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  1. My week 16 championship lineup was


    Tom Brady

    Cedric Benson

    Rashard Mendenhall

    Steven Jackson-no one to change in at 1:30

    Randy Moss

    Larry Fitzgerald

    Miles Austin

    Dallas Clark

    Stephen Gostkowski

    Cincy Defense


    Winning a championship is nice. Winning a championship with only 9 of 10 players actually playing is priceless.

  2. This is why fantasy leagues need a better set up for playoffs. To play all season long and then have 1 game decide your fate.


    I like the fantasy leagues that do a championship game over 2 weeks.

    Welcome to reality? Maybe the Giants can give the Patriots their rings since they were not the best team over the course of the season?

  3. posted this in the gambling thread but figured it was important enough to warrant its own thread


    this looks to be a big deal for the Buf/NE game:


    Fred Taylor, Neal, Wilfork, Pryor, Kaczur and Warren all downgraded to out.


    Starting RT, RG and two starting DL out



    also Mike Reiss said he expects Vollmer to start at RT with Kazcur out

    Volmer is an upgrade over Kazcur. Wilfork is the only concern.

  4. Hmm... :wacko:


    Week 11 - 22 carries

    Week 12 - 15 carries

    Week 13 - 13 carries


    I guess if you average those numbers out, it's about 16 touches a game (not counting the 4 receptions in those 3 weeks). But I'm seeing a down-facing trend that Maroney owners may not like too much. Sammy Morris is back, Kevin Faulk remains an integral part of the offense, and the Pats throw more than run.


    Bummer for Maroney owners since both the Panthers and Bills - his next two opponents - are downright horrible against the run.


    Probably worth a flex play based on the matchup(s) alone, but don't be shocked if he gets you 10-15 carries for 40-50 yards and no scores.

    What's the most important thing about those three weeks?

    Week 11=win

    Week 12=loss

    Week 13=loss

  5. haha... not confused at all, i know the resume... Under his Cowboy regime, the offense hasn't been the problem in my mind, he's done well with them.. the defense can't get off the field ever when they absolutely have to...

    Maybe I should have re-stated that. You said Wade was a great offensive coordinator. He has been coaching since 1969 and not once has he ever been an offensive coordinator. He should get no credit for what the offense does. Jason Garrett was hired before he was so he can't take credit for that hire either.

  6. My league has three divisions; each division winner along with the next three best teams make the playoffs. We have one division that has a winner with a 5-8 record and EVERY wild card team has a better record. Do I have to give the division winner a #3 seed or can i seed him #6 since his record is so bad??

    #3 Seed.

  7. Over the past two weeks in my league (.4 ppr) he has moved from RB12 to RB6 and improved his YPC from 3.42 to 4.70. At this point I don't see a bad match up on the schedule. @CAR, @NYG, TB, PHI, NO, @NYJ, BUF.


    A few weeks ago the NYG, NO and NYJ looked daunting but not now. He should have no problem finishing as a top 5 RB.

  8. The Jets were fantastic. That was the worst I have seen Brady play since week 14 of 2007 against...the Jets. A lot of Pats fans are in panic mode but the truth is it was just one game. It's not 2007. They are not going undefeated. I hated the play calling on offense. Brady has 100 pass attempts in two games and if that continues he is going to get killed. If Bill O'Brien would actually line up in a regular I formation and run the damn ball they will be just fine.


    The only "but" I can say for the Jets is they treated that game as if it were the Super Bowl. It worked so you can't fault them, but are they setup to have a letdown? They have a very tough three game stretch. TENN @NO @MIA.

  9. Wonder if Seymour would have made a difference today.


    That poor DB bailed them out week 1, But not this time.

    Probably not. They held them to 16 which NE should beat almost every week. Weird start to the season. A couple plays from 0-2. Honestly a couple plays from 2-0. Atlanta is going to be tough, but at least they go back to Foxborough.

  10. Pass rush was the key to the game.

    Jets had it all day. Patriots had it on the first play...and then nothing. Very few blitzes from the Patriots today as well. The defense played well enough to win the game. The other key to the loss was O'Brien's play calling. It was horrendous.

  11. I notice you showed only the first year that Moss was in Oakland. His 2006 season brought 553 receiving yards and 3 TD's. Or how about the last year in Min? 767 receiving yards and 13 TD's. Not to say he could have done better, but his attitude is why he was traded. He refused to perform to get traded and in my opinion, that makes for a bad player. You play hard for what ever team your with. That's what I LOVED about Berry Sanders. A horrid team and probably the worst offensive line in the NFL but he played hard and did amazing things and never whined about it. That's why I give Calvin better marks than Moss.


    Granted, this is just my opinion.

    In 2004 he scored 13 times and only played 13 games. He's been injured twice and both season are his worst 2004 and 2006. Calvin is tremendous but how about this,


    Calvin's rookie season he had 756 and 4. Now I'm sure you will say he was just a rookie. Well Moss went for 1313 and 17 as a rookie. The other excuse will be that he was hurt. Well like I mentioned that is the only thing that has ever caused a bad season for Moss. And one of those "bad seasons" he scored 13 touchdowns.

  12. Again, I revert back to how well did Moss do while at the Raiders?

    And how well did he do in the other 9 seasons he has played? In his first year in Oakland he had 1005 and 8. That's a long way from poor. He has had one below average season in his entire career. He has 135 receiving touchdowns in 170 games.


    In fact compared to Rice, his receiving touchdowns per game look like this.

    Jerry Rice career=0.65 per game

    Jerry Rice as a 49er=0.74 per game

    Randy Moss career=0.79 per game


    I'm not debating whether he is better than Rice, that is for the future, but the stats don't lie. Granted touchdowns are not the only important stat but he has plenty of others I can bring up. He is the best WR other than Rice, now or ever.

  13. As a pats fans sans Grogan, I gotta say I'm gonna miss this guy, but wow I'm gonna love watching him be THE MAN AND ONLY MAN in Oak. Man who got oak d should be me

    I hate to take this on a tangent but why are you a Pats fan sans Grogan? He was a warrior.

  14. Bills kick returner should be dragged outside and shot. What a moran. TAKE A KNEE!!!!


    I can't fault him for taking it out. I was saying to myself before Gostkowski kicked that he is returning this even if it goes 7 yards deep. There was 2:06 left. If he returns it he basically burns a 4th timeout for New England. Now what happened after he returned it...well that was, how do you say it, wonderful?