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  1. Mike Williams

    Someone just dropped him in my league. Is he worth a spot?
  2. vote againts trade, Yes or No

    I voted yes b/c I am assuming you are the commish and that you are vetoing the trade and wanted advise. But, If you have Droughns and are trading to get R. Wayne then by all means do the trade.
  3. I'd drop Pittman for him
  4. Trade offer for Harrison

    I wouldn't do the trade. Harrison is the best WR you have. who's on the WW for backs.
  5. Some WR help please

    I'd start Boldin, Housh, and Lloyd. and hopefully Lloyd is not one of the two injuries
  6. Should I drop Arrington yet?

    I agree that Brown has more value and it looks that Shipp will be getting more and more touches. Hate to drop Arrington though.
  7. Chris Perry

    Thanks Weas! My league has ppr and I heard Perry will be lining up at WR in some packages. That Cin wants to get him more involved in the offense. He has put up deacent numbers in my league with minimal rushing and 5 catches in game 1 and 4 catches in game 2 averaging about 10points a game so far. Just don't know how RRBC in CLE is going to work out...although I hope not to use either back more than on the bench. Anyone else?
  8. Chris Perry

    He's on the WW...worth anything? Drop Suggs? Thanks.
  9. Lee Suggs

    I grabbed him off the WW and am stashing him, but I feel the need to pick up a TE (I have Da. Clark and I know he will be better, but I need production now) Is Suggs worth holding on to and just ride Da. Clark or pick up a TE (Stevens, Pollard, Conwell, HEiden) I could also drop Bryant or Fergie. Thoughts? Thanks.
  10. K-Rob or Travis Taylor AKA Double T

    I'm in the same dilema. TT or Krob. I think TT now, but Krob has a bigger upside imo, b/c he has skills he just wastes them.
  11. Riding the waiver wire!

    Long post you had, but here goes. I would drop Bettis for Jacobs and if Farve is on the WW, I would drop Re. WIlliams and pick him up quick.
  12. Would you drop Bryant, G. Lewis, or Fergie

    3 votes for Lewis...anyone else think Lewis should be dropped for Glenn or one of the others
  13. Should I do this trade? help

    I would not do the the trade. I know you want the handcuff, but try to work something else out.
  14. Basically what I said up top. Y or N and which one. Thanks guys.
  15. Which IDP stoked your team

    It is a 10man 2 qB, IDP league and I sacrificed 3rd and 4th RB/WR to get the D. I played with these guys last year and the D will make or brake you. So instead of Tatum Bell or E. Kennison or what ever I got those studs. Everyone said I started a round or two too early, but I wanted a strong D and it has helped me big so far, just this week my starting D got me 59 points in my 230.46 point victory over the commish (189.4) I also had the number 9 spot so I did get a few back to back D players. Got Willie P off of WW so that is making up for my 4th RB that I like to have. I'm a little weak at WR, but so far so good. Some of the guys in the league are kicking themselves right now and have been verbally trying to make some trades. We'll see.