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  1. I'll do the best I can to give my 2 cents and try to help. I know nothing more than any of you but I do know that it feels good to chat about those weekly frustrating decisions and have people to commiserate with and even blame.
  2. I'd go Jones over Lewis by a smidge. Wilson over Wentz. Can't believe i'm saying this - Ryan Agholor
  3. Watson, only one I was torn on. Woods Kittle
  4. D. Freeman status

    I read he's out 2-3 weeks.

    I think this helps the entire offense. I grabbed Callaway hoping for something there.
  6. I need to bench one...

    DT to the pine.
  7. Newton by a smidge Hunt and Clement Hop and Fitz Woods or enunwa but probably enunwa.
  8. I see you're a little desperate at RB and so the trade makes sense. However, I think in the end, this is a bad deal for you, as you lose more at RB, than you gain at WR.
  9. Yes, absolutely play DJ. I'd play enunwa over Goodwin though.
  10. I have them neck and neck but go Lewis by a hair.
  11. Who would you then start away TE, no gronk isn't too much. Hell, he might not be long for football anyhow.
  12. That's a decent deal, take connor and AP if you need the RB help now. Hilton will probably end up being the best player in the deal.
  13. I'd keep Breida. I can't see your QBs, so first trade i'm not sure of. Can't see signatures on mobile devices.
  14. I think I'd do that deal. Better RB, solid upside WR, a decent pick and younger franchise QB.
  15. I think you'd only be improving at QB by the end if the season. Probably wouldn't make that deal.
  16. Josh Gordon fantasy wagon

    True but fantasy football is about gambling and I'd love to see your roster when you say you wouldn't drop anyone for him.
  17. Josh Gordon fantasy wagon

    If he ends up playing the year, like his potential has shown, he not only would outperform anyone on your bench but many of your starters as well.
  18. Josh Gordon fantasy wagon

    I hope not and it has nothing to do with football or fantasy. I'm sure we all agree on that.
  19. Josh Gordon fantasy wagon

    I think I read something, somewhere that said Gordon is familiar with the playbook. I blew half my stack on adding him because of the potential alone. He could literally end up as my WR1 or back in rehab and on the WW.