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  1. Dungy's tactic worked

    He should open up a betting service hotline. Opposite picks for the win!
  2. List Your Championship Roster

    My week 16 championship lineup was Tom Brady Cedric Benson Rashard Mendenhall Steven Jackson-no one to change in at 1:30 Randy Moss Larry Fitzgerald Miles Austin Dallas Clark Stephen Gostkowski Cincy Defense Winning a championship is nice. Winning a championship with only 9 of 10 players actually playing is priceless.
  3. Maroney?

    I would be shocked if he sees the field in the 2nd half. There has to be some type of consequence for another fumble at the 1 yard line.
  4. Drew Brees Really?

    Welcome to reality? Maybe the Giants can give the Patriots their rings since they were not the best team over the course of the season?
  5. 2 Starting OL and 2 Starting DL OUT for NE @ BUF

    Volmer is an upgrade over Kazcur. Wilfork is the only concern.
  6. How's Maroney Looking?

    I guess we will see after Week 14=win, Maroney equals 20+ carries
  7. How's Maroney Looking?

    What's the most important thing about those three weeks? Week 11=win Week 12=loss Week 13=loss
  8. Wade is a JOKE

    Maybe I should have re-stated that. You said Wade was a great offensive coordinator. He has been coaching since 1969 and not once has he ever been an offensive coordinator. He should get no credit for what the offense does. Jason Garrett was hired before he was so he can't take credit for that hire either.
  9. Playoff Seeding

    #3 Seed.
  10. Wade is a JOKE

    I think you may be confused.
  11. Think twice before drafting Michael Turner

    Over the past two weeks in my league (.4 ppr) he has moved from RB12 to RB6 and improved his YPC from 3.42 to 4.70. At this point I don't see a bad match up on the schedule. @CAR, @NYG, TB, PHI, NO, @NYJ, BUF. A few weeks ago the NYG, NO and NYJ looked daunting but not now. He should have no problem finishing as a top 5 RB.
  12. Steven Jackson

    Before today he was 11th in RB scoring in my league. He has been far from useless.
  13. If only ...

    If only Belichick would have really given people something to bitch about by keeping Brady/Moss in for the whole game I could have broke my league's scoring record.
  14. In 2006 our eventual champion started 1-6. Finished 5-8, grabbed the last playoff spot and won the league.
  15. When are the MLB awards announced?

    Mid November. Last year Lincecum was on the 13th and Lee was the 14th.