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  1. Time Stamps??

    Is there a way to change the time stamps on post to reflect each users own time zone?? I ask because there is another site ( that uses this message board software and you can customize the time stamps...It would make it easier to figure out when posts were made..... Thanks in advance
  2. Time Stamps??

    Thanks Billy, I had a feeling that the option was available but I couldn't find it....It's nice to get off GMT, and back to the Mountain Time Zone..
  3. Need you guys' help! does a College Fantasy Football preview. Best of luck.
  4. Fantasy golf?

    I was in three Yahoo leagues last year...Two were money leagues and the other was the HUDDLE league. Yahoo leagues are easy to run and if you want to keep everyones interest you have got to put some cash on the line. In both cash leagues everyone bucks up $25. The winner gets 60%, second 25%, and third gets 15%. The season is a tad long,(40 weeks)but hopefully the money is enough to keep people interested...
  5. Who are the top offensive prospects for the NFL?

    Reggie Williams (WR) from Washington is someone to keep an eye on.....I think they have a game this weekend so you might be able to catch his game....
  6. Favorite Team

    Favorite team would be Boise State , followed by Notre Dame....
  7. Least Favorite Team

    Southern Cal....Having to hear their fightsong(Conquest) wall_bas being played after EVERY friggin play just pisses me off....
  8. 2003 National Championship Odds - Football

    While I think that Kansas State will have a very good season this year, I think that their OOC schedule will come back and bite them on their a$$. This has been a major problem for them in years past. Last years win over U$C was the execption though.

    No bird has EVER died as a result of "crashing" into the Blue turf... I don't know where people get this stuff.
  10. Who will be Bama's next coach?

    I don't think Alabama is going to need a new coach...With all of the new alligations coming out they will probably be taking a few years off from collge football... frown
  11. Boise St. is at home again this weekend!

    The local weather guys say that the temps should be in the mid 50's, with gusty winds and scattered showers... I'm not really worried about the weather being a factor in the score of this game. Last year BSU played C. Michigan and San Jose State in a driving rain and won easily....This week should be no different... I have a "C" note on BSU, giving 27. You can go to for a more up to date weather forecast...
  12. Why the media lovefest with the Fisheaters?

    Texas and Alabama are great wins, but ISU is about to be exposed for the fraud that they are..OU has a tough matchup this week though, but they should roll over the BUFF's
  13. Why the media lovefest with the Fisheaters?

    What's your idea of a decent team? Tulsa, UTEP or Florida State, Michigan......
  14. Boise State belongs in the top 25

    Boise State plays San Jose State. Kick off is in 15 min.
  15. Boise State belongs in the top 25

    Boise State is not a top 25 caliber team yet!! When they start beating BCS teams they will be, but they are not quite there. Arkansas opened a can of wooop ass on the Broncos in September, but if they played today, I think BSU would win by 3.