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  1. te who is better back up?

    I decided to pickup one of these 2 recently and went with Stevens.
  2. no brainer?

  3. no brainer?

    I have my team in my sig. I've been offered shockey for mccardell. Since I'm pretty deep at WR and Heap is on a bye week, and doesn't have a reliable QB anyway. I'd rather start Shockey than Stevens who I just picked up. Any advice?
  4. WDIS at WR

    My top 2 WRs are Horn and C. Johnson. But I'm not sure who to start as my 3rd, Ward, Houshmanzadeh, or McCardell. Advice?
  5. jolley not starting?

    I cant find your post
  6. jolley not starting?

    Sep 1 The Star-Ledger reports New York Jets TE Chris Baker has apparently held off TE Doug Jolley for the starting job. If this is true it sucks
  7. 2nd QB option

    Really? I was leaning towards picking up Losman and dropping eli. Then just hanging on to Boller to see if he turns around the ugly preseason.
  8. 2nd QB option

    no, i think i've listed all the available starters
  9. 2nd QB option

    Rattay is available, my bad, Dilfer is not. Are you saying you would pick either of them over the rest?
  10. 2nd QB option

    Right now my team weakness is at QB, I have Boller as my 2nd QB. Part of that was I felt he had enough tools this year to get it goin, and I am a Ravens fan... My 3rd string QB is eli manning right now. Lossman is on the waiver list along with the likes of Ramsey, Orton, and whoever Miami is gonna use. Should I drop anyone? If so who? and who should I start as my 2nd QB? Thanks!
  11. "Cadillac" vs Westbrook

  12. This time I'm posting in the right forum Anyway in my league Caldwell is a FA, should I drop McCardell for him?
  13. drop staley for edwards?

    I also just saw staley will probaly be out for a month..though he probably won't be starting for me anytime soon so I guess its not a huge deal.
  14. I have an extra spot on my bench and I picked up Staley as a spotholder but Braylon Edwards is a free agent should I dump Staley and pickup Edwards instead?
  15. Gardner or McCardell who would you rather have?