD Respect the TECH (Doug) - PD Kam - PD Eagle2003 - PD Adrienne H - PD Wha What - PD asdemers - PD Roland B - PD CowboysDiehard - PD Bob N Weaver (Shea M) - PD Craig and Joey - PD Montana is da man - PD Amish Mafia (Blair P) - PD Rusty Colts (Ed D.) - PD Patrick S. - PD Mike Pags - PD Raidergil (Chris G) - PD The Hitter - PD Majinfu (Matt C) - PD Gallagorilla (Shane G) - PD Hezagenius (Sean K) - PD James Provinciali - PD Mary Lind - PD No Bell Prize (Dan G) - PD REZ - PD Electricrelish - PD Luca M. - PD Havoc - PD Rich Allen - PD Bonedaddies - PD