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  1. I just pulled the trigger on a trade

    Glad to hear you guys are high on Ahman Green. I traded for him before the season started (Ward and Fitz for Green and S.Moss) and the first two weeks I've been kinda disappointed. I was pretty high on him the last couple years, but he doesn't seem to be getting many yards or much love this year. It's easy to worry about the Green Bay D, suspect O-line, and that he couldn't get more yards against Cleveland. Do you have any great reasons for liking him or just gut feelings? (and by the way, what's BOTH?) thanks
  2. an owner in my league is kind of hurting at RB, and I'm trying to convince him to give me some WR help. here's his team: Manning, Brees CuMart, Bettis, D.Staley, M.Faulk, Pittman T.O., J.Horn, J.Smith, D.Mason, M.Muhammad R.McMicheal, E.Johnson R.Longwell, J.Hall Buff and Chicago. my team and the scoring are in my sig. I was thinking of offering A.Green, D.Blaylock, and Shockey for McMicheal and Horn. is that fair, should I ask for more, should I ask for less? thanks a lot.
  3. who would you rather have?..........

    I want to see jackson do well for obvioused biased reasons, but I have to say Dillon. Dillon is steady and usually reliable, and they do seem to like to have him run it in when they get the chance. he might be getting a bit frustrated with his slow start, but he's the much safer play. That said, Jackson's ability is very tempting. he could be very good, but there's much more risk involved.
  4. How to geet a league Trading?

    I've been trying to convince a guy in my league to trade with me, because his RBs are: CuMart, Marshall Faulk, Bettis, Staley, Pittman. right, there was one starter on that list before last week, and now his knee is dinged up. the last two weeks he started Faulk. Granted, I haven't been offering him the best backs in the world, but he won't even talk to me. He's not a huge sports fan, and in a baseball league I was in with the same guys he pretty much only ever traded with his friend from California, so I think he's just afraid of trading in general (which a lot of people are) (the really odd thing is he dominated the league last year with Manning, Javon Walker, and Tiki)
  5. Drop Chris Brown for Shipp

    If yoou can Trade Brown for much, it's worth a shot. I know how irritating he was last year, but I came out of it loving him for what he gave my team, not the times he didn't play. but with Henry there, it's hard to have a lot of faith in him until he has the job by himself. I couldn't bring myself to drop him outright though. that's just me.
  6. Quick Help Needed

    Perenial Disappointment Vs. Great but tiring old runner? hard to tell. In each case they aren't the only runner involved. The difference is, Dayne is healthy and Anderson isn't completely, while bettis is still hurt and Parker's good to go. That sounds like I'm endorsing Dayne. The only problem with that is, who do you play, Dayne or Anderson. It feels like all logic is pointing to Dayne, but I just cann't see dropping Bettis for him. by the way, I picked up Dayne at the end of last week. After missing Willie parker, I kinda Freaked out and got way too many Free agents this week.
  7. J-Lew Trade options...

    I gott agree with Chavez. I wouldn't give up what you're asking for for Lewis, but the odds are he comes around. I really don't think you're gonna get much for him now though.
  8. Waiver wire RB help...

    Just guessing from the games that have played so far, the only guy who has a chance to be more productive than Johnson on Monday night (of LJ, Brown, Anderson, and Shipp) is Anderson. And that's if the carries don't go to Ron Dayne, tatum Bell, (Quentin Griffin) and the TDs don't come from Plummer. plus, Johnson has much more upside the rest of the season.
  9. I might be nutzzz..but what the hell

    I like Palmer alot, but he does have a tough schedule this year. I like Johnson a lot too, but, but... It's LT! You don't have any RBs, and you're looking to trade maybe th best one in the league and your not even getting one back? I dunno who you start, but I'm guessing at least two RBs. those are going to be Dunn (solid, but uninspiring. probably not a lot of TDs) and Mike Anderson or Mewelde Moore? I'm not gonna lie, I don't like it. if you get Parker back, I guess that helps. essentially Collins, LT, harrington, McCariens for Palmer, Johnson, and Parker? I think you can do better, but if you do the trade, at least pick up some RB options on the WW. I'd probably look for some WR free agents if I were you though.
  10. Waiver wire RB help...

    If Larry johnson is Available, pick him up NOW. did he just break a leg or something and I didn't hear about it?
  11. Santana Moss vs Andre J

    Yeah, w/S.Moss I win (Bruce) If I had gone with Car instead of Miami I would have won. hasselbeck instead of Bulger and I would have won. Dom Davis instead of Rudi or A.Green wouldn't have made the difference, but it would have helped. but really, the point of all of this, had McNabb not thrown 5 TDs, I would have won. team I played: McNabb Chambers Kennison Keyshawn Portis Edge Wiggins Vinateri Philly. it hurts. oh well, time to focus on next week. whaddya think of S.Moss again? (well, I guess I should wait til after his bye week)
  12. If I had to choose a starting QB right now, I'd rather have Palmer than Culpepper. I've watched both games. Against Tampa, I kept thinking maybe he'd get it together in a throw or two. Against Cincy, I lost that faith. He does not look good. Meanwhile Palmer has been hot for the past lot of games dating back to last year. Th thing is, he doesn't have the softest schedule. But with that offense he could be really good. Green vs. Anderson, well I would have liked Green, but having had him the last two weeks I don't know that I can stil support that. I think Green bay is gonna have to pass a lot, and not too much of that is gonna go through Green. Still, with all the questions with Anderson (and he hasn't been great yet either) It's at least a wash. I love the first trade. The second one, leaves you thin at WR. I have to say though, the way the Vikes have looked, I kinda believe that the best case Scenario for CPep might be about where middle of the road for palmer is the rest of the way.
  13. Peyton owner ripe for a deal

    I like it. It does lower your depth at WR and RB, but it's Peyton. Plus, I am actually starting to like Mush. Orton was a great Qb at Purdue last year, and I think he could do enough for Chicago to win. and his only real option is going to be Mush. Who was the only option last year for the Panthers? that's why Mush was good then. Parker is the starter now, and it looks like it will last, but for how long? I'd do it.
  14. Brandon Jacobs

    yoou know, I was just about to drop Bennett for Jacobs and went to this site to check on it, and I saw this as the first post. I have too many running backs on my roster, but I'm going to see if I can leverage a trade for WRs, and I'll have some to loose. Unfortunately, the owner with too few RBs (Cu.mart (injured?) Staley and Bettis, Pittman, and Faulk) might well not realize how much he needs to give me some of this WRs (T.O., mason, Mush, Joe Horn, Jimmy Smith) I like Jacobs for the TDs, and possible Tiki Replacement. I don't really like Bennett. the Vikes offense went from a pass for scores offense to a Don't score offense. If they get much on the ground, it's probably gonna be Mewelde Moore. Dayne may be worth a shot, and if Cu.Mart is hurt, Blaylock is a solid back, but I think jacobs looks solid. Not necessarily dependable, but he should score often.