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  1. CCS

    Julius Jones.......
  2. CCS

    D. Davis......
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  6. CCS

  7. I have to log in over and over and over and over..

    I have the same problem with Firefox. I use IE for the Huddle, and Firefox for everything else...
  8. Fowler on his way out?

    I thought we were talking about Chris Fowler....
  9. Draft Programs or Software

    I'd would have to second this idea...Rhino's program can be customized to fit your own scoring setup.....It's very cool...
  10. Kansas State fans web site

    How about that Fresno State vs. KSU game last year....Losing to a WAC team that hasn't even won the WAC since '98...Pretty sad!!!! Just having some fun..... Best of luck...
  11. Running like a stunned slug

    Ditto....It's taking over a minute for pages to load..... For what it's worth.....
  12. ...and Favre gets on Walker

    Does anyone else think that maybe Drew Rosenhaus may be the problem here?? Isn't he T.O.'s agent as well??
  13. Weekly Blitz

    Cleveland Cinci Indy Min New York Jets
  14. Down 13 points in the Super Bowl

    I'm down 20pts. But I have McNabb, Holt, and Wilkins... I am liking my chances!!!
  15. Fred Taylor

    This sucks.... I had Bennett, but left him on the bench with the hope that Fred would be playing...Looks like I will be playing a three wideout set for the Fantasy Bowl...
  16. Weekly Blitz

    New Orleans Oakland Philly San Diego Tampa Bay
  17. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 16 - Playoff Edition

    Hugh, Thanks for doing this... My question is twofold. First, who do you like this week at WR. Torry Holt vs. Philly, or Jerry Porter vs. KC. And do you think that the weather will effect either's performance? Scoring for WR's is 1/10-6pt TD's My second is on Defense. I have the Tampa Bay and Detroit "D"s...I am at a loss as to which one to start. Defensive scoring is pretty standard.... Thanks for taking the time to do this...
  18. Struggling with final decision - SB lineup

    I have the same situation with Holt. I'm sitting him in favor of Jerry Porter. I would probably go with Jones. He will see the ball alot more than Holt will.... Best of luck...
  19. For everyone who is in your SB.....

    My Team: D. McNabb S. Alexander F. Taylor T. Holt J. Walker J. Wilkins Tampa Bay "D" His Team: P. Manning C. Dillon D. Davis J. Galloway D. Driver A. Viniatari Philly/ Arizona "D"
  20. Weekly Blitz

    Buffalo Carolina New England Pittsburg St. Louis
  21. Weekly Blitz

    Detroit Houston New England Oakland St. Louis
  22. Bowl Games

    Boise State getting 14 points looks pretty good to me.....
  23. Weekly Blitz

    Buffalo Detroit Minnestoa New England Pittsburg
  24. Weekly Blitz

    Arizona Denver Green Bay Philly San Diego
  25. Weekly Blitz

    Arizona Atlanta Green Bay New England Pittsburg