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  1. Keeper Question

    Who would you keep? QB D. Watson in the 5 TE O. Howard in the 11 PPR league, 5pts/pass TD, 12 teams
  2. Coolest uniforms in NFL

  3. For those about to dump Kevin Jones--

    Boy, you stole that toaster!
  4. You know, most people here like giving advice but there is a reason that there is an ADVICE FOURM. "Noobs" need to learn this. The "Old Farts" here like the advice requests in the ADVICE FOURM. Why is it so hard for "noobs" to understand this? I give advice in a lot of posts in the ADVICE FOURM, as well as others here. You should come to expect lots of crazy answers to your posts when asking for advice in this form.
  5. Desperate in Detroit...

    Hey, if Orton can do it in Chicago why not Orlovsky in D-town? Why not try him? They cannot play any worse. I say give the kid a try and see what happens. Harrington will never make it in Detroit even if he plays well because too many people want him gone. What a great opportunity that was lost in Chicago. The Lions could have went up by 2 games to everyone in their Division and been the only team with no losses.
  6. Desperate in Detroit...

    I am no Harrington backer but what in the hell as he ever done to say he is a keeper? Take a look at his stas, just terrible
  7. WDIS

  8. WDIS - #2 WR/Flex

    I say J. Smith, Leftwich loves playing the Colts.
  9. Which TE?

    I play Witten just because you do not know how healthy McNabb is.
  10. James, McAllister, or Parker

    I play Parker and Edge
  11. What two Rb's do yo play (standard performance/scoring)
  12. Kevin Jones v Brandon Jacobs

    I still play Jones as you will get more points for his performance and I think he will score as well.
  13. WR's for today...

    I would also play Burress
  14. Kevin Jones v Brandon Jacobs

    I do not understand what you are saying, is you league permornace/scoring mix or heavily weighed in one over the other. Either way I play Jones.