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  1. Waiver Wire Warriors

    Its not that bad! Maybe 2nd rate!
  2. Weekly Blitz

    Dallas Pittsburgh St. Louis Seattle Tampa Bay
  3. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 3!

  4. Trade offer

    Been offered CJohnson and Benson for JJones and RWilliams. My other RB's are Priest, Parker, TJones. My other WR's are Horn, Driver, Stokley. Concerned about the possibility of a RBBC in Pittsburgh and Chicago. I have Palmer so I'm intrigued about the QB/WR combo. Originally I offered TJones and RWilliams for CJohnson, he came back with this counter offer. Scoring in the sig. Any thoughts?
  5. King Of The Mountain

  6. Thomas Jones

    I have offered him to the Benson owner plus Roy Williams (he's also got Harrington) for Chad Johnson( I've got Palmer). But he is only #4 on my depth chart right now with Priest, JJones,and Parker ahead of him.
  7. What's that little red light...

    Steve Loney and our fearless leader Tice
  8. wdis at wr

    Stokley vs Jax or RWilliams at Chi Scoring in the sig. Stokley listed as probable (hip) dont know the severity. Other starters are Horn and Driver. Thanks
  9. The Doctor's Office is Open...

    Thanks Doctor Love for doing this again JJones vs. Wash. or Parker at Hou. My other starter is Holmes Leaning toward Parker, but "always start your studs" is inbedded in my brain. One week does not make a stud IMO. Scoring is in the Sig. Thanks again.
  10. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 2 - TAKE 2

    Thanks Hugh for doing this again JJones vs. Wash. or Parker at Hou. Holmes is my other starter Leaning towards Parker but, always "start your studs" has been inbedded in my brain. One week does not make stud status IMO. Scoring is in the Sig. Thanks from one Viking fan to another!
  11. NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 2!

  12. King Of The Mountain

  13. Weekly Blitz

    Arizona Baltimore Dallas NY Jets Pittsburgh
  14. I friggin' HATE

    Moe Williams
  15. rate my team

  16. Westbrook

    CBS Brian Westbrook cut off contract talks with the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday because the two sides are far apart on a long-term extension. "Me and my agent have told the Eagles' management that we're no longer interested in talking to them as far as the contract situation," Westbrook said. "We don't feel as though we've received a proposal from them that really represents the value that I bring to this team and my market value. I think that in the last two and a half, three years that I've been here, I've brought a lot to this team." (Updated 09/08/2005).
  17. Trash can report

    Its d@mn good info!
  18. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 1

    Thanks Hugh for doing this again this year! Scoring is in the sig line JJones vs San Diego or Parker vs Tennessee My other starter is Priest Thanks
  19. 2005 NFL Survivor Challenge: Week 1

  20. Koren Robinson

    Is he worth taking a chance on? I cant believe that they sign him to a 2 year deal to have him sit this year out.
  21. King Of The Mountain

  22. Weekly Blitz

  23. Twenty Questions - message board contest

    1. Peyton Manning 2. J.J. Arrington 3. Peyton Manning 4. Priest Holmes 5. Randy Moss 6. Daunte Culpepper 7. Julius Jones 8. Torry Holt 9. Matt Stover 10. Minnesota Vikings 11. Baltimore Ravens 12. Buffalo Bills 13. JJ Arrington 14. JJ Arrington 15. Braylon Edwards 16. 59 yds 17. Mike Holmgren 18. Indianapolis Colts 19. Philadelphia Eagles 20. Philadelphia Eagles Tiebreaker: 46 yds
  24. David's on Internet Radio Today

    Good job DMD