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  1. The Catch Rule Proposal

    The Calvin Johnson catch, imo, was a catch back then when it happened. That was a ridiculous call, even based on the crap rule.
  2. 2018 March Madness Tourney...

    Ok, pm or text me your email, thx. ETA: Found it, invite sent.
  3. Selection Sunday is this coming Sunday! Once again, I will be running a pool on CBS, as in the past, or poolhost, so if anyone wants in post here or PM me. It's gonna be $10 per sheet you play. Please PM me your email so I can send you an invite. I will be sending out an email to those who were in last year. Huddlers in (other than my school peeps)
  4. 2018 March Madness Tourney...

    Bump for any possible Wednesday additions...
  5. NCAA Men's Bracket

    Well, we'll make it happen then.
  6. NCAA Men's Bracket

    I usually do 2 but we'll see what times allows.
  7. NCAA Men's Bracket

    I'll be in yours, do you wanna cover each others as always?
  8. 2018 March Madness Tourney...

    Just fired off an invite to you, let me know if you got it, thx.
  9. 2018 March Madness Tourney...

    Brackets are out!! Had a few join up already, let's keep the pot growing...
  10. My pleasure as always guys, enjoy adding a little something extra to the big game!
  11. Another year, another Super Bowl, another Huddle Box Pool. I've run a Huddler ONLY Pool for about the last decade or so and I'm happy to do so again this year as it brings about some enjoyment to my life and hopefully to some of yours as well. After I have enough participants, I will use the pool host site mentioned below as I did the last few years. I will update this post as I receive all payments. As with every year, I will be assigning a number to each Huddler in order to place them into the grid. Payouts are as follows: 1st Q- $50, Half- $150, 3rd Q- $50 and Final- $250. Feel free to do a search for all previous year's pools. I would do the same exact thing if we could have at least 25 Huddlers step up to grab 4 squares/boxes each ($20 for 4 boxes). As I said if we can get 50 Huddlers or enough Huddlers who want more than 4 boxes to fill 2-3 sheets than so be it. Post here or PM me if you want in and how many boxes you're interested in taking (just state I'll take the minimum 4 or I'd be good with the maximum of 12, just remember you may not get the maximum depending on how many folks step up and/or how many sheets we have but at least I'd have an idea as to everyones' limits)... There are 2 options to pay- 1) cash, check or money order via snail mail (PM for my address) -or- 2) PayPal $20 for 4 boxes or $40 for 8 boxes and so on. My info- irish10163 at aol dot com Please make sure you send it as a gift or what's called for Friends and family, and please make no reference to gambling/pool, as it will get my account frozen. Also, make sure you put your Huddle name in the subject line, so I know who the payment is from. If the money is coming from a checking account there won't be a fee, however, if it's from your credit card than there will be a fee and just make sure you include extra, as instructed, to cover it. DO NOT SEND PAYMENTS UNTIL THE POOLS ARE FILLED. Thx! Sheet 1 and 2 Irish - 8 PD FWmaker - 8 PD Rileyrott - 8 owes $40. PD Def. - 8 - owes $40 PD CowboysDiehard - 8 owes $40. PD heehawks - 8 owes $40. PD Shorttynaz - 8 owes $40. PD Borge007 - 4 owes $20. PD Bonedaddies - 8 owes $40. PD Shaft - 8 owes $40. PD Junkyard - 8 owes $40. PD REZ - 4 owes $20. PD drafter - 8 owes $40 Cincy Slammers - 8 owes $40. PD Alchico - 8 owes $40. PD Montana is da Man - 8 owes $40 PD Hoodoo - 8 owes $40. PD Beach Bum - 8 owes $40. PD Dcat - 8 owes $40. PD Swashbucklers - 8 owes $40. PD Patriots - 8 owes $40. PD Bigmike4969 - 8 owes $40. PD RR - 8 owes $40. PD Blaw23 - 8 owes $40. PD Hezagenius - 8 owes $40. PD Sheet 2 All from sheet 1, except REZ and borge007 are out and the 2 below are in : Big Guy - 4 owes $20. PD DC - 4 owes $20 PD
  12. Clash of Clans...

    The offseason is here once again, time to pick up a new vice!! Fill your life with a little CoC, LIVING THE LIFE style!!
  13. Clash of Clans...

    Anyone play the game and have a clan? My son got me into this and it's awesome!
  14. Figured I'd get an early start since I didn't play in any FF leagues this year and a friend begged me to run this. So, here it goes... Just like the last several years, I am running a league where you can choose any player you want, any week you want throughout the playoffs. No IDPs, PPR scoring, start 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 1 flex (RB, WR, TE), 1 K and 1 Def. Name of the league - Fantasy-aholics Anonymous Entry Fee $20. I'll be sending out invites to the 67 people who were in last year and obviously accepting new people this year. Run through MFL. Post here and PM me your email if interested. I ran this same contest and had over 50 people in it total with a bunch from here a couple years back and 67 last year. Happy Holidays! My Paypal - Irish10163 at aol dot com Please don't mention anything about fantasy football, gambling, etc. as my account could get locked. Just send to friend to avoid fees and include your Huddle name. Thx League Bylaws This is a very simple league, score the most points from the Wild Card weekend through the Super Bowl and you win. You can use any player you want any week you want to use them, no limitations. ** The payouts will be based on the number of people joined up. We had 53 people in the contest last year and paid out the top 5, and the person who had the highest one week score. Do a percentage breakdown of: 50-25-10-7-5-3 (approx.). (Payouts from last year) With 67 confirmed, that would be $1,340!! 1st Place - $670 2nd Place - $335 3rd Place - $135 4th Place - $95 5th Place - $65 Single Week highest pts - $40 In Irish pd Heehawks pd Montana is da Man pd Gopher pd Buddahj Dcat Shaft Borge007 pd Xrunner pd JoJotheWebtoedboy pd Rob B Luke B. Nicole D. theirish Matt C. Pd Shaft Pd Medalofhonor pd Rileyrott pd Isleseeya Blaw23 pd HBTC Cowboyz1 DiehardSteeler
  15. bonedaddies, I finally got the PP to go through. You should have your winnings.
  16. Who wins the Super Bowl poll

    He did fumble the game away though, oh and drop that trick play pass which would have been for a first down. Just saying.
  17. All winners have been paid out, congrats!! 1 - Greta 2 - electric relish 3 - Mile High 4 - KC United 5 - No.4 HP - Gopher
  18. My pleasure! All winners have been paid out with the exception of bonedaddies because there were some issues going through PP. PM sent.
  19. Winners for Sheet #1 1st - Irish $50 2nd - Alchico $150 3rd - Alchico $50 Final - RR26 $250 Winners for Sheet #2 1st - Bonedaddies $50 2nd - Junkyard $150 3rd - Rileyrott $50 Final - heehaws $250 Congrats to all the winners, please PM you PP or snail mail if you prefer to be mailed a check. I will be getting to this done over the next couple of days. Eagles suck!! congrats to them :vomit:
  20. My pleasure, still haven't gotten your check yet, but I trust it's on the way. Enjoy the game!
  21. Thx so much, now no one has to log in!
  22. All paid up, just waiting for drafter's check to arrive.
  23. LoL, got it, thx. GL!
  24. Got borge007's PP. Thx
  25. I have entry fees from everyone except drafter (sent a check out today), FWmaker, borge007 and they're both good for it. I have updated pool with the list of 25 people who are on each sheet with 4 boxes a piece. The numbers will be unveiled tomorrow night at 6:30 PM. Go to and login using ID-Irish10163 Pass-Huddle Only Huddle Pool #1 and #2 are active this year. Good Luck to everyone!