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  1. Cardinals interested in trade for Vikings' Bennett

    True. I don't think it would clear up the mess in the Minnesota backfield either. Who would start if Bennett is traded. Moore? Williams? Fason? I think the only way we'll know who starts at RB for MINN is if they trade Bennett AND Tice.
  2. Cardinals interested in trade for Vikings' Bennett

    I guess the biggest loser IF this deal goes through has to be JJ Arrington. And to think a lot of people took him in the 3rd round. Ouch.
  3. Cardinals interested in trade for Vikings' Bennett

    KFAN radio reporting that 'sources' have confirmed that the Vikings are 'actively' trying to trade Bennett to Arizona, possibly as we speak.
  4. Mewelde Moore

    I was tempted to until I heard Tice saying that Bennett is still the #1. I guess fumbling twice when you have 3 carries isn't enough to lose your starting RB job in Minnesota.
  5. Cardinals interested in trade for Vikings' Bennett

    Here's a link. I forgot to post it before . . .
  6. Cardinals interested in trade for Vikings' Bennett

    Mid season trades are rare but wasn't Jerry Rice traded last year during the season? Anybody know of anyone else that's been traded during the season recently?
  7. Running back Michael Bennett resumed his role as the Vikings' nominal starting running back Wednesday, but his long-term future with the organization remains unclear. Bennett's name once again has emerged in trade rumors, and a person with knowledge of the situation said the Vikings held cursory discussions this week with the Arizona Cardinals -- whose coach, Dennis Green, selected Bennett in the first round of the 2001 draft. In-season NFL trades are rare, and no deal appeared imminent Wednesday. The league's trading deadline is Oct. 18. But the Cardinals have pursued Bennett periodically since Green arrived last season, most recently before the April 2005 draft. Bennett is in the final year of his rookie contract and will be an unrestricted free agent this offseason. Meanwhile, Bennett was working with the Vikings' first-team offense Wednesday during the portion of practice open to the media. Mewelde Moore, who replaced Bennett after he fumbled twice in the Vikings' 38-7 loss to Cincinnati, also saw time with the first team. Bennett expressed frustration with what he considered a quick hook, but coach Mike Tice said: "I haven't lost any confidence in Mike because he had a couple of fumbles." Bennett said he cleared his head during a fishing expedition earlier this week. "I'm definitely happy [Tice's] confidence is still there," Bennett said. "I'm not going to lose any confidence in myself and my abilities." Two listed as doubtful The Vikings listed receiver Nate Burleson (left knee sprain) and linebacker E.J. Henderson (right ankle sprain) as doubtful on their injury report. Neither player practiced Wednesday. Burleson is not expected to play Sunday, and his status for next week's game at Atlanta is unclear as well. Henderson seems to have a slight chance to play but would be replaced by Dontarrious Thomas if he cannot. Middle linebacker Sam Cowart (strained left calf) participated in a portion of practice and is expected to return to the lineup. Cowart, safety Darren Sharper (left knee sprain) and defensive end Kenechi Udeze (right calf strain) are listed as probable. Meanwhile, quarterback Daunte Culpepper said his right knee is "just about 100 percent." Culpepper has been playing this season with an unspecified injury that has caused periodic swelling, athletic trainer Chuck Barta said. "It feels the best it has felt in about two or three weeks," Culpepper said.
  8. Minny Mess...

    September 18, 2005, 15:33 Vikings :: RB RB Bennett Benched After Two Fumbles Fox Sports TV RB Michael Bennett was able to gain 33 yards on only 3 carries but was benched after his 2nd fumble on four touches. RB Mewelde Moore replaced him and carried the ball 8 times for 29 yards and added 2 receptions Today it looks like Moore is the man. Tomorrow after Tice confirms his man love for Bennett it could revert back to Bennett.
  9. Miami Bandwagon

    Good game by the Jets D. I went to the game and came away with a few observations: Miami had a few very costly penalties. The Jets D, specifically their LB's, played very well. CMart was contained for most of the game. Ronnie Brown was giving no room to run by his Oline. Pennington throws beautiful 5-20 yard timing passes. Anything over 20 yards looks like a wounded duck with his WR's waiting for it to come down. I don't consider 17-7 a blowout by any means.
  10. Ricky Williams

    Enter Hudson Houck. It might not happen this year but eventually the combo of Ronnie, Ricky and a good Oline is going to be fun to watch.
  11. Ricky Williams

    He'll be back Week 6. For those that are having trouble remembering what he looked like 2-3 years ago . . .
  12. Artist rendering of new Colts stadium

    Good thing half the stadium is open. How else are they going to get Manning's large bulbous cranium in and out of the place?
  13. Miami Bandwagon

    I've been going to Dolphins @ Jets for the past 20 years. It's a very tough game to predict every year. Curtis Martin is not going to have room to run as he has in the past. For the last few years Jets C Kevin Mawae has abused Zack Thomas. That will not be the case this year as Mawae will have to contend with Keith Traylor who has 50 lbs on Mawae. He will not be able to get around Mawae to get to Zack. In ZT's own words . . . "In years past, the heated matchup between Dolphins linebacker Zach Thomas and Jets center Kevin Mawae often has left Thomas frustrated. Problem was, Thomas often found himself pursuing predictable situations because of the Dolphins' simple schemes. However, this time around under coach Nick Saban, the linebacker expects things to be different. For starters, no longer will Sunday's game be a head-to-head battle between Thomas and Mawae. "They knew exactly where I was going to be in the past," Thomas said. "I like what we are doing now and what we put in. It's going to be fun. It's not like last year. It is not the Thomas vs. Mawae matchup. They can't do it." And even though New York's offense also has changed with the addition of offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger, Thomas said he doesn't expect the Jets to have a distinct makeover like the Dolphins' defense. "They are adding a little bit, but they're doing practically the same things that they have been doing over the years," Thomas said. "We'll have to see." If the Jets have problems running the ball Saban is going to TEE OFF on Pennington with alll kinds of blitzes. To say the JJets are going to BLOW OUT the Dolphins is ridiculous if you're only basing that prediction on the Jets being mad at losing last week. As a Dolphin fan I'm more worried about the Jets defense than their offense.
  14. Miami Bandwagon

    Since there are no Jet fans around I guess a Bills fan will have to do for now . . . The mere mention of his name strikes fear into the young & old . . . J.P. Lohsman : : : shudder : : :
  15. Miami Bandwagon

    YES there is. I'm driving. Just look for the fresh tire tracks across the chests of the Denver Broncos. Anybody catch Ronnie Brown absolutely destroying Champ Bailey last week? Now where are those Jet fans when you need them? The bandwagon will only get more and more crowded. Join now before it's too late. Here's a prediction for this Sunday . . . The Dolphins beat the Jets this Sunday to go 2-0. Jason Taylor knocks noodle armed Pennington out of the game and Fiedler starts by the 3rd quarter. Either get on or get run over !!!