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  1. Should I trade Dillon or Fast Willie

    Parker without question! Bettis and Staley are done.
  2. Defense Q...wait, don't scroll down!

    I too am a Bears fan. However, I wouldn't consider them to be a "roll the dice" defense. They've proven they can get sacks, ints, and even a few TDs. I've got no problems rolling with the Monsters Of The Midway week in and week out regardless of who they are playin'!
  3. Trade Randy Moss or Chad Johnson

    If he's trying to "dump" Dillon, go back at him with Coles. That'll shut him up.
  4. Miserable RB situtaion

    Jacobs because of the red zone carries.
  5. Put "All the eggs in one basket"?

    First off, Thanks for the advice **insert profane name here**. I got Moss, Gonzo, and Johnson because those were my first 3 picks while everybody else was sucking up all the RBs.
  6. Thinking outside the box

    Only way I'd drop Arrington would be to upgrade. None of your options seem to be an upgrade to me.
  7. wdis - running back suggestions

    Parker is a no-brainer. Pats run D has actually been pretty putred this year. After Parker, I'd go with JJ.
  8. Put "All the eggs in one basket"?

    QB: Kerry Collins QB: Carson Palmer Passing TD = 3 pts INT = -1 pts Passing Yards = 1 pt / 25 yards WR: Randy Moss WR: Chad Johnson WR: Joe Horn TE: Tony Gonzalez Receiving TD = 6 pts Receiving Yards = 1 pt / 10 yards (WR), 1 pt / 5 yards (TE) I need to start 1 QB and 3 WR/TEs each week. TE scoring is very favorable so, Gonzo is pretty much a must start. It's dang near impossible to bench CJ or Moss. Weeks 1 and 2 I went with CJ, Moss, and Gonzo. This week, both OAK and CIN have unfavorable passing match-ups. WDIS between Collins and Palmer? Then, do I go with the usual of CJ, Moss, and Gonzo or do I replace CJ or Moss with Horn?
  9. Take The RussMan Challenge. IF U DARE!

    Alexander Caddillac McCardell
  10. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    Jamal Lewis Mason Priest
  11. Of the "suprise" TEs

    Chris Baker (NYJ) Marcus Pollard (DET) Ben Troupe (TEN) Ben Watson (NE) Courtney Anderson (OAK) Ernie Conwell (NO) Alex Smith (TB) I'm sure at least a couple of these guys are available in quite a few leagues. How would you guys rank them and should any of them be considered a top 10 TE for the rest of the season?
  12. Opening Sunday!

    #91 Chicago Bears!
  13. My Crock Pot is bigger than your Crock Pot

    Do they actually make an electric version?
  14. My Crock Pot is bigger than your Crock Pot

    Get your credit card out! I'm looking at purchasing one of these for myself!
  15. Portfolio Pool

    Patriots - $110 Bears - $65 Colts - $115 Falcons - $95 Eagles - $110 Total Cost - $495 (keep the change)